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  1. Steve Randall(Steve Brodie)an ex WW2 hero is married to Anne(Audrey Long)and owns a small trucking service. Gangster Walt Radak(Raymond Burr)and his gang are planning a fur robbery.Walts kid brother Al(Larry Nunn)insists on going along. Walt calls Steve and tells him he wants to rent his truck.Steve goes along not knowing what the gang are up to.When Steve finds out he refuses to have anything to do with it.Steve escapes and during the robbery Al shoots a cop and is put on trial for murder. Steve and Anne go through a series of adventures hiding from the gang and,the police,Walt hires Pete
  2. Joe Stafanos(Paul Valentine)an oily,shifty,gunman shows up in a small Nevada town looking for gas station owner Jeff Bailey(Robert Mitchum)Joe meets Jeffs helper(Dickie Moore)Joe tells the kid he wants to see Bailey. Bailey is shocked to see Joe after many years,Joe tells him Whit Sterling(Kirk Douglas)a big time mob czar,that he wants to see Jeff. Jeff has his girlfriend Ann Miller(Virginia Huston)drive him to see Sterling and tells her of his past.Jeff,whos real name is Markham was once a private detective in New York working with Jack Fisher(Steve Brodie)who Jeff had little use for.Whit h
  3. Kansas City 1927,EX WW1 dough boy Pete Kelly(Jack Webb)wins a trumpet in a dice game.He takes up playing,forms a group,and soon the band takes off. Gangster Fran McCarc(Edmond OBrien)is organizing the bands and wants Kelly to sign up.Kellys two friends in the band Joey Firestone(Martin Milner)his hot tempered drummer and Al Gannaway(Lee Marvin)refuse to sign up and their car is wrecked by McCarcs hoodlums. McCarcs top hood Guy Bettenhauser(John Dennis)has a brutal fight with Joey and is killed by the mobsters.Kelly wanting no more bloodshed signs up. Kelly meets Ivy Conrad(Janet Leigh)a ric
  4. The Lux Radio Version was great too.Stephen McNally,Terry Moore,and Thelma Ritter(Repeats her role as the police informant)
  5. What two films were playing in the movie house on Nov 22 1963 where they arrested Oswald?
  6. The Breaking Point(1950)http://www.impawards.com/1950/breaking_point.html
  7. Red Light(1949)http://www.impawards.com/1949/red_light.htmlRaft made a series of mistakes,he turned down High Sierra,Dead End,Double Indemnity,Maltese Falcon,and Casablanca.As we all know those movies never got anywhere.(Bogie must have been calling him and saying,Hey George.Got any more terrible films you dont want to do?)This one Red Light was a good part for him.He was a trucking head whos brother was killed by bad boy Raymond Burr.DONT MISS.
  8. Excellent story of the criminal Barabbas(Anthony Quinn)who was pardoned by Pontius Pilate(Arthur Kennedy)Barabbas returns to his criminal ways and is sent to the Sicilian Salt Mines,his adventures as a gladiator,and his final conversion to Christianity.Note,The scene where Barabbas meets Lazarus(Michael Gwynn)has been restored.Excelent fight scene Barabas has with top gladiator.(Jack Pallance)Keep an eye out for Douglas Fowley,Simone Sigmoret,and Sharon Tate.(Happy Hunting)Nobody does it better than Anthony Quinn.
  9. Blind Alley(1939)with Chester Morris and Ralph Bellamy.Later remade as The Dark Past with William Holden and Lee J Cobb. http://www.imdb.com/media/rm1809889536/tt0031104
  10. Michael OHara(Orson Welles)Soildier of Fortune, is in New York walking in the park when he comes across Elsa Bannister(Rita Hayworth)being attacked by three thugs.After chasing them off he finds Elsa is wife of Arthur Bannister(Everett Sloane)a crooked criminal lawyer.Grateful,Elsa asks Arthur to give Michael a job as sailor on their yacht.Arthur agrees.Mike meets Sidney Broome(Ted De Corsia)a private deyective hired to keep an eye on Elsa.He also meets George Grisby(Glenn Anders)Arthurs shifty,oily,partner.Mike finds that Elsa,Arthur,and George secretly hate each other.George comes to Mike wi
  11. Mary Lee Morgan(Elinor Donahue)a 15 year old mixed up girl accidently kills her sisters boyfriend when he tries to attack her.Marys sister,Ginger(Mamie Van Doren)a wisecracking,oily,but well meaning party girl takes the blame for the killing.The local police chief(Peter Leeds)sends Silver to a Catholic run institution,Girls Town for troubled girls.Silver sneers at it all and refuses to let anybody help her.Even Mother Veronica(Margaret Hayes)who runs the school is little help to know it all Siver.The only one that Silver has any use for is Serafina(Gigi Perreau)another troubled girl in love wi
  12. Farewell,My Lovely(1975)One of the few movies that was as good as the original(Murder,My Sweet)Mike Mazurki was better as Moose.Jack OHalloran played Moose in this one. http://www.impawards.com/1975/farewell_my_lovely.html
  13. Candy(Jean Peters)is a trashy streetwalker working for red bigwig,Joey(Richard Kiley)On a subway train Candy is holding stolen micro films in her purse.Shes being trailed by FBI agent Zara(Willis Bouchey)Also on the train is pickpocket Skip McCoy(Richard Widmark)Skip steals the micro film and leaves the train before anyone can stop him. Zara goes to local police detective Captain Dan Tiger(Murvyn Vye)Tiger calls in police informant Moe Williams(Thelma Ritter)who knows every crook in the city.She tells them its Skip.Skip looks over his loot for the day and finds the microfilm.Skip hides
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