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  1. I can't remember any useful details about this movie, except that it may have aired on TCM sometime from November 2015 to January 2016. Black and white. The setting is tropical or at least very hot and humid. Possibly on an island but I'm not sure. I think someone travels to the tropical place because they get a letter from a person there (a friend or in-law maybe) but the sender turns out to be either dead or missing when they arrive (I realize this sounds like the plot of The Third Man, and therefore I don't fully trust the recollection). There's general suspicion. I think a woman goes on several dates with a man to get close to him, or to maintain a ruse, but I can't be sure. There's a great deal of rain, which at one point factors into the plot I think. The specific bit I DO remember is that she goes to a party at the bad guys' place, though there was some doubt as to whether she would or perhaps as to whether it would be safe. She goes off to a sort of guest house to search it for evidence, is nearly caught but escapes, but she leaves behind what I believe was a handkerchief. I think there was something distinctive about the handkerchief, like perhaps it came from the man she wasn't supposed to be seen with? But again I can't be sure. I also think the bad guys were smuggling something? Or in any case there was some degree of rush because their plane or boat was leaving and they needed to be caught before that happened. Does this ring any bells for anyone? I know it's not a lot to go on but this vague recollection is sticking with me and driving me nuts. Many thanks if you've got any ideas!
  2. THANK you! That's it! This has been driving me crazy for so long.
  3. I saw this movie once, many years ago, and it's been driving me nuts ever since. I remember vague bits of the plot -- there was infidelity, a second home purchased that was Spanish mission style, something involving riding horses down to the edge of a river. I believe that last one had to do with the murder that's central to the plot. I think the main character was on trial the whole time, and it was told in flashback from testimony, though that could be wrong. What I do know, very distinctly, is the ending: the jury reaches a verdict and stands to read it, but at the last second the main character/defendant jumps out the courtroom window. It turns out he was found not guilty. I know it's not a lot to go on and I don't remember any actors, but does this sound familiar to anyone?
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