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  1. This is such a wonderful film! God Bless the King and may he sweep the Oscars on Sunday!!
  2. Hi classic film fans! The Scarlett Olive, a podcast devoted to classic films, has a new home. Here, you can find all of the episodes we have released since February 2010. http://www.thescarlettolive.com Our latest show is with Kendra Bean, webmaster of http://www.vivandlarry.com. The special Valentine's Show is dedicated to the lovely couple Vivien Leigh and Laurence Olivier. Also, if you are already a subscriber, you will have to subscribe again on March 15. Because we have a new website, we have to switch our hosting company from Pod-o-Matic to iTunes (and Pod-o-Matic is v
  3. If this film doesn't scare you off parenthood, nothing will.
  4. > {quote:title=mrroberts wrote:}{quote} > What's next, *Texting M for Murder* ? Hahahaha! Yes! How on earth will they make this story kid-friendly? This is a slap in the face to Hitchcock, the writers, and everyone who worked on the film. It saddens me to think a few generations of younger people will be introduced to "Que Sera Sera" (if they even include it in the film) without the sunny voice of Doris Day.
  5. Hello everyone! In honour of Judy Garland's birthday, The Scarlett Olive interviewed her personal historian, John Fricke. This is the first installment of a three-part series dedicated to Judy this month. John Fricke is a very gracious, funny man who just adores Judy. Sit back, relax, look at Judy pictures, and enjoy this first show. [Judy in June with John Fricke|http://thescarlettolive.blogspot.com/2010/06/blog-post.html]
  6. _Judy Garland and Gene Kelly_ had INTENSE chemistry. They make the screen a little steamy when they kiss the second time near the end of *Summer Stock*. Seriously, I break a sweat and have to look away! I was a little miffed that they didn't make the TCM book of most romantic couples. _Vivien Leigh and Robert Taylor_ in *Waterloo Bridge* are unforgettable and heart-breaking. It was both of their favourite film for a reason. Their characters a had deep-running, true love that's only found in movies. If you haven't seen *Waterloo Bridge* yet, you are missing out. Watch it.
  7. Was *Victor/Victoria* not a hit? I like it... Can I take two celebrities? Judy Garland and Gene Kelly are my two absolute favourites. Just look at the chemistry between them! I get uncomfortable watching them kiss! I'd make them produce a child (because it would be beautiful and talented) and well...I just love Gene! I'm not into polygamy at all. I'm not! But if I HAD to take just one...Gene. Geeeeeene -drool-. He's so athletic and talented. His movies are of the highest caliber, even The Pirate.
  8. Hello fellow TCM lovers! What a lovely board you have here! Although I love classic films in general, the Judy Garland Message Board is my home . My name is Katie and I am a student going into my second year of university studying Film. I'd like to tell you about the podcast my friend and started a few months ago. It's called The Scarlett Olive and it is devoted to all aspects of classic film. So far, we have four episodes and a minisode. We just recorded for our next episode recently and should be released in a few weeks. Along with the podcast, we have a blog. We just started
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