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  1. Nelson Eddy was gay, a fact fully documented and widely known in the industry. Jeanette MacDonald was happily married, a fact also widely documented by such esteemed journalists as Bob Thomas, Vernon Scott, Jim Bacon, and others.
  2. There were preliminary discussions about the possibility of John Wayne co-starring in "Josie" because the film was directed by his good friend, Andrew McLaglen. The title would also have been changed to "Meanwhile, Back at the Ranch". Martin Melcher puts the kibosh on that quickly, however. If Wayne had come on-board, his production company would have also co-produced with Melcher's Arwin Productions. In addition, Wayne wanted some major rewriting of the script to give his character more to do. Then there was the matter of Wayne's salary. For Melcher, he saw the budget doubling or better whic
  3. Regarding the matter of Doris Day's age. Doris Day always knew she was born on April 3, 1922. That is the date on her marriage certificates and on her son's birth certificate (1942). There was never a question about that. When she signed with Warner Brothers in 1947 it was the decision of the studio to change her date of birth. In a Memorandum, several issues were raised out of concern for how to handle the new "property". The age of 25 was considered a little mature for starting a film career and so the decision was made to make her date of birth 1924, thus making her a 23 year old new
  4. I want to change my password

  5. Jeanette MacDonald and Maurice Chevalier co-starred in four films between 1929 and 1934, including two that were nominated for Best Picture Oscars.
  6. Kim actually did one more film after "Lylah Clare" entitled "The Great Bank Robbery" which WB released in the fall of 1969 prior to taking a break. "Robbery" co-starred Zero Mostel and Clint Walker and was not successful. Sydney Guilaroff, who did Kim's hair for "Lylah Clare" once noted that Kim had thoroughly enjoyed filming the movie and was very upbeat throughout the shoot. He took her to dinner at Musso and Frank a couple of times during the making of the film.
  7. MGM had clearly fallen from being the prestigious film company they had once been, by 1968. A quick look at some of the titles they released during 1968 give a clear indication of how far they had fallen. Very few of the titles were successes at the box-office or with critics although there are a handful that received kudos. Almost none of them, however, would end up on a listing of the great MGM films made. Mrs. Brown, You've Got a Lovely Daughter 1968 Hate for Hate 1968 Revenge for Revenge 1968 The Biggest Bundle of Them All January 17, 1968 Sol Madrid February 7, 1968 The Powe
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