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  1. Having been a member of the TCM Union for the past eight months, I have a few observations. Having been in the past a film critic, radio host, film educator, member of the AFI and journalist, never have I seen a forum where the free discussion of film has been so muted. Anything considered political seems taboo, despite the fact that as an art form of expression toward the human condition, film is inherently political. Yet, this aspect of the form is prevented from being approached by intelligent thought. Any form of profundity seems to baffle the administration and therefore is labeled "provocative" and a violation of an arcane set of Codes that we all swore to uphold but seem to mysteriously change their boundaries without notice and whenever Administration sees fit. What exactly is Big Brother afraid of anyway? To sanitize thought is not an expression of anything except their willingness to suppress ideas which can only be deemed cowardly and a call to cultural ignorance. Thank you, but I will base my thoughts and expressions on a lifetime of education, experience and instinct born of common sense rather than be dictated by a mindless bureaucrat who proposes their objections in the intellectually limited version of an e-mail form letter. Shame on you TCM, for not believing in either your members nor film as an art form!
  2. O.K., at what age did Sydney Greenstreet do "The Maltese Falcon"?
  3. sunrae is right on target. It's fun to challenge yourself with the daily quiz but what's the point when a couple of goofballs ruin the whole thing thinking they're smart by cheating? If the game is rigged, what's the point? Surely, those overseeing the website can't be this blind!
  4. I think the audience was even braver to be willing to sit and listen to Lucy sing without dubbing. Roz Russell was very fine as Auntie Mame, but poor Lucy (our poor ears!) was a horror show, with so much gauze wrapped around the lens she looked like a melting scoop of vanilla ice cream. I had the rare priviledge to see the original musical Mame, Angela Lansbury perform the role and there is no comparison. That she was denied the role was one of those wrongheaded Hollywood decisions that no one will ever justify. It' s about time that we stop feeling sorry for over-inflated show biz egos who force their way into roles they have no business portraying then pout about the consequences later. Where is their consideration for the audience or film posterity?
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