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  1. Maybe a top 24? 1. "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre" original Tobe Hooper 2. "Suspiria" Dario Argento 3. "The Hills Have Eyes" Wes Craven 4. "Frankenstein" James Whale 5. "Bride of Frankenstein" James Whale 6. "Reanimator" 7. "Horror Hotel" 8. "Dracula" original with Bela Lugosi 9. "The Wolfman" with Lon Chaney Jr. 10. "Repulsion" Roman Polanski 11. "Rosemarys Baby" 12. "The Thing" Christian Nyby 13. "The Thing" John Carpenter 14. "Them" 15. "Curse of Frankenstein" (Hammer) 16. "Horror of Dracula" (Hammer) 17. "Halloween" (Carpenter) 18. "The Devils Rejects" (Zombie) 19. "Night of the Living Dead" (Romero) 20. "Dawn of the Dead" (Romero) 21. "Dawn of the Dead" (Snyder) 22. "Island of Lost Souls" w/Charles Laughton 23. "Evil Dead" (Raimi) 24. "Evil Dead 2" (Raimi)
  2. "Horror Hotel" has always been a favorite of mine. I was lucky enough to see it on a double feature with "Burn Witch Burn" on initial release. By coincidence, there is a scene in HH where Christopher Lee says "Burn Witch Burn".
  3. Though directing credit went to Chistian Nyby, the myth is that Howard Hawks had heavy input. You will find the overlapping / interrupting dialogue in some of his films like "The Big Sky". Funny, when you do a google on "films directed by Howard Hawks" he IS credited with directing "the Thing" on multiple sites. John
  4. This film originally titled "Silent Night, Evil Night". I have an original poster for this film with the separate overlay of "Black Christmas". Title was changed due to it's release near the Ted Bundy Sorority house murders. John
  5. Was "Eyes Without a Face" also known as "Horror Chamber of Dr. Faustus" ? Edited by: omtech1 on Aug 13, 2013 9:37 PM
  6. omtech1

    Trailers for Fun

    I've been recording "Nothing but Trailers" on verizon FiOS. They run full MPAA trailers, and then copy the trailers I like to DVD. Have been seeing a lot of the "Straw Dogs" remake, "Girl with the Dragon Tatoo", "Cowboys and Aliens", "Fright Night", "Captain America". Am patiently awaiting "The Thing" prequel trailer, though I have seen the trailer online. John
  7. omtech1


    A favorite of mine though it is difficult to sit through unless you're with like minded people. Saw this and "Deep Red" in theaters when they first came out. Unfortunately Argento has not come remotely close to this kind of film making in at least 20 years. John
  8. AKA "Silent Night, Evil Night". Came out around the time of the Bundy murders. I still have the original poster with the B&W insert with the "Black Christmas" title. John
  9. When I was growing up this was the first movie that really gave me goose bumps.. Channel 9 (WOR) used to run it in NY. Here's a pic of James Arness in full "Thing" makeup. http://www.zuiko.com/index_048.htm I think it was smart to not show him in close up in the film as it would take away some of the mystery. John
  10. omtech1

    "Eaten Alive"

    Anyone know all the alternate names this Tobe Hooper film was released under? AKA "Starlight Slaughter", "Bayou Murders" ? It's been a long time. I'm forgetting all the important stuff! ;-) John
  11. I remember meeting Zacherly at a Fangoria show in NYC must be more than 15 years ago. He shared a booth with Forry Ackerman. They were both as nice as could be and autographed my copy of Forry's "Hooray for Horrorwood". A child's dream come true. They had heard my story a thousand times "I brought home issue #9 of FMoF (Famous Monsters of Filmland) and my mom threw it away". Also met Doug Bradley (Pinhead), Howard Berger, and Tom Savini. Gunnar Hahnsen autographed my original Bryanston Pictures release poster of TCM. THAT was a great day!. John
  12. Yes! "Missile to The Moon" feature rock men and they were shaped like Gumby. Also, the spacemen had to stay in the shadow of the rocks or they would catch on fire. One of the very first scifi movies I ever saw. John
  13. One of my favorite films and I think a difficult film to make as far as dialog goes. People talking over each other at the same time, very natural. There's another film "The Kentuckian" (also co-starring Dewey Martin, with very similar dialog technique. Directed by Howard Hawks, which shows how much he was involved with "The Thing". Christian Nyby got the credit but whose hand was in there was obvious. John
  14. omtech1


    I have the older DVD version which is cropped 4:3, I would like very much to see this in a better presentation. A real surprise is that the film went directly to video in the first place. John
  15. The story was that Peter Graves and James Arness as brothers were, uh, not friendly to each other. Anyone know if this was true and, if so, why? John
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