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  1. This was from the episode with Tony Bennett and at almost 64, Doris looked amazing - as though she could have stepped onto the "Dynasty" set as Linda Evans' sister!!!
  2. Good afternoon - Most of the episodes were aired in the order they were taped with the exception of Rock. The show premiere on Sunday, October 6 and because of Rock's serious illness and uncertainty about whether he would live, Doris and Terry felt that launching with Rock's episode would seem as though there were sensationalizing the situation. In some file I have the exact air dates and the guests but cannot locate it immediately, but will try to. Doris promoted the show on Gary Collin's show (he did a multi-day interview), and it is on You Tube. She also did some press but beca
  3. The episode was filmed in July of 1985 (July 16th) but did not air until the fall when the series began on CBN. The dates in IMDB are the dates the episodes were filmed, not when they aired. I was at the press conference on July 15, 1985 when Rock arrived to reunite with Doris and prepare to film his episode the next day. The gathered press were, of course, stunned at Rock's gaunt and haggard appearance. Doris offered to cancel the taping or to postpone it and care for Rock, but he insisted they go ahead the next day. The episode was not broadcast until shortly after Rock's Octobe
  4. Here is Doris with Leslie on her 1985/86 show, "Best Friends"
  5. Not to mention Janis Paige in "Please Don't Eat the Daisies" and Edie Adams in "Lover Come Back"
  6. From what Doris said, she was to have played the same character in the two hour mysteries. Another project around the same time was called "Running Mates" and was about a man and woman running for Mayor of a small, Northern California Town. Doris also said no and it was turned into a two hour movie in 1990 called "Opposite Attract" with Barbara Eden in the Doris Day role. A lot of this came about because of Doris Day's appearance in January of 1989 on the Golden Globes where she accepted the DeMille Award. People were stunned at how gorgeous she looked and the offers started to po
  7. This is from the Washington Post on October 2, 1990 and has a little more detail to it, including a quote from Brandon Stoddard: See more THE TV COLUMN By John Carmody October 2, 1990 ABC announced yesterday that
  8. "Eggroll" was one of the few CCF to show a profit and "Panda" which would have been released in late 1969 was the second of three titles Doris had agreed to do. Beyond Doris being asked to star in "Murder She Wrote" in 1983, which she declined, she was, like every actress over 50, offered a guest role but she didn't know any specifics with respect to it. It was mentioned in one of the columns in the 90's that producers were after Doris to guest, but it clearly never got beyond Terry. She did admit enjoying watching the show from time to time and "...seeing so many of my old pals that
  9. As noted here with respect to 1977's "The Turning Point": "A number of actresses were offered the roles of Emma and DeeDee, including Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly, and Doris Day." The offer was made around the time that Doris was busy with promoting her autobiography. In addition, she was newly married (for the fourth time) and in the process of establishing her own animal foundation. "Forty Carats" was not something that went far. With Ross Hunter was being lured to Columbia after severing his longtime ties with Universal, he was mainly interested in doing a musical vers
  10. Aaron Spelling was anxious to work with her and offered "Hotel" and "Love Boat", which she declined. He also spoke with her about doing a recurring role on "Dynasty" for a season or story arc. She enjoyed watching "Dynasty" when living in Carmel, but again said no. "Murder She Wrote" was offered to her prior to Angela and after Jean Stapleton said no, shortly after leaving "All in the Family" (well being killed off). Liz Smith reported in 1983 that they'd offered Doris $ 500,000 to do a two hour television movie as a pilot and $ 100,000 per episode for the series. She said no and it was
  11. It was during that early 70's time period when feelers were put out for Doris to do "Forty Carats" - the film. She would have been brilliant and she had done an episode on her series where she was involved with a younger man. From what I know, she never did another film after "Eggroll" because Marty was not there to iron out the details and take care of any problems. I think she also lost her confidence to make movies. The closest she came was "Mother". She met with Albert Brooks in Carmel and they talked at length but ultimately she declined him. Both "Carats" and "Mother" would have be
  12. "The Thrill of it All" was shot in late 1962 and "Move Over Darling" didn't go before the cameras until early 1963. Marty signed a three picture deal with Fox as a co-producer with Aaron Rosenberg, who actually did the producing work for the three Fox films ("Darling", "Disturb" and "Caprice"). Richard Zanuck approached him about Doris taking over the role in "Darling" because all the sets had been constructed and so much put into the film and they didn't want to completely write it off as a loss. Marty agreed although George Cukor who was directing the Monroe film was not availab
  13. When my teenaged self first made Doris in June of 1973 (picture below), it was only months after she had modeled a bikini during the 5th season of her series. IN-person, it was obvious the figure displayed had not been trick photography!! I am wearing two buttons. One reads "I Love Dogs" and the other reads "I Love cats". Doris had given them to me during our breakfast. They were from Actors and Others for Animals. When I sent Doris a copy of this photo she announced that it would thereafter be referred to as "The Headlight Shot". I guessed it was due to the two yellow buttons on m
  14. Doris never did a film with Leslie. June Allson did (the very poor remake of "The Women" renamed "The Opposite Sex". Doris had been mentioned in the press for the Allyson part with Howard Keel in the Nielsen part but it didn't happen. Doris made "Julie" instead. On TCM the other evening they mentioned the often told tale that Judy Garland was the first choice for the film, something I find impossible to believe. Judy was at her peak, coming off of "The Harvey Girls" success and "The Pirate" had not yet been released and failed, when "Romance" went into production. I do not think
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