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  1. I couldn't care less what Maltin thinks about ANYTHING. Your/my opinion about any particular movie is as good as his,but everybody needs a job,his is being a critic/reveiwer.If he wasn't doing that he would probably be working for the county,maybe a school janitor.lol JR.
  2. I had heard that John Agar was blacklisted for being a suspected communist and that is why his career sank. Don't know if there's any truth in it though. JR.
  3. The name of this thread is good reason to have a very large dvd collection. I temporaraly ruined a few of my movies by overwatching. But as my library grew my choices grew.I ruined Wizard of Oz,Casablanca,a half dozen great sci/fi/horror flicks,and others because of to few choices.Now i see WoZ about once a year like i used to when i was a kid about half a century ago.I don't have the biggest library in the world,somewhere between 500-700 titles,but it is enough to keep me from overwatching,and i keep adding titles every month thanks to 4 DVDR's w/HDD,Dishnet.,and a few needed gizmos to make e
  4. How "bout TCM showing the Mexican version of Dracula made in 1931.Much better story line,more detailed,and used the same sets as the American version,tho the acting isn't quite as good as the American version. Poor Carlos Villarias who had either the great fortune,or misfortune to bear a striking resemblance to Bela Lugosi,way overplayed his part and ended up(in my mind) being more of a caricature of Bela Lugosi than being the evil Count Dracula. Oh well,it's still a better version of "Dracula" than the American version. JR.
  5. I have Dishnet and though i have seen some freezing and jump-skips at times,fortunately it's not tooo common.I have been chalking it up to over compression of the video signal.Maybe i am wrong.Most of my neighbors have Comcrap and i have seen all kinds of artifacts,including freezing,jump-skips,and macroblocking. We have compared our signals,tuning the same channel(TCM and other channels) and looking for differences in PQ between Dishnet and Comcrap and there have been plenty of times when the Comcrap signal is breaking up while the Sat.signal is ok.I think the only time Comcrap has a bette
  6. > {quote:title=johnm_001 wrote:}{quote} > I reserve the use of the word, repellent, for Robin Williams. AAARRRGGHH!! Why did you have to bring up the name of Robin Williams?? Just when i was content with thinking of MC.as "repellent"! RW.is just about the biggest @rshole in the universe! "Irritating" and "****" are way to mild of words to use when describing him. Poor old Maurice is way better than RW.,even if Maury is a bit "repellent". JR.
  7. > {quote:title=Swithin wrote:}{quote} > Child molester?!!! I never heard that. I did hear that he was a Nazi collaborator. Old story of separating the actor from the person. I like Walter Brennan in films, but he was an outrageous, unrepentent, racist. I've never been a fan of Chevalier, but I can't resist Love Me Tonight. I like Walter Brennan too.Good actor. I don't give a hoot about his personal beliefs,hell there's racists of every color and stripe in the world,and if racism were a hanging offense then there wouldn't be many people left in the world. Never heard that MC.was a na
  8. Don't be so seeensitve Kinokima,it was a tongue-in-cheek statement! geez. JR.
  9. I agree 100 percent.He's a pisser.I will never willingly watch any of his movies,and in certain movies,he has me wondering if he might be a child molester(he just LOVES little girls).So why are you bothering to watch him? ugh!! Fox news would be better. JR. Edited by: jr33928 on Apr 25, 2011 2:59 PM
  10. Another really,really irritating "actress"? is Doris Mary Ann Kappellhoff, AKA Doris Day. JR.
  11. Copyrights on movies last for 95yrs.,or up to 75yrs.after the death of the copyright holder. But copyright law gets very complicated when relatives of the copyright owner get involved,and are able to claim the copyright privilages of the original copyright owner after the owners death and extend the limit even longer. The limit used to be 75yrs., until Sonny Bono lobbied congress to add another 20yrs. to the copyright limit.That bill never was passed,but after his death another bill was passed called "The Sonny Bono copyright term extension act" in 1998. Sonny had died about a year or so earli
  12. > {quote:title=mrroberts wrote:}{quote} > Farley Granger was in my area a few years ago for a book signing. I couldn't get off of work to go, would have been neat to meet him. *Side Street* is a very good noir, not as well known, hope it gets shown as part of a tribute day. Side street will be shown on May 19 @ 6:30pm. JR.
  13. > {quote:title=Im4movies2 wrote:}{quote} > The gray border started to show up ever since HD TV became the law of the land. My dvd recorder was made before the recent change over from the old analog to hd. Evidently I'll need to purchase an updated dvd recorder. Until then I guess I have to put up with the gray border and I hate it. This only shows when I need to record. My dvd recorder won't copy programs without the @$X# border. the border started when WS tv's started coming out,it's not a problem with your DVDR. I believe the "recent changeover" you talk about was the chan
  14. If you mean the borders on each side of an older 4x3 movie,then that's called pillar boxing and is how 4x3 material is displayed on WS tv's. My tv allows me to change the color between gray and black.I prefer black. If you record a pillar boxed movie it will show up in your recording. No way to get rid of it except to use the "zoom" function on your tv but you will have a noticeable reduction in PQ. JR
  15. I had to wince when i read the name Gene Kelly. I could never stand him,except in "Inherit the Wind". Originally Gene refused to do the movie because they wouldn't let him act like a knuckle head,(sing,dance,and everything else he liked to do).He only later decided to do the movie because he wanted to work with Spencer Tracy,and he did an excellent job of it. The movie was great and Gene helped it to be great. JR.
  16. Hi misswonderly! actually i have a long "like" list,but it's to long to post,and this is the wrong thread to post it. I "used"to like Paul Newman,but over the years he started to grate on me,i don't know why,so i gave him up.When i was a little kid i liked Mickey Rooney...but i grew up. As for the rest of them on the list,never liked 'em. There is one movie i saw recently,can't remember the title but Mickey Rooney was in it,he was a convict and was trying to escape,i think. It was a good movie(a "keeper") I think it's the best movie i ever saw w/ Mickey as an adult. If i ever see it being
  17. Here's just a few of the actors who irritate me Victor Mature Charlton Heston Anthony Quinn Marilyn Monroe Jack Lemon (his last name describes him perfectly) William Powell Katherine Hepburn John Forsythe (what a STINKER) Lucille Ball (except for "I Love Lucy") Joan Crawford Paul Newman Elizabeth Taylor (but sorry to hear she died,i know many people loved her) Richard Burton (usually) Mickey Rooney There are others,but i try real hard to forget them. JR. Edited by: jr33928 on Mar 25, 2011 4:14 PM Edited by: jr33928 on Mar 25, 2011 4:19 PM Edited by: jr33928 on Mar
  18. I grew up in Lancaster,PA. approximately 20 miles away by air from TMI, and was there when the accident happened. China Syndrome was released on 3/16/79,the accident happened on 3/28/79. JR. Edited by: jr33928 on Mar 17, 2011 2:58 PM
  19. Citizen Kane is by faaar the most B-O-R-I-N-G movie i have EVER seen,or maybe i should say,iv'e tried to see. Iv'e never made it past the 20-30 min. mark w/o falling dead asleep. I gave up even trying to watch it. JR
  20. The month schedule is horrible.I hope TCM changes it back to the way it was. Leonard Maltin's reviews don't sway me at all as to whether i watch a movie or not. I'm only interested in my own opinion of the movie. If i like the movie, that's all that counts. If i never saw the movie,and it sounds interesting,then i'll check it out. Lenny can take a hike....just my opinion. JR. Edited by: jr33928 on Mar 16, 2011 5:05 PM
  21. How sad that Barbara Billingsley has died. She was the mom i used to wish i had,not the raging alcoholic mother that i did have. Where June and Ward taught their children good morals and values,and showed unconditional love,the only thing my mom ever taught me was how to evade her and her alcoholic rages. And though my dad wasn't quite like Ward,he wasn't far from it either. RIP Ms.Billingsley. JR33928 Edited by: jr33928 on Oct 17, 2010 5:29 PM
  22. Here's one movie that i think really is blacklisted,not because of the '50's blacklist but because of political correctness,( ie cowardice) and that movie is THE SONG OF THE SOUTH. I have read that it's not available in the US. but is available in Europe in the PAL format,although it's a bit confusing to me because it was shown on TCM a couple of years ago at about 3 or 4 am. Unfortunatly i didn't record it then,but if it is ever shown again i WILL record it. If i'm wrong about this,please correct me.But i did sign an online petition to have this movie released in the US. not long ago (about 3
  23. Hi all. I'm new to the TCM forum but not to TCM. I've been watching since TCM's inception years ago (can't remember how many) lol. When it first aired i was watching and recording from AMC,and i thought WOW,i got the dynamic duo here,and recorded from both until AMC died. I don't know how often i'll post anything since most of my comments would probably be one liners like; great movie,or lousy movie, or that movie sucks. I tend to not go to deeply into the psychology of the characters or look for social commentary. I just like what i like, and i'm happy to be on this forum. Have a nice d
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