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  1. "Chilly Scenes of Winter" (aka "Head Over Heels") is a standout role for Grahame. Hint, hint TCM. Edited by: greenpete on Nov 29, 2012 10:27 PM
  2. Many thanks to TCM for saluting my favorite actress, GLORIA GRAHAME. Strange, sexy, unpredictable. She's endlessly fascinating. Would love to see more of her later movies (like "Chandler"). Most are pretty bad, and she had small roles in many, but she's still damned intriguing.
  3. I love Grahame. Not the most versatile actress, but she had an allure that other more talented actresses lacked. Her best film, for my money, was "In a Lonely Place." It's the only A movie in which she had a lead role.
  4. One of our family's all-time favorite films is THE PARTY with Peter Sellers. It's absolutely hilarious. Sellers improvises throughout, and Edwards wisely just lets the camera roll. I disagree vehemently with TCM's claim that THE PARTY has lots of "toilet humor" and is culturally insensitive. The only "toilet humor" is a sidesplitting Sellers improv with him accidentally destroying an upstairs bathroom. Most of the movie is sight gags inspired by the silent movie era. Sellers' portrayal of a bumbling Indian actor is no more "culturally insensitive" than his portrayal of a bumbling French
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