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  1. My local tv station just reported 9 bomb threats today at various places around the 3 counties here in sw.Florida.Some were schools and hospitals.The threats came by email and bitcoins were demanded to not detonate the bombs,but all threats were fake....there were no bombs,only threats.
  2. Have a bad memory so i Had to go back and rewatch part of the video.According to the video Glyphosate was first discovered in the 1950's by a Japanese researcher who patented it,but realizing how dangerous it was,he shelved it until Monsanto bought the patent in 1970 for a pittance.It was re-patented for various uses as an antibiotic,anti-parasite and an antiviral agent.
  3. IIRC They say in the video that the original use for Glyphosate was as an antibiotic.
  4. This is part 1 of a 9 part series about the dangers of growing and eating Genetically Modified(corrupted) food,the dangers of spraying glyphosate on our food crops and is being presented on YT.Part 1 will be available until 9pm EST. If they change platforms (which sometimes happens) then those parts won't be available to post. After 9pm tonight part 2 will be available for 24 hrs.at which time part 3 will be available. Hopefully they will keep using YT as their platform.
  5. December 9, 2018 by Edward Morgan ShareTweetSignup Miley Cyrus left her followers shocked and confused after advising her young fans to “worship Satan” if they want to become “rich & famous” like their heroes.The former Hannah Montana star left a group of fans bewildered after passing on the “pearls of wisdom” when asked for tips on how to gain success in the entertainment industry. Following filming the NBC TV talent show, The Voice, on which Cyrus is one of the judges, a flock
  6. That substitute teacher isn't the only one,GRINCHES ARE EVERYWHERE. http://www.nbc-2.com/story/39581962/man-ruins-festival-of-lights-tells-kids-santa-isnt-real
  7. Why didn't you try actually WATCHING the video instead of just skimming thu it.What is presented in the video is all documented.It's only BS to ppl like you who are allergic to the truth.The guy wasn't great or even good.He was a bad dude.And it isn't from some unknown blogger either.But nice try trying to marginalize what you can't stand to hear.
  8. If you watched the MSM's portrayal of this man you'd thunk he sprouted wings and grew a halo...nuthin could be farther from the truth.He was a baaad dude.
  9. Weekend Reading by inezfrans - Dec 2, 2018 10:39 am France In Chaos; Macron Mulling State Of Emergency Amid "Yellow Vest" Protests; "All Options" Considered by Tyler Durden Sun, 12/02/2018 - 10:18 677 SHARES French President Emmanuel Macron will hold an emergency meeting of senior ministers on Sunday following
  10. I always thought our house cats were the smallest cats in the world.But at 2lbs these cats are a lot smaller...and deadlier. she looks really cool and i like her coat patterns,real wild looking,wish i owned one
  11. I liked the way Dan connected all the actors together showing the existence of a loosely connected criminal cabal or crime family.He knows.He has other videos on YT i have to watch,might post one or two of those too.
  12. It's just ridiculous how whenever the subject turns to MJ legalization the prophets of doom and gloom,these prohibitionist dinosaurs come popping out of the woodwork like roaches with their dire predictions of catastrophe...and now we even have a wild prediction of a communist revolution no less.Geez MJ will cause that??..a commie revolution??.That's just plain stupid and it's fear mongering.The world's gonna fall apart just cuz lil ol'MJ is legal..ROFLMAO Oh well,you prohibitionists have run your race,your day is about to come to a close.Slip slip slipping away are the lies,Damn lies and
  13. Or maybe he just walked away for reasons of his own.
  14. Here's two more salient videos for our time...and remember...propaganda was legalized for use against the American people by the Smith-Mundt modernization act of 2012 contained within the NDAA for fiscal 2013.
  15. Good lord how you go to the inth degree to cast aspersions on a person's integrity you know nothing about.You're grabbing at straws.You've completely nullified the opinions of the 65 women who's testimony far outweighs the accusation of the one.You want to convict by innuendo.
  16. Oh come on Bogie,this is only an accusation made by one miserable woman who's mental state may be in question,but you say it as though the accusation is a proven fact.It's not.You don't know what happened,if anything.I'd sure hate to be the guy who's jury you sat on...i'd be tried,convicted and hung out to dry before the trial ever began.
  17. Passing a lie detector test doesn't mean a damn thing,they can be beaten,that's why the tests aren't admissible in court,and BTW i don't remember condemning her.I just question the validity of the accusation and if reports are correct,her sanity too. BTW Doesn't the testimony of 65 women attesting to his good character mean anything to you...do their opinions carry no weight??...are their opinions not just as valid as the one lone woman??...do not their collective opinions tend to carry far more weight than the lone accuser??...i think they do.
  18. You got it exactly wrong,but no surprise there.It's a term for characterizing the political/social/moral views of a particular group of people.
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