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  1. Saw the machine yesterday during the Tarzan Finds A Son
  2. Is it still shown once in a while? I've missed seeing Ben for months now but was wondering if that pinball machine still got some air time. I'd love to have that :-) played it often back in the late 70's. Cudos to the TCM set decorators for finding such a jewel to display. "Tommy" ain't got nothing on me, I won a million free games playing that machine back in the day. I sure played mean pinball. lol
  3. I'm on the side of everyone who hates it. It's a useless pain now where before you could scan through a days schedule in a few seconds looking for gems to record and watch once you got home from work. Now you have to have expand each show which is VERY annoying. No way to tell who is in a movie you might not have heard of ....... put it back
  4. I realize that the cave scene is far from the Civil War part in the movie. BUT ....... why does it seem like as I kid I remember a scene before Jimmy S. shows up in the cave that someone else did? (the way I remember it) They see someone coming and Walter B. instructs them to hang a Confederate flag and they talk this person into seeing the "cave dwelling creature". I remember them toasting the banner and the whole bit. Then they see Jimmy S. coming and change the flag to Old Glory, toast the banner and talk him into looking at the critter. Did my mom have me on strong child medicine
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