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  1. I don't know what your talking about and i don't care or think about any of the above...i have other more pressing and immediate concerns that are much much more important to me than anything above,and i don't want to argue about it either....i did not and will not pass myself off as something i'm not...it's indecent to do so AFA i'm concerned....it's wrong and that's enough...end of conversation.
  2. No...i already had my opportunity to do so,more than once at several points in my life,but i never did it. It's a dumb thing to do.
  3. E.Warren says she apologized for being a Liar...i never heard about it but i'll take her word for it....funny though cuz she made claims on a measly 1/1000% blood tie....heck i'm somewhere between ~15-18% American indian...same tribe too lolol...but i Never ever thought of trying to pass myself off as indian.
  4. These points you make are so true,but don't blame Trump.These problems predate Trump by decades. Another unreported problem is the Fukushima nuclear power station accident still pouring millions of gallons of "hot"(irradiated) water into the Pacific ocean every day...but nuthin' said cuz the Japanese Gov't made it illegal to report on this ongoing poisoning of the ocean.
  5. Well at least you salvaged one small piece of my post before it was taken down....goes to show ya the democrat socialists can't stand to hear anything they don't like,they have to block speech that scares the hell out of them just like YT.Censorship is the name of their game.All opposing opinions must be squashed just like communists do...oh well the takedown is more proof positive that their claims of being "tolerant"is so much baloney...the leftists are not reasonable logical or even sane IMO.These ppl are traitors...but we already know that don't we.
  6. Sunday, Jul 21st 2019 7AM 81°F 10AM 90°F5-Day Forecast 'The magic is in the unspoken': Whale 'whispere' who swims with the giants of the sea reveals their secret world - and why they're more like humans than you'd ever expect A whale researcher and photographer, 24, has shared spectacular images of underwater whale encounters Annabelle Wall said the most special thing about the marine mammals is what they can say with their eyes 'The magic is in the unspoke
  7. I don't remember the exact figures but it was said that Googles market share of ~90% of all searches done on the Inet is a larger percentage than either Standard oil's market share or Ma Bell's market share when they were broken up.So it's about time Google faces the music too.
  8. IMO Google has become too powerful, so IMO Google should be declared a monopoly and be broken up like Standard Oil and Ma Bell were.
  9. This is crap Vautrin. It reads just like a Google smear campaign,which it is. I took the time to read the whole thing.Every point..,and i mean EVERY point made in the your post is pure SMEAR by a rotten miserable power hungry behemoth whose CEO and top execs think they have the power(which they do),and the right(which they don't) to control Everybody else's life including what we hear read and think...they even believe they have,by their own self-proclaimed god-like status due to their EXTREME INTELLIGENCE which is far far greater than us mere mortals ability to conceive,the right...nay,THE DU
  10. ago Democratic governors warn against 2020 candidates... 28 minutes ago Reporter asks Trump about plastic straws as Iran... Member Log In | Subscribe Now | Friday, July 19, 2019 Ted Cruz and Bill Cassidy file resolution to designate antifa as a domestic terrorist organization by Anthony Leonardi
  11. It's old news to you n me but apparently not to the OP...all i did was post this so the OP would understand "why the feminists say we're not supposed to listen to this anymore"...dunno where you get the "wimpy complainers" comment from...no complainer I. IOW...this is a FYI post for the OP.
  12. SEARCH NATIONAL 'Baby, It's Cold Outside,' Seen As Sexist, Frozen Out By Radio Stations Facebook Twitter Flipboard Email December 5, 201810:01 PM ET AMY HELD
  13. Interesting how the libs don't comment on Dr.Epstein's testimony. I would have thought they'd be in here mouthing off like they usually do,but they've bin so quiet you could hear a pin drop..makes one think they're afraid of his testimony.Notice too how the MSM is not reporting on this Senate hearing either,well no surprise there.They've bin telling anybody who'll listen that Hillary won the popular vote by ~3 million votes and they've convinced themselves of that falsehood...but his testimony contradicts their claim.Of course many conservatives have had their suspicions since the election tha
  14. If we were at any other time in American history i'd agree that she wouldn't be back at the end of her term but a portion of America have become reprobate(liberal/leftists)and seditious so i'm not so sure the ppl of her district whom she's supposed to represent are smart enough to see her for what she is and send her packing back to the bar,not Congress.A couple of weeks ago while flapping her mouth at the press she stated why she wanted to come to DC but never once did she mention anything about doing anything for the constituents in her district.Dunno what ppl in her district think,if anythi
  15. Some have proposed breaking Google up into baby Google's like they did to Ma Bell. Scary to think that Google is so powerful that according to Dr.Epstein's testimony that they could possibly swing that many millions of votes to Hillary in 2016 w/o being detected...really scary.
  16. Not hard to figure out why they're just about the lowest rated channel on tv.Behind practically everybody else.
  17. You beat me to it DB. Glad i saw yer post cuz i was just gettin' ready to post this video.
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