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  1. I like watching a movie with Claudette Colbert in it. I have the movie, "It Happened One Night", and it's one of my favorites. The scenes of trying to get a ride and when they are in the motel room are classics. I have one with her and Louise Beavers about a young woman who is Black but looks White. The young woman doesn't like being Black and she leaves her mother and goes away to work. Louise has to bear with her daughter for a long time and is very upset that she hasn't come home. Then Louise dies and during the funeral her daughter is there watching and she goes to the casket and apologiz
  2. I agree totally with what you said. Modern day movies lack alot of what the classic movies had in them. On one hand, which of today's movies do you say that are really good to watch, not many. I don't know most of the actors and actresses that are here today. I don't watch today's movies because of all the profanity and sex and nudeness in them. I am not into any of that. When I watch a movie I want to see something that will stick with me, romance films, dramas, comedies and biographies about famous people. Movies such as "Abe Lincoln in Illinois", "It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World, Robin Hood
  3. While I was watching "The Champ" the scene where Jackie meets a little girl and have a conversation, if you think about it Jackie comes across as older than he is. Maybe he was like this when he grew older.
  4. This morning I watched some of the movie, "The Champ" and it is a great movie. I think I have seen it before but it has been some time ago. Then, when seeing it, the scene where Champ tells his son that he will be leaving and will be living with his mother, and that he wants Jackie to go, and other hurtful words, I remember Jackie crying pretty hard, (maybe I am getting mixed up with another one of his films.) This time I could tell that Champ really didn't mean what he was telling him, and Jackie's reaction to it is heartfelt, that his own father doesn't want him living with him anymore, and
  5. When you watch a movie with Gregory Peck in it, and then you watch one of Walter Pidgeon's movies, do you see any similarities? I have noticed that Gregory and Walter have the same body movements, they both have dark hair, they both are tall, the tone of their voices are about the same, they both take things with a bright and shining attitude, they both wear about the same type of suit coat. Do you see these same things? What else do you see in both of them? Are they brothers?
  6. This movie changed my outlook on Audie Murphy. In the past I didn't like him as an actor, but after seeing this movie it showed a part of him that I never saw before. There were several scenes in the film where he was to be a higher ranked officer or go to West Point and his reply was, "What about the other soldiers?" He wasn't self centered, but thought more of his comrades getting a higher ranking than he did. His mother's death was a difficult time to go through and I feel that what he did in the war he did it for his mother. During battles he took some high risks, such as running ahead to
  7. In the early 1940's there was a movie made about coal, a coal mine and a fire. It is called, "How Green Was My Valley". Roddy McDowell was the youngest boy, Maureen O'Hara was his sister, there were 2 older brothers, Sara Allgood was the mother and Donald Crisp was the father. There is almost a fight because the men that work who live in the next valley and the men from the other valley complain about the wage they get, as it is too low. Donald Crisp is the owner of the mine and one day the men from his valley come to protest and one of them throws a rock through the window of the house. Then
  8. Judy Garland and Vincent Minelli?
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