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  1. Three years later this is STILL bothering me that I cannot find an answer to this question. I'm hoping that maybe some new members might know more. Thanks in advance. :-)
  2. I appreciate your reply. I looked at both the movie and series and unfortunately neither is what I'm looking for. I recall that the bodies were dug up and as they were taken away the "ghost" or soul of each body vanished. I believe it was an English movie.
  3. I do not recall if it is in black & white or color but an airplane crashes during WWII (I think) and everyone aboard is dead but does not realize it. They are waiting to be rescued. Towards the end when the rescue finds their bodies one by one they start to disappear as their bodies are found except one last remaining guy who is never found. He ends up alone. Thanks in advance. Jen
  4. bOb39, that was an interesting show - but alas, it was not what I was looking for. Thanks again.
  5. bOb39, I agree; Purgatory was well acted and surprisingly good. :-9) Now, I am gonna check out Netflix and see if I can find that episode of Night Gallery as I am also a fan of that series. Thanks again!
  6. Seriously still looking for this movie. If anyone else can redirect me to another website that might be able to assist me I would appreciate it. Thanks in advance!
  7. I have seen a black and white version of this movie where it begins with the gang arriving in the town of Refuge. Everyone I asked kept insisting it was the 1999 movie, Purgatory, with Eric Roberts, so I ordered it from Amazon. Good movie, but definitely not the same one. The earlier version was better. I hope someone can help me find it. Thanks
  8. It sounds very similar to the movie "Purgatory" with Eric Roberts but this movie was definitely in black and white and did not have today's actors in it. Maybe "Purgatory" was a remake of the movie I'm looking for. I hope someone can be of assistance. :-) Thanks again.
  9. Unfortunately I do not recall anyone in it but maybe if I describe the movie I am hoping someone here will know the name. I know if I knew at least one actor I might find it but the actors were unknown to me, although I am sure my father would know. I am trying to find the movie so I can suggest he watch it. It is a black/white western where some outlaws come to a small town one night and end up staying, (because they cannot leave but they don't know that yet). There is some mystery where the townspeople have to go into the church every night. As it turns out everyone in the town
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