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  1. I've always loved "Fantasy Film World of Bernard Herrmann" "On this LP, Herrmann re-records his scores from four fantasy and science fiction films, Journey to the Center of the Earth _(ROOF RAISING!)_ , The Seventh Voyage of Sinbad, The Day the Earth Stood Still, and Fahrenheit 451. Journey... is a unique score with no string section. Herrmann utilized five organs, a large Cathedral and four electronic, for various effects. The Seventh Voyage of Sinbad features a large percussion section. The xylophones in "The Duel with the Skeleton" are a perfect match for the film action. The Day the Earth Stood Still makes use of two theremins along with electric violin, bass and guitar. The themes in this score have been imitated so much they might sound a little corny today, but in 1951 this soundtrack must have been astonishing! Resisting the temptation of using electronic gimmicks for a science fiction score, Fahrenheit 451 features a standard orchestra. "Fire Engine," played during the fire engine scenes, is great fun. This is a must have album for anyone interested in science fiction or fantasy film music." http://www.endlessgroove.com/issue4/lp4s5.htm
  2. Thanks for your replies. Sorry I had to initiate my membership here with a rant. ;-) Back in the day, I remember there was forum talk of lawsuits for the logos causing screen burn-in on CRT and plasma displays. ================ Patful, I saw the logo in place for almost an entire movie last Sunday, on the TCM-HD channel. (The reason for my OP) I do agree that once in a while isn't all that bad. ============= Good points, Movieprofessor. ============= lzcutter, Gawd, I would expect/hope the art directors/?studios would be dead set against them! ============= hamradio: What am I complaining about? Anybody with half a brain can probably REMEMBER which fricking channel they're tuned to. No? Agree about CNN... IIRC, they were the cretinoids who started this GD thing. ============ I think soon we won't be able to view even a Blu-Ray movie without some similar distraction on the screen.
  3. TCM, *Please* don't display your channel logo like most other movie channels. It ruins the classic film viewing experience.
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