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  1. I really wish I had more informattion but I bought the "Greatest Mystery Classics" 100 movie pack at Wal-Mart today & I can't for the life of me place the actress on the front. It's 2 packs of 12 dvd's with a box around them, the box has different people on it than the individual 50 movie packs inside. She's on the left (if you're holding looking at it) in a light colored "suit". Anyway, I feel like an idiot because I can't even find the picture of the actress I'm asking about! I guess I'm hoping someone has also bought/seen the pack. I'm usually good at knowing who classic stars (especial
  2. Watasha


    I have seen J'Accuse! (1919) once on TCM & was totally blown away by it. That was a few years ago now I guess & I can't help but notice that we get some movies played multiple times in a given period and many like this one that get left out. I guess that's the misfortune of having so little airtime devoted to silents. Anyway, I would love to see J'Accuse! aired again soon as it's very expensive when you do manage to find it on DVD. Edited by: Watasha on Dec 23, 2010 8:45 PM
  3. Izcutter.......No. I think we're kinda on the same page now. NAN752..........I know that Depp is a huge fan of classics, he based his role in *Benny and June* on both Keaton and Chaplin (especially the Chaplin scene with the bread loves) but you're right it was more Keaton. Lately though, Depp has fallen into a rut. But you CAN tell...... "[i'm playing a character] who's Buster Keaton-like, and Keaton is truly one of my all-time heroes." --Johnny Depp Movieline Magazine April 1993 "Stuff that Keaton did in movies 60-odd years ago is shocking, so brilliant. He did stunts with
  4. *"As for saving our cinematic history and the Hollywood sign, that's not their responsibility. They created the history worth saving. Now it's our responsibility to save it"* Are you serious? It's my responsibility why? I'm doing good to pay my bills, besides Hollywood made these people who they are, people like Johnny Depp could pitch in a bit. (and this is coming from a Depp fan)
  5. Again I think I'm coming off wrong here. Sometimes your chosen profession has consequences. I think I read on a previous post here that Doris Day doesn't even want to be called "Doris" anymore. Isn't that a bit "bitter spoiled brat" sounding? I don't resent them for it as much as I see how much good they could do helping something that has given them so much. I'm probably younger than most of y'all so I'm a little scared that these great movies are going to fade away even in my lifetime, and we have people who could help save them not lifting a finger for what made them who they are. When the
  6. "Yeah! How dare they enjoy their retirement? Who do they think they are not being at our beck and call until their last breaths?" Did I say they should be at our beck and call? If you can't bring yourself to say a few words for all of you fans who paid for the fabulous lifestyle your able to enjoy, that's pretty sad. If it weren't for the fans they would be WORKING even into their 70's. Retirement is thanks to us too. I'm not meaning to come off as unreasonable here but there's a difference in reasonable excuses and just plain being spoiled and ungrateful. Ever heard of "giving back"?
  7. The people who "don't wanna talk about their days in Hollwood" should give all of the money, houses etc. back. If Lillian Gish could do it everyone else can. Health and things of that nature I can understand but bitterness? Garbo was able to get away with it but most people just come off as...well, you know. This is just one more reason why Ernest Borgnine has so much of my respect.
  8. Is this just for premiers? I've already mentioned wanting to see *J'accuse* in another thread. gagman has really got me wanting to see *The Big Parade*, also any other forgotten gems we want to see saved and restored so much. I also wish TCM could play MORE silents, one a week just isn't enough.
  9. "it is a ridiculously too English movie for me!" johnbabe........You are certainly entitled to your opinion but you do realize that it's supposed to be English right? As far as calling it "junk", I recall you getting very upset at folks saying they thought Garbo was "junk".....We can't get upset at others for what we ourselves do can we?
  10. The others that do exist like AMC aren't the same. TCM has proven that there is a niche' for it. Why doesn't TCM expand? You have multiples of ESPN, MTV etc. Why not TCM?
  11. No, Ive never seen it. I do like Vidor though. I actually haven't seen that much with Gilbert to tell the truth. One thing I've seen, children REALLY lock on to silent films. It must be the over-exaggerated gestures and such. My sister is 9 and has been exposed to them (and classics in general) her whole life. You should see folks faces when she tells them that she and I watch A Christmas Carol every year, they assume it's the cartoon until she tells them it was made in 1938! lol
  12. I heard about that. I've never seen any, they said he never really got a grasp on English. Wouldn't it have been interesting to see (or hear) Hanson and Garbo in a talkie?
  13. I wish Lars Hanson could have made the switch to talkies. He was a fantastic silent movie actor.
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