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  1. Thank you for your sentiments. Unfortunately, I've had two recent deaths to contend with. First, a dear old friend and then my father. Since the passing of them, my heart hasn't been much into posting pictures. But who knows, maybe someday I'll come back. But again, thanks for your kind words!
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  3. How about the sadistic Bellevue Hospital nurse in Lost Weekend (played by Gene Ashley), telling Ray Milland what to expect when he eventually gets the DTs: Nurse: You know that stuff about pink elephants? That?s the bunk. It?s the little animals ? tiny little turkeys in straw hats, midget monkeys coming through the keyholes. See that guy over there? With him, it?s beetles. Come the night, he sees beetles crawling all over him. Has to be dark, though. It?s like the doctor was just telling me. ?Delirium is a disease of the night.? (chuckles) Goodnight. Not exactly a kind approach in
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