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  1. Always wonderful to see Holden. I have to take issue with a remark Ben's guest, Holden's partner Stefanie Powers, made about Jean Arthur, who played opposite Holden in "Arizona". She said about Arthur, "I don't think she had a very good end, poor thing." Talk about catty! In fact, Arthur had a very good ending of her career, on high notes, first realizing her dream role as Peter Pan, which was a Broadway hit, then in Shane. She had a TV series in the 60s that didn't work, but that was a minor blip. Personally, she didn't like Hollywood, opting for teaching back east, then her pretty
  2. Please tell them that some genius forgot to enable Moonfleet to play.
  3. For customers of WatchTCM . . . It does not matter whose "fault" it is, TCM's or the providers: TCM's movies constantly hang. It is up to TCM to fix this issue. This is not a viewer problem but a TCM problem, and its been going on since the beginning of WatchTCM. If TCM is unable to provide adequate streaming service, then TCM should not offer it. Doing so constitutes consumer fraud. But TCM does not care. While TCM battles with Internet providers / cable companies over "throttling" -- and this is a money issue, not a techincal issue -- customers continue to be ripped off. T
  4. On WatchTCM, Planet of the Apes, instead of having the specified runtime of 112 minutes has an actual runtime of 31 minutes with muted sound in the last few minutes. The Emigrants was similarly cut. This could be happening to other movies. We are paying for TCM. Someone is not doing his/her job!
  5. I should have made it clear that I wasn't disputing Ben's POV. He was merely stating a fact. Indeed, he noted Hodiak's good looks and talent. I just don't want John Hodiak to wind up, in the minds of moviegoers, in the Sonny Tufts category.
  6. It's been a real treat to watch John Hodiak. It's somewhat unkindly remarked that Hodiak benefited from the top male stars' absences from Hollywood during the war years and was eclipsed when they returned. I think that sells him short. He had his own star quality. Hodiak is still on WatchTCM, and I highly recommend checking him out. Unfortunately, A Bell for Adano hasn't been saved for streaming, but I'm looking at Two Smart People. It's light fare, but you can see how easily he holds his own opposite the likes of Lucille Ball, Lloyd Nolan and Elisha Cook, Jr. He had a great voice a
  7. Occasionally, TCM runs a filler about Alfred Hitchcock, where various Hollywood types reminisce about the great man. It's amusing to see how different people remember him differently. But there's one who infuriates me every time I see him. Director Andr? de Toth lets loose a stream of invective, calling Hitchcock a "son of a b----" for saying that "actors are cattle". This is a famous misquote, which Hitchcock was aware of. "I was once quoted as saying that actors are cattle. My actor friends know I would never be capable of such a thoughtless, rude and unfeeling remark, that I would n
  8. I must respectfully disagree with other posters about the guest co-host. This so-called professor isn't a scholar at all, but an advocate whose job is to air the grievances of his identity group. This is the fraud of most "group studies" programs in America's politically correct colleges. They are not about scholarship but about "consumer academics" -- pandering to targeted groups too increase enrollment and grants. They all fall under a common rubric -- victimology. Their purpose is to gratify those seeking validation for blaming their inadequacies on political oppression and mistreatment
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