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  1. The problem seems to be that instead of the Democratic party reining in the "kids"... the 4 witches of the apocalypse are reining in the Democratic party....at least for now...for the Democrats' sake they better do something fast or those 4 kids just might walk away with the party and the Dems will lose in 2020.
  2. Yup of course it's for legal residents only...why would anyone think anything else??.
  3. Start a petition My petitions Browse Membership Log in Recall California Governor Gavin Newsom! Make California Great Again.
  4. I can hardly imagine any country in the world that would allow these 4 witches to come in to live. I think that no matter where they went,no matter what country they go to,no matter how nice a country might be to live in,they'd trash it.They'd be unhappy,they'd bad mouth it and would try to cause trouble.These are very unhappy and troubled creatures and IMO none of them should be allowed in Congress cuz they're so psychologically and emotionally screwed up.
  5. Yup...first they'll throw a vanilla milkshake on ya then ban ya from campus for being "white" lolol
  6. IIRC the golden record was shot out into space with the history of humanity on Earth and co-ordinates showing Earths location in the Galaxy.Some thought sending such a thing into space was foolhardy and shouldn't have bin done cuz a possible warrior-like civilization might use the co-ordinates to come to Earth and cause trouble.
  7. Best to stick with old tech as long as possible...ie;landline over cell phones dumb tv's over smart tv's...don't allow a smart electric meter be placed on your home and don't buy smart appliances such as smart refrigerators washing machines and dryers.Don't give children toys that are internet capable(bin hearing a lot about that recently). Keep as much as possible dumb and unconnected to the Inet....a personal computer is the weak spot. DON'T BE STUPID ENOUGH TO PUT ALEXA IN YOUR HOME!! IDK if tv manufacturers even make dumb tv's anymore so if yours is dumb try to keep it as long as
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