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  1. Right click on the page Select All Copy Paste into MS Word Print or view as needed. David
  2. Anyone notice that the March schedules do not list the movie rating? Oversight, budget cut or a "software" problem? Any plans to correct and update? Thanks, David
  3. The ratings help sort the crap from the cream. Any plans to correct and update the schedules???? deg
  4. Anyone notice that the March schedules do not list the movie rating? Oversight, budget cut or a "software" problem? Any plans to correct and update? Thanks, David
  5. Your're right. It is back/fixed/working, whatever. Thanks for the entertainment while waiting. David
  6. This morning every time I click for a movie detail I get the zombie page. Have tried from the monthly list, the full schedule list and from internet searches. Acting a lot like it did when they revamped the site and broke all the old links. Checked the notices, it indicated some message board and login issues (I'm not having any issue with those) but not see anything listed about link problems. Anyone else having this issue or know what's up ... or is just me! Thanks David
  7. helenbaby- Thank you so much. Tracked it down, and that is the one! I even have a copy of it. Will dig it out and watch it. Thanks again for your time and trouble. David
  8. Can someone perhaps give me a shot at a title for the following: A girl is late for practice for classical music orch practice. She is late because she has been working to help the family, but the arrangement (scholarship?) forbids working. Seem like she starts working with a band (with Eddie Albert?), also a no-no. Believe it ends up with the band playing at a party for the school president's wife's party??? Been a while. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks David
  9. "Gosh, I have never seen so much nitpicking! Sure they seem to be working on getting the bugs worked out, so lets give them some time." That's what Microsoft said ... and we got VISTA! This is the same thing. You know, put whatever you've got out there .... then hope someone will write a "Dummys" book for it! deg
  10. Oh, yuck! It's still here. Hoped it was a bad dream. Was going to order some movies, but, too much trouble. Amazon, here I come. Maybe some $$$ votes will have some influence. deg
  11. What is the point of the monthly schedule with the Brief Synopsis missing. I usually schedule two weeks out and do not feel inclined to get on line everytime I want to see what the movie is about. ... change is to IMPROVE, not reduce. Guess while I'm at it, who cares what some review groups thinks. I am interested in what folks that are on this site think. The summary rating stars were quite fine ... if I happed to care about the details of the rating they were available. Wonder if this improvement was mgt or users? Thanks deg
  12. I cannot remember the name of this wartime movie or who was in it. A newspaperman joins the service and goes to boot camp. Although his paper wants him to do articles from the camp he will not. His wife, a famous hollywood personalilty, joins him on base in military housing. Through the course of events his wife starts sending in articles in her husband's name. Any help will be appreciated! Thanks, David
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