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  1. Look like TCM getting good in June and July can't wait for that world premire silent movie
  2. I not suprise I think in May going be all those 1930s or 1940s seriels movies via Peril of Pauline to Dick Tracy don't quote me on that LOL!
  3. That was on other on Disney HD Channel they been showing lot old school Disney movies in early morning my fav song Everybody want be cat sung by Phil Harris aka Mr Alice Faye and Scatman Crotcher NOOOOO Deadliest catch fans NOT THE Captain
  4. Hey guys or lurkers any of you get METV in your area if so check out around 6:30am est/pst every Sunday morning they showing Laurel and Hardy short only on Sunday morning only http://metvnetwork.com/programs.php?showID=53'>http://metvnetwork.com/programs.php?showID=53'>http://metvnetwork.com/programs.php?showID=53'>http://metvnetwork.com/programs.php?showID=53 ME TV is like Antenna TV or THIS TV network they show lot of old school tv shows http://metvnetwork.com/
  5. Yeah baby a day with Kay Francis I think TCM going back to pre code morning seem like it during month of APRIL
  6. There was 1910 version of Ramona I remember seeing on TCM when they talk about Latin Image in Hollywood I remember that
  7. I do remember KCET and KLCS here in SO CAL used show not only classic movies but SIlent one back in da day my first taste of silent movie was 1925 Phantom of Opera they used show Bette Davis movie or William Powell movie after that recently as early 1990s I think what happen KCET lost it right it good during summer night where too hot in SO CAL you can't get sleep I remember coming home from high school party watching Metropolis or William Powell movie until 3am in the morning BOY my mom would tick off
  8. Personally I think he was fine actor yeah I hear about Lewis Stone chasing some punks down they messing with his prized flower beds I could understand why
  9. Two movies I hope somebody find a copy is Cleopatra with Thea Bada and Way of the flesh that final scene in that movie was heart breaking he reunited with his now successful son turn musician walks away
  10. Gagman I watching it RIGHT NOW while troll the internet That sooo cool I saw it look good so far
  11. I wonder if they found out in Russia remember that one scene was found in Moscow film archives maybe somebody got curious found more stuff about Divine Woman that be sweet if TCM get the right to it world premire on SIlent Sunday night in the future
  12. Well least in SO CAL going be on 8pm time zone Prohbition I want see that next week everybody been talking on What to watch TV forums in October Luckly for me my dvr could tape one show while I watch another I am definerly watch live Buster Keaton next Sunday
  13. seriously they found more footage if that is true SWEET where did you hear this another forum or what
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