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  1. If you had known and talked to Chinese nationals the way i did years ago you'd know that the Chinese hope of taking over N.America is an old long lasting dream.
  2. That's cuz this isn't your thread is it...besides i don't have to put up with morons who post irrelevant nonsense in it that has absolutely nothing to do with the topic. You're just throwing crap against the wall hoping to stir up trouble imo.
  3. Hey nippy puleeeeze keep American politics out of this thread,for the purpose of this thread there is no right left or liberal or conservative,besides you're giving Larry conniptions.
  4. From what i've heard China is busy buying up Hollywood.If true Hollywood movies will tread lightly on the Chi-comms,even treat them with great deference.
  5. I posted this thread not because i think an invasion is imminent,it's not,the sky isn't falling, but because it's a window into the thinking of at least some top Chinese gov/military people.So instead of posting stupid mindless comments why don't you comment on the audacity of at least some in the Chinese gov./military with grandiose ideas and who are so bent on conquest of the America's that they're willing to commit genocide on a scale the world has never seen,killing an entire continent of people.And what do you think about OTT Chinese racism.They're certainly not shy about their racism and
  6. PT. Secret, Leaked Speech by Chinese Defense Minister Demonstrates China's Intent to Destroy America Submitted by Dave Hodges on Wednesday, July 10, 2019 - 13:0 "The central committee believes, as long as we resolve the United States problem at one blow, our domestic problems will all be readily solved. Therefore, our military battle preparation appears
  7. What a blast from the past...i actually remember watching the video above when it first ran.If Perot wouldn't have dropped out of the race when he did i'da voted for him...too bad.And who knows,he mighta bin prez if he woulda just stayed in the race....RIP Ross Perot. "Perot's death should be mourned by all Americans who regret the fact that it is no longer possible to make reasoned, non-ideological arguments about questions of public import, and by the devolution of our political life into mindless partisan squabbling." +1...Mindless squabbling
  8. EMBER Report: ANTIFA plans acid attacks on D.C. Free Speech Rally, saying goal is to blind attendees Posted by Mitch McKinley | Jun 30, 2019 | Must Reads, News, Investigations, Law and Legal, Featured, Other A Free Speech rally is scheduled for July 6th in Washington, D.C… and it is shaping up to be bloody.
  9. I'm glad to see i'm not the only one who thought Tulsi was the reasonable voice among a pack of yelping ankle nipping chihuahuas.
  10. Now this might not be ENTIRELY true but to a large degree it could almost be said that Donald J.Trump is to the presidency what Mohammed Ali was to boxing....IOW, boxing had gotten pretty boring til Ali came along and livened it up a bit just as most past presidencies were pretty ho-hum boring til "the Donald" came along and livened things up a bit.
  11. I especially liked the part where Bill tells Hill he's gonna marry Monica and she cries WHAT AM I GONNA DOOOO!! and Bill says "oh my guess is 25 to life"....i thought that part was hilarious.
  12. You mean to say that our good ol' trustworthy FBI that EVERYBODY knows would NEVER falsely accuse nor do ANYTHING wrong actually conspired with our wonderful American media whom EVERYONE knows would NEVER report a falsehood nor say ANYTHING untrue,to conspire to remove a duly elected president from office by illegal means???.....THAT is called a coup d'etat....and that could NEVER happen in the good ol' US of A....lolol
  13. That's a cute little video....lotsa laughs....love seeing hillary and the gang in their lovely orange outfits...Bill's character was definitely spot on!!....got any more like it???
  14. WELCOME BACK DB!! This place has been barren like a desert since you've been gone.Now it should become an interesting place to visit and peruse again!!
  15. At some point in the future they'll turn their mindless outrage towards TCM and the kind of movies they show. Don't think they will???...they haven't gotten around to it Yet but just wait,we'll see it happen.
  16. What can't be explained is why you and the other loony toons in this forum are so damned irrational that you keep clinging to a lying accusation and laughable conspiracy theory even after the hoax has been exposed.You libtards hold on to it like some kind of security blanket.Clinging to a discredited conspiracy theory shows just how much of a mental disorder liberalism actually is.Do we need more proof of your deteriorated state of mind,your irrational and illogical thunking faculties?...No,the proof is obvious.You libs need to see a psychiatrist.Clinging to a discredited conspiracy theory isn
  17. You just can't give up the delusion can you??.You still want to prance around in your tin foil hat....You libtards bought into the biggest hoax and most laughable conspiracy theory in modern history hook line and sinker and now you're stuck with it.You've been proven wrong and now you have nowhere to hide your disgrace.You're just another pathetic mind controlled dupe of a bunch of criminal globalist lackeys who tried to pull off a coup d'etat but failed.And you were all for it.You willingly supported an attempted coup d'etat to overthrow a Legally and duly elected sitting president of the USA
  18. House Intel Readies Criminal Referrals For Clinton Operatives Who "Perpetuated This Hoax" by Tyler Durden Sun, 03/24/2019 - 21:12 182 SHARES Just hours after President Trump proclaimed "It began ille
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