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  1. Alec Guinness was in Murder By Death with Peter Falk.
  2. Warren Beatty was in Shampoo with Julie Christie
  3. Patricia Neal was in Hud with Paul Newman.
  4. Gorgeous poster! One of my fav movies, I'm just sitting down to watch it.
  5. Claude Rains was in "Lawrence of Arabia" with Omar Sharif
  6. Hi there, So were Clark Gable, Dorothy Dandridge, Keir Dullea, Roy Rogers, Tyrone Power, Dorothy Gish, Lillian Gish...lots of good ones!
  7. I respect your opinion. Ustinov is fab as Nero...I'm watching Quo Vadis... :-)
  8. These are all adorable. The sizing kills me. the size 16 would be what? The equivalent of a size 6 today? Wow!
  9. Thanks! I love this. This photo looks strangely familiar...LOL I do love Peter Ustinov! The best Hercule Poirot ever!
  10. I checked out the Vermont Country Store website. Totally cool. My younger sister had one of those Mrs. Beasley dolls, kind of creepy...
  11. I love those patterns too. I wish I could sew. I actually have a machine, but am no good at working patterns. My husband sews better than I do. LOL
  12. They actually sell RC here in Ohio, and serve it at our local Dairy Queen, funny, huh?
  13. Ha ha! I don't think Bob will be shooting anything near the low 70's after he gets a couple of PBRs under his belt. Love the outfit!
  14. Understood, there are so many great ones!
  15. Love the photo! Thanks. Who are your favorites? I take it that Greer Garson is a fav?
  16. I forgot about Angela in Death on the Nile, have you seen that one? I own it and she's hilarious in it, terrific range! So funny.
  17. Gaslight, of course and The Manchurian Candidate (she's a powerhouse in that one), she's great in the World of Henry Orient and I love The Picture of Dorian Gray. I read somewhere that she was good friends with Hurd Hatfield for many years.
  18. I love Loretta. Gosh, there are so many. Definitely Angela Lansbury, Bette Davis, Ingrid Bergman, Elizabeth Taylor, Barbara Stanwyck, just to name a few.
  19. Loretta had the most beautiful cheekbones!
  20. This one made me laugh out loud. George and a glass of Blatz! Hard to picture...but the picture is right there! LOL
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