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  1. just wondering if there are any other gay guys on board? we all KNOW about the the guys who c...ream over Maureen and, Lana and ...Hedy...and ...etc.....I'm a middle aged gay guy who remembers dreaming,,,"ah,,,dreaming...that's a polite word"....over guys like Tyrone Power and Montgomery Clift.....and Paul Newman.....ahhhhhhhhhhhh....sorry

  2. I never really knew much about Lana Turner or followed her career much, but , lately I've watched a few of her old movies and I gotta say I really am impressed. It's clear why she was such a star and sex symbol. She was sizzling hot. Something else that I noticed is how YOUNG she looks. Only in her early, mid- 20's during most of the 1940's, she did have a pretty amazing success at a very early age. Now that my curiosity is piqued, I look forward to discovering more Lana.

  3. yep. watch them every year since I was a kid. I remember about 10 years ago or so the Academy put out a video containing Oscar's great moment or something like that. They said there would be more coming, but to the best of my knowledger no more ever came. It was a very cool, interesting video. And, yes, for the millionth time, I DO think Cher deserved her Oscar.

  4. Thanks for these great posts, TopBilled. I discovered the book "Agee on Film" years ago when I was a college student. It parallelled my discovering the criticism of Kael. Together, they helped forge my love of movies, both old and new. And, as a side note, James Agee authored one of my favorite books of all time, "A Death In The Family". This guy could write. There are passages in that book that , I swear, transform the English language.

  5. yes. I've been on FB for about 3 years and it's an easy, convenient way to keep in touch with friends and family, many of whom live half way across the country. But it is funny that so often the same people are always on and are always the ones making commnets....Hmmmm.....sounds like another site I go to a lot..LOL

  6. "It is not that the morals of persons connected with the moving pictures are necessarily lower than those of persons associated with music, painting or the theater; it is that, by the nature of the persons connected with moving pictures, the morals, whatever their feebleness, are inevitably and disgustingly vulgar. The rank and file of the movies come from the gutters - and it is impossible for the gutter to suffer a lapse in morals and be synchronously charming about it..."



    Horrible, ugly, immoral and designed to negatively affect our pure and wholesome society. Damn Hollywood!!


    Oh, by the way, that quote is from H.L.Mencken....1922

  7. James, I agree. That's also why I think Fred is being too hard on Ilsa. She was obviously sexually and emotionally drawn to Rick, but , at the same time , had to deal with her feelings for Victor and his work. Who hasn't been torn between the "right and wrong" of our feelings and desires? She was doing what was very human and understandable. She wanted to be with Rick, and , yes, maybe was willing to sacrifice Victor's "work", but , after all, she was human.This made her all the more appealing to me. When Rick made his decison at the airport, she smiled a bit, almost in relief, that she didn't have to make that decision that she dreaded.

  8. Well, this is one of those "Sophie's Choice" questions. How do I pick just one? I'll do the old "just say the first thing that comes into your head"...ok...."Rear Window"....no, wait , "The Maltese Falcon"....yeah, that's it...no, wait..."The Philadelphia Story"....on the other hand, "From Here To Eternity" has got to be it....yes, that's it...well, either that or "Casablanca"...yeah, I'll go with that...boy, this could go on all day. Sorry.

  9. Of course it's going to seem "dated", it was about a very specific time and place in America. But what is special about "Rebel" is that IT was the film that had such an enormous impact on young movie-going Americans. I'm not saying there weren't probably better made films but this is the film that seeped into the national consciousness. The red jacket, the "chicken" scene, the scenes with Dean and Backus are all iconic moments in American movies. I'm too young to have seen it in the theatre, but I remember watching it as a kid on TV in the late 60s and still being very moved by it. Dean's outsider , the kid who just didn't "fit" in, was pretty powerful stuff even then.

  10. I have often felt the same way about silent movies. For the most part I just can't get into them. But, there are some notable exceptions. I can definitely take Buster Keaton in small doses and some parts of the Murnau films, "Battleship Potemkin" and most of all, "The Passion of Joan of Arc". I came across "Joan of Arc" by accident a few years ago and I was dumbstruck from the minute I started watching it. It may be the only time I ever became so engrossed in the movie, that I actually forgot I was watching a silent movie. I know I will never forget Falconetti's face .

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