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  1. YES!!! This is the movie! Thank you sooo much! I can't believe I have looked so long for this and finally found it thanks to you! It did air on TCM about 7 years ago. lol I said a couple, didn't realize how many it had been. Thank you again, you are the best!
  2. I saw a movie on TCM a few years back and absolutely LOVED it but have NO clue as to what it was. It was a black and white and had something to do with medieval knights and a hero saving a damsel in distress and other medieval goodness. One part near the end that really stood out was the bad guy brought the hero before the king and was asked by the king to take out the hero's eyes. So the bad guy (can't remember why he was nice here) took some grapes in his hand secretly and walked over the the guy and acted like he ripped his eyes out and showed the king from a distance off that he ha
  3. I think Sam is awesome, what part was he in? I couldn't find him in the credits either. I love this movie so it would be great to find him. I have watched this movie countless times and have never noticed him. lol Thanks
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