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  1. there was this movie "what price, hollywood?" that recently aired and also the other movie forgot the name of it but she died in a car accident at the end that she staged. those movies seemed to have sexy seductress type roles for her. i guess thats where i was drawing the comparison.
  2. was this the movie that began the cliched soap opera storytelling? i loved this movie and i have really had a difficult time adjusting to the pre-code movies but this one was top notch but i would have liked harlow to get the guy in the end. maybe i have been watching the wrong pre-code stars such as constance bennett, who i found to be bland and a carbon copy of harlow. being someone who was a avid soap watcher for a longtime until recently this movie was truly a definition of what their recycled stories over and over were. woman schemes to get man, breaks up his marriage, cheats on him, gets tossed to the curb, then shoots him out of revenge, and getting off scott-free.
  3. well i dvr'd this last week and watched it today. unfortunately this wasnt my favorite bette davis film, i found her voice to be very irritating all throughout the film(thats not how she really talks). and i couldnt understand the skippy character acting like a grown baby in the early part of the film. it just wasnt that good to me, bette didnt have to play these gimmicky roles because they weren't her best. i prefer her more natural roles.
  4. oh i'm going to love it, especially his ones with judy garland and some of the andy hardy films.
  5. three dvr'd movies yesterday it was "the fighting sulivans" earlier this morning it was "the stratton story" and "now, voyager" stratton story has to now be my most favorite james stewart movie yet. he really made an impression with his pitching pose before he threw the ball.
  6. why is a grown teenage boy wearing a micky mouse sweatshirt in this movie thats currently airing with mary astor and ava gardner as a teen? was micky mouse considered cool then?
  7. nvm the movie i was looking for is elmer gantry. idk if tcm airs that or not. nope, its not scheduled. wow i would really like to see this movie sometime. Edited by: lupinofan on Nov 2, 2010 4:49 PM
  8. so does anyone know the movie where lancaster gives that commanding speech? i think it might have been gunfight at the ok coral, he had on a suit that looked exactly like the one in that speech clip but if it was that movie i missed it it must have been at the beginning of it or first 10-15 mins of it.
  9. i wonder if they will show the movie where he gave that speech. the one whenever tcm does an actor segment, thats the first scene they show of him. they havent showed that in quite a while but may have recently. i don't even know the name of that movie either. but i really want to see that scene in full.
  10. i watched "anthony adverse" this past week. and considering how i feel about these kind of royalty movies, this was one i was actually into. probably my favorite march movie so far. also, one of the rare times i enjoy dehavilland pre-1939. it's now made me want to watch more march movies in the future, as i wasnt really a follower of his tbqh. the only other movie with march that i liked was "the best years of our lives". however that movie wasnt just about him.
  11. or ekstase, in their version. what was up with that love scene between eva(hedy lamar) and the guy she had an affair with? all they were showing was her facial expressions and they showed him one time laying up against her stomach or what. was there, well, ****, happening in that scene from the writers perspective? i know probably a bit too inappropriate to ask.
  12. i love when they air her movies, she just had something about her that i loved. and i don't ever seem to be bored watching her in a movie. i remember watching palm beach story one time but i wasnt prepared to watch it because the race was going to be on and it got post-poned, for some reason, it just played on my tv while i was busy writing. i finally saw it yesterday in complete focus this time and i would love to see that movie again.
  13. i think they said "depth" not death. i mean she did have dramatic depth. i just now saw that this morning as i'm watching "cat on a hot tin roof" on dvr. now talk about a movie that imo had the best acting performances ever.
  14. liz taylor was great in that movie and i think she deserved the oscar for it. some critics said she won it because of her comeback from a stroke and that there was mixed reviews on the movie. but i think the movie showed her performance in it warranted a win.
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