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  1. Sorry for your loss.I never met him but certainly know his stage work. His wife Rochelle was my teacher at HB and a great one.
  2. Believe It or Not, There is actually a book out on all the people who posed for Blackgama. I have it somewhere. A Christmas gift. The page and picture I remember the most is Judy Garland because the commentary said that Judy left with the coat before they even had a chance to do the monogram.
  3. Believe It or Not, There is actually a book out on all the people who posed for Blackgamma. I have it somewhere. A Christmas gift. The page and picture I remember the most is Judy Garland because the commentary said that Judy left with the coat before they even had a chance to do the monogram.
  4. You might try looking into the former Museum of TV and Radio which I believe is now the named the Paley Center in NYC. Good luck. Playhouse 90 holds many special memories for me.
  5. Your Mom was in good company Holden as Robert Osborne's discussion said that Dore Schary was ready to put Lily on the shelf when he saw it before it was ever seen by the public. The discussion went on to say that the studio wanted Charles Walters to make the dance sequences big production numbers like An American In Paris, but he stood his ground and just wanted them to reflect the emotions of the characters. Walters went on to get his one and only Oscar nomination. I see why you would feel the way you do from watching Lily and the puppets, but I think you may feel differently seeing it in its entirety as some of those "loopholes" close, or at least I think they do. And again, I have never seen it before, and just thoroughly enjoyed it. And yes, MissWonderly, Mel Ferrar really had an intensity I don't think I ever saw in him again.
  6. Five minutes into Lili I realized I had never seen it before. It was absolutely wonderful and enchanting with Leslie Caron giving a beautiful, believable performance. I also enjoyed the discussion with Robert and his guest.
  7. Eleanor Parker - deep, throaty, much more believable than Bacall. Robert Mitchum - hands down. You can hear the two voices in Home From The Hill.
  8. I totally agree Cary Grant deserves a Thread. And why not? It makes no sense to me why anyone would think he didn't deserve a thread whether you like him or not. I tried to read as much as I could on this thread, but why are we talking about an actor's personal life in judging their screen presence? Speedracer gives a very credible and well written reply here. I like that TCM shows the first film he was in to start off their salute. Reminded me of Eleanor Parker's Star of the Month where they showed her very first film in prime time and then proceeded to show the progression. Same with Cary..... such sophistication and joy to watch.
  9. Coming in late sometimes can be difficult. Tried to go back several Posts, but to answer the Post, as much as I respect the sound of Bing Crosby's voice, it comes nothing close to what Sinatra did in his vocals. In fact, I kind of like his vocals where his voice was changing, not the pretty boy beautiful sound, but the harsh edge to vocals. His repertoire is incredible. Listen to the Capitol Years and then listen to him singing later - - like "It's Not East Being Green".
  10. I am with you primosprimos, I have never received the impression that The Stranger had undercurrents of homosexuality. And I've seen it several times including the other night. I really think it's a terrific movie with all the actors doing very valid work.
  11. OMG yes..... I am getting my Mrs. Odets and Mrs. Trumball's mixed up. Thanks for clearing Swithin and Speedracer 5. Robert Osborne worked for Lucy as a very young man and I've never heard anyone speak more highly about another person as he does about Lucy. He tells a great story about how she would call him and a few others long after they moved on and just checked in to see if they were OK and eating properly.
  12. I'd forgotten about "Mrs. Odets". And of course, Betty Garde. By the way, I do see Joyce Randolph around here and there.
  13. Well, some of you know that it's Eleanor Parker in Caged for me. It's interesting that after all the years at Warner's, this little B picture was her last film there (or maybe next to last), and she goes on to win an Oscar nomination and a whole different career at MGM and truly comes into her own. But it's not just Parker here, Hope Emerson was brilliant and Lee Patrick? How many times do we see her just pop up in a film that you didn't realize she was going to be in it? Her tough madam was brilliant. Ellen Corby, funny. Jan Sterling delivers one of the classic lines "if that's what they are wearing on the outside, I'm glad I am in here". But, what about the old actress who I remember as Mrs. McGillacutty (sp) from I Love Lucy. She used to baby sit little Ricky. She delivers those great words of wisdom to poor, sweet, huggable Eleanor. If you haven't seen it, go for it, it's fun.
  14. Later on tonight, Avalon is showing. I love this film and it has caused much discussion over the years with family and friends as to whether the family in the film should have waited for Lou Jacoby, as head of the Family, to wait before serving Thanksgiving dinner, despite his late arrival. Do you all have an opinion?
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