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  1. Quick look behind your shoulder...he's sneaking up on you RIGHT NOW!!!...RUN BOGUS RUN OR HE'LL CATCH YOU!!
  2. I for one don't "embrace" his report.But you libtard losers had all your heart and soul and emotions totally invested in the report just hoping to find wrong doing.You libtards wanted him to be guilty of....SOMETHING...ANYTHING,....doesn't matter what it is even if it's all a made up lie because you hate him sooo much.Your Hate is what drives you,not morality,not love of humanity,country or truth or anything else that is called "Good".For your kind morality is nothing but a tool to beat ppl who won't agree with you over the head with,usually attempting to silence your critics or argument.Your
  3. Your first paragraph asking why Trump didn't take the word of the intel agencies shows just how gullible you are.Why should he when he already knew they were liars.It was those agencies that cooked up the hoax,the conspiracy theory you so stupidly fell for.IT WAS ALL A LIE by the globalists to falsely paint Trump as a traitor cuz they were angry that Hillary didn't win as expected,and you and every other liberal ignoramus fell for it...STUPID U!!. PS:Now i ask you...if someone told a lie about you,would you cop to it,admitting to what you knew to be a lie??...no of course not,not if you w
  4. Can't give up the ghost?...gonna keep clutching to your ridiculous conspiracy theory come hell or high water huh?
  5. Trump's presidency isn't what protected him from indictment...his INNOCENCE of the false allegation which you so stupidly fell for, is what protected him,dummy...see how easy it was to lead you around,how easy it was to make you believe a lie??!!,didn't take much did it??...you'll believe practically Anything cuz you're a dummy.ROFLMAO
  6. Ok kiddies,"Mueller time" is over.The last drink has been drunk,the last song has been sung.It's time for all you liberal nut cases to finally admit that you all fell for the biggest hoax and most laughable conspiracy theory of our timeIt's time to take off your tin foil hats and admit you're all a bunch of blithering idiots.
  7. No need to scratch yer head over it.The answer is easy peazy.The leftist liberal commie professors love money more than they hate capitalism.
  8. I think that's Loretta Lynn DB...it sure looks like her.She's the one who sang "Stand By Your Man" sometime back in the 1980's.
  9. I like the picture you painted of yourself....for some reason i find it amusing Yes. BTW...today here in the usually warm sunny S.Florida it almost feels like snow,brrrrrrrr it's cold.Temps.only going up to 68 degrees today and windy too,but Sunday is the day i'm really looking forward to.It's supposed to be a total washout...lotsa rain(maybe a coupla inches worth)and wind with temps only to 62 degrees...yippeee!!...i can imagine thick dark low hanging menacing clouds with rain pouring down everywhere.I like it cuz we hardly ever get any bad weather here,heck we barely get any weather at a
  10. It's just now being reported on Fox News that special counsel's office says Buzzfeed report about Trump/Cohen is "Not Accurate".Disputes the report.
  11. Whether you call it "global warming" "climate change" or "climate chaos",you won't understand what's going on w/o reading this.Not fake news,not from an unvetted source,not alt right propaganda,this now declassified report might help to understand why we're seeing such dramatic weather chaos.Read it and think what you will. WEATHER AS A FORCE MULTIPLIER:OWNING THE WEATHER IN 2025 First presented in June 1996,technologies that were partly theoretical then are for the most part reality now. https://apps.dtic.mil/dtic/tr/fulltext/u2/a333462.pd
  12. I think that tomorrow i'll have to look for them on YT,they're too good to pass over.
  13. I'm not as sophisticated as you when it comes to who wrote what or whose work is better.The only thing that matters to me is how the music makes me feel,don't care who wrote it...and when some tune or piece of music can make it seem as though i'm standing in a doorway peering into another dimension or other world and if i will take just one more step forward thru the doorway and i'll actually be in that other world,then That is Good music IMO.Those two albums,Sgt Pepper and Magical Mystery Tour are almost interdimensional at times and that's why i like them so much.
  14. I like those two albums the best because when they were new they struck me as being sooo spacey spooky other-worldly and psychedelic and i Really liked that. I could really get into that kind of music.When i hear most any of the tunes on either album i get to go right back to those times again(like you)and i still get chills hearing them.The spooky other-worldly-ness of some of the tunes still hits me hard and makes me feel like i'm standing at a window peering into another world or plane of existence...spooky and exciting!
  15. I thought the Beatles "mystique" had pretty much worn off by now...guess i was wrong...i guess it's just my old bones telling on me. BTW my two fav albums are Sgt.Pepper and Magical Mystery Tour.
  16. Princess you wouldn't believe just how many recent videos showed on YT after stumbling across the video i posted.By recent,i mean videos no more than 2-3 years old and not old recycled videos either,but there's plenty of those too. It's unbelievable to me there's ppl who still believe this silly old story,but judging by the number of newer videos i saw(but didn't watch),there must be at least a few ppl believing it.
  17. Sarge maybe you should try to find what Louis L'amour has written about the old west.It's hard to do though because all the fiction western's he wrote waaay overshadows his research about how ppl really lived in the west. AFAIK He is credited with being probably the best researcher/chronicler of life in the old west anywhere. Supposedly he was personal friends with the last surviving member of the Dalton gang when that member was an old man and he listened to him tell about his life as a Dalton gang member and remembrances of life in general in the old west...must have been a treasur
  18. HI DB.After watching the video about this F'ing pathetic feminist soyboy killing himself for the most imbecilic reason in the world (a womyn) it reminded me of this article i just read and seemed more or less appropriate for this thread.Hope ya don't mind...Oh,and check out the dangerous ultra-low levels of Testosterone of these "Try Guys"as compared to Normal levels for men in their age group!!.if those guys aren't already suffering from the damaging consequences of dangerously out-of-whack hormone levels,they soon will be ...just give it some time.Physical and mental deterioration will set i
  19. Ever wonder why more and more people are refusing to eat Genetically Modified(corrupted) foods,choosing instead to move to non-GMO and especially organically grown foods and meat from animals fed non-GMO/organically grown feed. Here's a film that might help you understand why that's happening.From allergies and chronic inflammation to major problems like various cancers autism leaky gut syndrome pancreatitis Celiac Disease Parkinson's Disease and many more conditions and diseases including drastically elevated rise health problems in people and animals fed with Genetically corrupted feed,
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