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  1. I see Leslie Howard. In polo togs. Ok, now love polo. Did he play golf too?
  2. Bronxie, You need to adore LH in TSP. Need to! There's no temperance on cravatte quality, or the jabot! And you need mention his slant-of-eye as he slows momentum down to grasp his turn at turning the screw. Love the love for Leslie on this Messageboard Sink-Me tonight!
  3. I agree that Coop was "a more ambitious actor," but by underplaying it. Of course, directors of both Wayne and Coop milked each for what the camera got from them. But for me, the soul of Wayne didn't come through till the '60s, w/THE SEARCHERS, whereas Coop's soul was bared early, and, after the girls (leading ladies), Capra did it. This one's easy, but that scene on the caboose opposite the pressman in MR. DEEDS, where they listen to the crowd as the train pulls away, and Coop trustingly says, "Gee, I got a lot of friends, don't I?" wrings your heart. But Coop's fascination is that he underp
  4. Sepiatone, Could Wayne have done THE FOUNTAINHEAD? Don't think so. How would Patricia Neal have answered that? And didn't see King Vidor rushing to cast Wayne.
  5. Merchandise. Imitations. You're referring to a general public sort of recognition, and because of the constant of Wayne as American Cowboy Icon, one of its forms being comic imitation, commercially his name remains recognizable. No one does Cooper, and I believe because of his more sophisticated film venue, no one would relegate him to more commercial heights. Listing a few: THE GENERAL DIED AT DAWN, DESIGN FOR LIVING, both Capras. Don't forget, as Cary Grant said (notes from the bios), every script he received while at Paramount, he received after Cooper signed off on it. Would Wayne have g
  6. Hey, whadd're you guys talking about? Henry Fonda, or someone? I loved him in THE MAGNIFICENT DOPE. Why don't they ever show that?
  7. "The Devil Doll" -- hands down, best movie of the week. All the ingredients there, and compelling as hell -- you know you should look away, but lord help you, ya can't. Everything--that little shop, Barrymore, the wickedness. Ok, and the subterranean shop you walk by in NY every day. Well, it was groovy.xoxo1968B2
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