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  1. *War Hunt* with Robert Redford. (1962).
  2. *Apocalypse Now!* It was the best screen adaptation of *Heart of Darkness* ever. Orson Wells tried to do a film version but failed. He said it was impossible to make a movie from that book. *Apocalypse Now!* is the best anyone has done and maybe the best that can be done.
  3. Thanks for the information on Mr. Falk. I must have been mistaken because it's neither of those two. I've seen them and they don't match the plot line. I wish I could remember some more of the actors but I can't recall them. I don't think there were any major stars in it. When I saw the movie, I was impressed mostly with the story line and action. The best I can come up with is the part of the plot that I mentioned and the fact that it was a joint Soviet-American (and some other country?) movie.
  4. Thanks for the reply so soon. No, it's not *Cross of Iron*. I saw *Cross of Iron* about a month ago and there is a captured Russian boy in the plot but I would have remembered James Coburn but he wasn't in the film I'm looking for.
  5. The movie I am trying to identify and then locate is a film about the German invasion of the Soviet Union in WW2. It dates back at least to the 1960s or the early 70s and was a cooperative production of the Soviet Union, the United States and, I think, some other countries may have been involved as well. The only star in it that I can recall is Peter Falk and I'm not really sure about that. It could have been someone else but I think it was Falk. If I remember correctly, he played a German. I've tried looking it up on IMDB.com with no luck. One scene that I recall was one in which an ol
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