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  1. Thre are so many that to say only one isnt easy and leaves so many behind. The word favorite and not most frightening helps a lot. Probably the most interesting and unusual horror film of them all is BLACK SUNDAY with Barbara Steele. When you see it for the first time it is amazingly different and bizarre. It creates an atmosphere of darkness. HORROR HOTEL is about as good. The european early sixties horror films are the most satisfying ones of all today because they are not as creaky and dated as the earlier hollywood films but were still made when great pictures were the norm and were also i
  2. Thank you for responding. I saw this yesterday on stagevu and it looked at the beginning that it just had to be the picture I was looking for but it turned out that it wasnt. But this was a very good possibility.
  3. This is a hard one. I remember what I believe was a 1950's black and white gangster movie where the end has somebody running away from another person chasing and shooting at him on a mountainside stream. The stream sequence ends with the gangster slipping off the side of a cliff which is a waterfall though you only see water running over the side. In the background is lake tahoe and what I know is emerald bay. Reason I know this is that I recognized the area since I hiked there a couple of times. That is the main reason I wanted to find out the name of this picture. The bad guy is a richard w
  4. thanks for the information. I do seem to remember that their was a newspaperman who was one of the characters and in checking on this series it indicated that there was such a character in the show. Maybe I only thought that the date appeared on the show and it was said actually by a narrator. I dont remember this being the case but what you remember over the years sometimes is not what it really was. thanks for the responses from all of you that did. Hopefully this show will get a professional dvd presentation someday. The other one i wish to see this happen to is Hawaiian Eye.
  5. No, The only thing I remember was what I posted. Thanks
  6. Thanks for answering. This might be the show.I will check it out.
  7. This is supposed to be O'Neils masterpiece. I would like to see the older Fredric March, Lee Marvin 1960's film. This was Marsh's last film I believe. It's supposed to be a great film.
  8. I remember watching a very good tv western series in the 1960 era which started out on every show with a scene of a large frontier town and slowly zoomed in to a crowded street scene. When it did this it had bold numbers displayed which said 1880 or another year in the 1880's I cant remember exactly what year in the 80's. This has been irking me for a long time because its like something I remember but have forgotten. Any clues. I think it was an hour show. Steve
  9. thank you for your reply. Checking this movie out for its plot on the internet, I believe this is it. Found that it is available thru aghosthouseproduction company but only in its uk 102 minute version and one reviewer said that the uk version (about half the running time) did not have good picture quality. What a shame that decent movies like this get no professional DVD release.
  10. There are 2 movies that I remember that I cant identify. The first I believe was a tv movie from around 1980 that had a person dying and falling through a tunnel and arms or heads from the sides were trying to take him to the other world. He somehow escaped death and they came to get him since you couldnt see them and live. He then had to kill them or destroy them to not be taken away. I believe there were 7 of them that came after him. The other was a sci-fi movie where a guy goes into a research facility and has to manipulate mechanical arms and do something with radiation. I believe he look
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