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  1. That is heartbreaking. My mom's younger brother was born with club feet due to my grandmother's exposure to a student with German Measles. She taught that year when she hadn't planned to b/c the school was short teachers and my grandfather was the principal. They both blamed themselves though the effects for him could have been so much worse as they were for Gene Tierney's daughter.
  2. I'm glad she is so unperturbed. There's no way I could sit calmly with a cobra or any snake around my neck.
  3. Joe, I certainly hope that you find your way back here. This thread wouldn't be the same without you! Sarah
  4. A little late, but Merry Christmas Joe and anyone else viewing this thread. Sarah
  5. Joe, I'm thinking good thoughts about you too. This thread is always my first stop upon visiting the forum. I have to see who has a birthday or what other interesting pics you post. Sarah
  6. Happy Thanksgiving Joe! Hope you and yours are having a wonderful day. Sarah
  7. Donner, Mildred - Ida Lupino in *WHILE THE CITY SLEEPS* (1956)
  8. Howard, Homer - George Montgomery in *Roxie Hart* (1942)
  9. Joe...I love the poster from West Jefferson NC. My mom is the pastor of three United Methodist churches in that area so I'm up there quite a bit.
  10. Nero - Charles Laughton in THE SIGN OF THE CROSS (1932)
  11. I don't know if I can say it's Stanwyck's best ever, but I love it for all the reasons you mentioned.
  12. Quintero, Lolita - Linda Darnell in *THE MARK OF ZORRO* (1940)
  13. > {quote:title=wouldbestar wrote:}{quote}Regarding Virginia Christine: I've always suspected that under all that "Mrs. Olson" persona was someone who'd been a real beauty. Thanks for proving me right. > > And Dean Stockwell was a real cutie wasn't he? One child actor who beat the odds and is still working. I still fondly remember *Quantum Leap.* Quantum Leap was my first introduction to Dean Stockwell. Seeing him in films came later. He was a cute kid.
  14. Happy Thanksgiving Joe! I hope you and your family have had a wonderful day!
  15. Brown, Bob - Warren William in *BEDSIDE* (1934)
  16. Plum, Lester - Joan Blondell in *STAND-IN* (1937)
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