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  1. I doubt she would qualify as the "hammiest actor in the movies", but I just watched "Anthony Adverse" and WHAT the heck was up with Gale Sondergaard??? Tell me that wasn't Carol Burnett in an extended sketch on her old show? The eyes, the mouth, the moves...LOL. AND, she won the Oscar for this? I hadn't seen such over the top , ham acting in a while. Was good for some laughs ,for sure.
  2. Put me in the Love Ben column. And I thought I was the only one who actually prefered him in his jeans and goatee. LOL... thanks for the smile
  3. what a nice thread; to thank the T in TCM. I've always been an admirer of Turner, which is not to say I agree with him 100% on everything, but what an American story his is. I read a bit about his new "adventures" out west with the buffalo ranches. I hope he's well and , also, I hope he has some more surprises in store for all of us. Let's face it, with CNN and (for us devotees) TCM, Turner really revolutionized American televison. (Hey, maybe he reads these threads? THANKS,Ted!)
  4. I guess I'm one of those people who were (I now think unfairly) influenced by the whole Mommie Dearest drama. In the past decade or so I discovered Joan Crawford on her (and my) own terms and I can now say I really like her. I saw the 1931 "Possesed" for the first time this week and I thought it was fascinating. Not only because of its pre-code sensibility and tone, but because of the excitement a young Crawford brought to it. I can see now how she made an early career out of playing the 'wrong side of the tracks' type. Yes, it was before she got that "hard Joan Crawford" look of the late 40's
  5. I laughed when I read the line about 'despite the presence of Irene Dunne". It's ONLY in her comedies that I can take Dunne. In her dramas she seems very dated, very,(for lack of a better word) "old". But, in her comedies , especially with Grant, she is hilarious. For once she seems smart, funny with-it. Side note: Re: the earlier post who couldn't understand how anybody could prefer Scott over Grant; well, they are certainly not cut from the same cloth, but I think Scott would be considered quite a catch by a lot of people .
  6. Pretty much the same problem with most sequels. The people originally involved in the making of the first film (especially the writer and director, but often the stars,too) are very rarely involved in the sequels.
  7. One of my all time favorites. And the dialogue! From the moment Hildy enters Walter's office this movie flies. Never gets old for me and I've seen it probably a dozen times.
  8. I agree with Dargo. One of the most hilarious things now is to watch old 60's TV westerns like Bonanza, Gunsmoke or The Big Valley. The actors all look like 1960's archtypes. The woman all have perfectly coifed hair with bangs and and a WHOLE lot of hairspray. The guys all have that fake "newscaster" hair with sideburns. (and all very very clean shaven) .Somehow I just don't think the real Old West was like that. I've often wondered why , with the size of most movie and TV budgets, they just can't get actors and actresses to look the part when the movie is set in the past. I'm sure there are
  9. I hate to burst the whole I HATE BEN bubble, but, yes, there are many of us who actually like him. I think he does a great job. And, whether that whole Ben-is-the-devil rant was meant to be taken serioiusly or not, it did give me a good laugh.
  10. Just want to add my two cents. Anyone else agree with me that Paulette Goddard is simply one of the most beautiful actresses of all time? She is often a very good actress, but her beauty is remarkable. And, she has a very 'modern' look about her. She makes many of her contemporaries look plain.
  11. You can't please everybody. That's for sure. I personally think Ben M. is a fantastic host.
  12. wow. I honestly can't believe some of these comments about Brando. I assume many of these posters would believe that Bette Davis is also over-rated, compared to, say , Loni Anderson.
  13. Unfortunately it may be worse than we think. I recently mentioned Jimmy Stewart at work and a couple of late 20-somethings asked me who that was.
  14. I'm really enjoying all the comments on SUNSET BOULEVARD which is easliy one of my favorite movies of all time. In a million years I would never consider Joe Gillis a "loser". As some of the posters have mentioned, the guy was out of work. He headed to Hollywood to try to get his 'big break' as a writer and things weren't working out. That's it. I'm sure many of us have been in similar type situations in our lives. Doesn't make us losers. But, more importantly I think, as MissWonderly mentioned, William Holden is just so darn LIKABLE. He is a guy you wanna hang out with and have a few beers.
  15. Interesting. Glenn Ford (!) was Star of the Month the second month and Bette Davis didn't make it until 5 years later in 1999???? Was it because TCM didn't have access to all her Warners films? Interesting. Thanks for the post.
  16. Who the heck CARES what she looks like or if she's had 5000 plastic surgeries?? Some people on this site just can NOT resist a chance to knock somebody for any little thing. She's a (despite the ignorance of some posters) well known Hollywood actress who was asked to host a single night of introducing movies on a CLASSIC movie channel. I thought she was fine. And, yes, some people hate Ben and some people hate Alec and some people hate Robert. Well, some people can't get through a single day without bashing somebody, or finding fault with something. Time for me once again to concentrate on WAT
  17. For me, it's not so much about whether the ending is 'happy' or 'unhappy', so much as it is whether the ending is really satisfying, really feels right. Some movies (like the oft mentioned "Suspicion") just have totally unrealistic, deeply UNsatisfying endings. Some of my favorite endings: CHINATOWN About as depressing as it gets, but it seems right. Nothing is changed at the end and the good guys DON'T always win. THE LAST PICTURE SHOW When Cloris Leachman takes Timothy Bottoms' hand, it's fitting. (weird in a lot of ways, but fitting) SOME LIKE IT HOT. Maybe one of the two or three bes
  18. fun thread. Some of these have been mentioned, but here goes: Jimmy Stewart's binoculaurs from Rear Window James Dean's red jacket from Rebel Without A Cause Audrey Hepburn's "little black dress" from Breakfast At Tiffany's the grandfather clock in "Laura" Montgomery Clift's bugle from From Here To Eternity
  19. I wasn't aware of the other thread . I'll have to check it out. Thanks.
  20. I've made an interesting self observation over the past few years. It seems the older I get, the more I prefer watching movies alone. When I was younger I loved being in the theatre with a large audience watching and reacting with everyone else. Nowadays I don't even like watching with even one or two friends. Am I getting weird or what? This has got me to wondering how my fellow TCM lovers prefer to watch movies (the classics and the not-so classic). Anyone?
  21. One of my all-time favorites , the great Thelma Ritter. I remember seeing ALL ABOUT EVE at a revival house in (may have been the Biograph) in the early 80's. The scene where she enters the room as Eve is telling her story had me almost falling out of my seat. When she delivered the line, "everything but the bloodhounds snappin' at her rear end.", I DID fall out of the seat.
  22. Lauren Bacall "To Have and Have Not" Julie Harris "Member of the Wedding" Lee Grant " Detective Story"
  23. Just thought I'd throw my two cents in. I've never been a fan of Maltin. He always seemd kind of second-rate to me. Maybe that's because while still in college I discovered both Pauline Kael and the late James Agee. AGEE ON FILM is still one of my favorite, even beloved, books ever written about moves. And, like some others have said, Kael could certainly write. Even when I disagreed with her (which could be quite often) I always loved reading her. I equate Maltin with a kind of Entertainment Tonight -like quality. Not a lot of substance. But, to each his own, I guess.
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