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  1. I'm sure her husband's career played a part in her leaving, but another big reason was she had other interests to pursue...photography, writing, other artistic endeavors. I've read a partial article about her decision to leave where she talks about other things she wants to do. I've found her Carolee to be a character that would appeal to the viewers (mainly women) as someone they could relate to (at least I could.) Not glamorous like Elizabeth Hubbard's Althea, but so appealing.
  2. I have that same collection. That story is one of my alltime GL favorites. One of the earlier posts in this thread mentions THE DOCTORS. Retro TV has been airing them for the last two years...starting with Dec. 1967 episodes. The show debuted on April 1, 1963 (same as GENERAL HOSPITAL.) Except for a few too damaged to be shown, they are in order.
  3. I was considering changing from my cable to either Dish (which I had previously) or DirectTv. But if I change, it won't be to Dish without TCM or the other Turner channels.
  4. TURN BACK THE CLOCK is a highlight for me, in part because I haven't seen it before. Most of the others being shown today, I've seen but will watch them again at some point. The DVR is getting a workout today. Love Lee Tracy!
  5. I wish THE BITTER TEA OF GENERAL YEN was playing though I have seen it many times. Though I am a Babs fan, I'm only DVRing NIGHT NURSE and THERE'S ALWAYS TOMORROW. PS...I like cabbage.
  6. He was a distant cousin of mine as well...(on my paternal grandmother's side)...family origins aside, he was one of my dad's all time favs, and I loved him too.
  7. Nice story Mark. Hearing about his death makes me sad, but he lived a long time doing what he loved to do. RIP Eli Wallach.
  8. The mother of a friend of mine died after falling from her bed. If she had died in bed, the autopsy wouldn't have been necessary but b/c she fell, the state requires it. Unfortunately, the state was slow about getting my friend and her family the results which hindered settling her estate. Anyway...RIP Ann B. Davis.
  9. Sounds interesting. I like that so many perspectives are covered. Thanks for the recommendation.
  10. The first time I saw this film was in a History of American Warfare class in college. It is one of my favorites.
  11. That is heartbreaking. My mom's younger brother was born with club feet due to my grandmother's exposure to a student with German Measles. She taught that year when she hadn't planned to b/c the school was short teachers and my grandfather was the principal. They both blamed themselves though the effects for him could have been so much worse as they were for Gene Tierney's daughter.
  12. I'm glad to see the latter three on the schedule although even though I've seen the others many, many times, I'll probably watch them again. I can't think of any movie with Colbert in it being unwatchable.
  13. I'm glad she is so unperturbed. There's no way I could sit calmly with a cobra or any snake around my neck.
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