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  1. In any Tammy movie she always gets a job.Not ba for a gal born and brought up on the river with little education.
  2. The TV Series Tammy was great.Debbie Watson played Tammy.Also in cast cast Denver Pyle and Donald Woods.
  3. Country girl Tammy Tvrees(Sandra Dee)best friend Annie Call(Beulah Bondi)must go to the hospital for an operation,but she wont go without Tammy.With the help of DR Wayne Bentley(MaCdonald Carey)Tammy goes along and gets a job at the hospital. Tammy meets DR Mark Cheswick(Peter Fonda)and they fall in love. Head nurse Rachel Coleman(Margret Lindsay)has been in love with DR Bentley for years,but she was always afraid to tell him. Annie meets rich MR Jason Tripp(Reginald Owen)a patient at the hospital and they too fall in love. One of the best of the Tammy series.
  4. Some Fat Jokes Peanuts?What am I going to do with peanuts? Ralph Eat them like any other elephant. Alice(Originally a line for Garrity the neighbor to yell down) When you see me coming get on the other side of the street. Ralph When you come there is no other side of the street. Norton Trixie says your the biggest thing on TV Alice Im going to learn to swallow my pride. Ralph Youve swallowed everything else. Norton
  5. The Outeiders(Everything a Western Should be and more.
  6. Keep an eye out for Hugh OBrien(Bit)
  7. After breaking out of jail with outside help Wes McQueen(Joel McRea)goes to meet the people who helped him to escape.On his way Wes meets Fred Winslow(Henry Hull)and his daughter Julie(Dorothy Malone)and saves them from a stagecoach holdup.Wes becomes friends with Fred and falls for Julie. After meeting the man who helped him escape Wes agrees to one last job.He meets Reno(John Archer)and Duke(James Mitchell)two gunmen and Dukes mistress,Colorado(Virginia Mayo)Wes finds his job is a train holdup. Remake of High Sierra.Remade again I Died A Thousand Times with Jack Palance,Shelly Winters,Jame
  8. In any Western its 90 in the shade,but no one ever sweats.
  9. Johnny Torno(George Raft)owns a company Torno Freight.His brother chaplain Jess Torno(Arthur Franz)returns home after WW2. Swindler Nick Cherney(Raymond Burr)is getting out of jail for stealing money from the freight company.He swears revenge against Johnny.Nick pays another hood Rocky(Harry Morgan)to kill Jess.After the shooting Johnny finds the mortally wounded Jess and when Johnny asks who did it,Jess says look in the Bible. Johnny looks through the priests bible but finds nothing. It dawns on Johnny The Gideons Bible in Jess hotel room.When Johnny gets there the bible is stolen and seve
  10. War hero Johnny McBride(Anthony Quinn)is hitchhiking a ride.After being picked up, the car gets into an accident where the driver is killed and Johnny is badly burned and loses his memory. After two years Johnny wanders into a small town where different people know him.Hes picked up by a police LT(James Millagan)and is told hes wanted for robbery and murder. Through lack of evidence Johnny is let go but the local mob run by a MR Servo(Gene Evans)Venus(Peggy Castle)a girl he once knew,and a bank head Gardiner(Charles Coburn)all take an interst in him. Film Noir as good as it gets.
  11. Steve Randall(Steve Brodie)an ex WW2 hero is married to Anne(Audrey Long)and owns a small trucking service. Gangster Walt Radak(Raymond Burr)and his gang are planning a fur robbery.Walts kid brother Al(Larry Nunn)insists on going along. Walt calls Steve and tells him he wants to rent his truck.Steve goes along not knowing what the gang are up to.When Steve finds out he refuses to have anything to do with it.Steve escapes and during the robbery Al shoots a cop and is put on trial for murder. Steve and Anne go through a series of adventures hiding from the gang and,the police,Walt hires Pete
  12. Pretty gals in their 20s and 30s always fall for men in their 50s or 60s.(Sample John Wayne,Humphrey Bogart,Randolph Scott,etc)
  13. In a Western fight,get knocked through a glass window and never get cut up.
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