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  1. Humphrey Bogart was in *The On A Match* with Joan Blondell
  2. Ethel Merman in *Happy Landing* with Don Ameche
  3. Ethel Merman in *Happy Landing* with Don Ameche
  4. Ethel Merman in *Happy Landing* with Don Ameche
  5. Kubelik, Fran played by Shirley McLaine in the movie The Apartment (1960)
  6. This is actually a very interesting question! Two of my all-time favorites are Greta Garbo and Myrna Loy. I am not sure that either one of them could make it in films today. Maybe Myrna could if she could shake the perfect wife image. But I am not to sure if Garbo could. Especially with how invasive media is today and how much of a private person she was. My two favorite leading men are Clark Gable and Cary Grant. I think that Grant could make it today because he was able to play a wide variety of roles. However, Gable never seemed comfortable playing anything besides a macho
  7. Hmmmm......there are so many to choose from....I would say WOMEN Jean Harlow Marilyn Monroe Myrna Loy Sofia Loren Betty Grable Elizabeth Taylor Ava Gardner Mae West MEN Clark Gable Cary Grant Marlon Brando Franchot Tone Montgomery Clift Robert Taylor Tyrone Power Errol Flynn William Powell (if you liked the sophisticated comedic type)
  8. William Shatner was in *The Brothers Karamazov* with Yul Brynner.
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