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  1. Pre-Film Noir detectives solve mysteries. They gather clues and interview the people involved and try to catch them in lies all for the sake of putting together a puzzle, but they tend to be above the criminal element they interact with. Nick Charles has a rapport the criminals, but no one ever accuses him of being one. The police seek his help, and he actively partners with them. Film Noir detectives are embroiled in the mystery. They use the same techniques as Nick Charles, but they can never count on the police. Often they are at odds with the police often considered a suspect in the c
  2. Thanks, SueSue. I will probably try to find someone to walk with, even if that is a total stranger I meet two seconds before I go. Walking alone seems way too conspicuous for me.
  3. Anjeilica Huston would be great. I'll throw out these two names: Robert Redford – I'm partially basing this on the fact that he showed up on the back cover of Now Playing as January's, Star of the Month. I think he would be really good. Ron Howard – Since they are showing Apollo 13 at #TCMFF, I could see him doing it.
  4. yeah, I'm hoping I can find a white dinner jacket.
  5. rhodeisland, I ended up going for an Essential Pass, so I guess that puts me on the Red Carpet. I'll see how it goes.
  6. Hi all, trying to decide between a Classic pass (had last year, first time at TCMFF) and an Essential pass. Seems like the real difference is the extra screening and walking the red carpet. In my mind, the extra screening is something of a crap shoot. Could be something that is a total must-see or it could be something I feel fairly ambivalent about. Last year, it was Oklahoma, and fell somewhere in the middle. I like Oklahoma, but I was just as happy seeing, Whatever Happened to Baby Jane. Since you don't know what the film is at the time passes go on sale, I kind of have to ignore the screen
  7. Thanks, for promoting the pool. I look forward to see what you come up with. That is such a cool poster. Only saw Night of the Hunter the first time in the last year or so. The part with Shelly Winters under water and Mitchum singing Leaning on the Everlasting Arms, made all the more creepy because we sing that at our church.
  8. Hi Sue Sue, Great list. I'd love to see a lot of those, especially His Girl Friday, The Letter, and Night of the Hunter. I hope you find time to whittle the list down and jump in on my pool. The first official entry showed up this evening. Chris
  9. Hi Sue Sue, I wasn't going to do this on your thread, but you've left the door open so .... Since you mentioned people creating a wishlist of what they'd like to see at the 2015 TCM Classic Film Festival (TCMFF), I thought I would jump in. Please excuse the self promotion, but I am running a pool on my blog about this very thing. It's all in good fun. Just make your top 10 picks of what you think will be showing at the 2015 TCMFF. The pool runs until the end of October or whatever time TCM makes an announcement the contains titles of films they will be showing whichever comes later. As a prize
  10. Just booked my hotel, The Roosevelt, meaning I only need to stumble to the elevator. Now I just need to decide if I stick with the Classic Pass or jump up to the Essential, i.e., how important is it to me to walk the red carpet.
  11. Lilly, I'm staying at the Days Inn on (7023 Sunset Blvd.). It's about 3 1/2 blocks from The Roosevelt. Prices are fairly reasonable (although about $40 or $50 a night higher than they'd normally be). I've stayed there a couple of times, nothing fancy, but okay. The others I was looking at in the immediate area are Comfort Inn (7051 Sunset Boulevard) and Quality Inn (1520 North La Brea Avenue). Both of these are about 4 blocks away from the Roosevelt and seem to have similar customer ratings. You might try to book fairly soon. When I was looking about 3 weeks ago. Most of the places were saying
  12. lzcutter, Wow, thanks for the info. This is my first TCMFF too. I probably should have guessed this, but I didn't realize that there would be pre-events Wednesday, or that stuff was going that late on Sunday. I may have to hit one of my LA friends to couch surf Wednesday and extend my hotel to Sunday night. jp01104, lzcutter is right on with the weather. Lived in San Diego my whole life, and Frankly, Southern California doesn't have real weather as the rest of the country knows it, but it does rain, and sometimes it comes down in buckets, and you can get blazing hot weather almost anytime
  13. WJR, Thanks for all the good tips. I'll try to monitor this thread for any updates. Really looking forward to the whole experience.
  14. Bought tickets last week. Really psyched. It'll be the first time for me. Anyone know roughly when they start announcing Schedule Updates? I know they've announced Wizard of Oz, Gone with the Wind, and a Harold Lloyd with a new score, but just wondering when to expect the rest. Thanks.
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