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  1. I love it.This is one of those topics that can get people really going, but, we are all certainly entitled to our own tastes.. A few of my most 'irritating' : Loretta Young Harrison Ford John Travolta Dustin Hoffman the oft-mentioned June Allyson Angelina Jolie Meg Ryan Meg Ryan and did I mention, MEG RYAN As for some of the ones mentioned, Cher is the one I would really disagree with. I was first impressed with her work in SILKWOOD, then totally blown away by her performance in COME BACK TO THE FIVE AND DIME, JIMMY DEAN ,JIMMY DEAN... Man, I thought she was fantastic in that. M
  2. Certainly one of the giants of Hollywood is gone. All day I've been thinking of her films and the image that keeps coming back to me is Angela Vickers in A PLACE IN THE SUN . Her scenes with Clift were electric. She was barely 20 then, but what an astonishing beauty. She was part of our shared cultural experience for over half a century and even now into the 21st , she reminded us, via her 'tweets' that Liz was still around, alive and kicking. That's probably why I was shocked to hear the news. Yes, she was 79, but , she had been down before and always survived. A part of me thought she'd go
  3. Some have been mentioned, but.... Hitchcock/ Stewart Hitchcock/Grant Wilder/Lemmon Scorcese/DeNiro Capra/Stewart
  4. I walked out on "Cabaret" when I first saw it as a teenager. I just couldn't get into it and the music was way out of my taste range. Years later I saw it again and loved it. I remember getting up about 5 times to leave the theatre during "The Way We Were" because I just thought the damn thing was ending every few scenes. (no such luck, it went on forever). I still can't sit through it.
  5. Ok, so I'm usually on the other side of this 'debate', but tonight I was really shaking my head when I read the night's lineup. REPO MAN???? Seriously? Hmm, let me check what "classic" is being aired tonight on TCM. Will it be a Bogart? maybe a Tracy or a Stewart.. NO...wait...It's an ESTEVEZ!! (Insert whatever C.Sheen - related joke here). I am beginning to wonder.
  6. Actually I think it's kinda cool. If I ever got to program TCM for a day, I'm sure alot of people would not like my choices either.
  7. Just a few of the "turned down" roles I've read about: Jane Fonda ... Bonnie in "Bonnie and Clyde" Doris Day....... Mrs. Robinson in "The Graduate" Tom Hanks AND Kevin Costner.....Andy (the Tim Robbins role) in "The Shawshank Redemption" Tom Selleck.....Indy in "Raiders of the Lost Arc" (not sure if he actually turned it down or was purely a scheduling conflict with Magnum PI Tina Turner......Shug in "The Color Purple" Dorothy Dandridge......Tuptim in The King and I" Cary Grant......James Bond WC Fields......the Wizard in "The Wizard of Oz" Steve M
  8. thanks for all the great comments. a lot of good insight
  9. well, let's see. before the Production Code, there was the PRE code era... those wild and crazy sex-mad kids from the 20's . Yes, the NINETEEN 20s. I completely respect someone's opinion on these matters, but I find it all hard to take seriously. When I was a kid, all I heard about was our loud, obnoxious, sex filled music. Our movies , we were told, were all crap, filled with nudity and sex and violence. By the way, this was the 1970's. Now , almost 40 years later, I can report that I failed to turn into a sex-crazed mass murderer. What did I turn out to be? UH a classic movie lover who
  10. I remember walking out of the theatre during CABARET when I was a teenager when it was first released. I just didn't get it. Maybe I was just too young and and it was definitely not my kinda music in 1972 or '73. But, what a difference a few decades makes! lol .. I saw the movie again about 15 years ago and was totally mesmerized from the opening shot to the final one. This is such an incredilbe piece of movie making. Fosse (as well as Grey and Minnelli) reached his absolute peak with this film. It's all very sytlized, of course, but , once you get pulled into it's strange little world, wh
  11. Ok, I guess it needs to be said at least once a year or so, and Oscar time seems like a good a time as any. I love old movies. I love classic movies. I love the movies that are a staple on TCM and they are the reason I joined this site and find it continuously fascinating....BUT ... That does NOT mean that I stopped loving movies at some point. I still love movies. Yes, even movies made today. I find it extremely tiresome that I have to constantly read that people here 'have no use for today's movies', that nothing good ever comes out of modern Hollywood (which, by some folks's standards app
  12. After reading some posts in some recent threads, I got to thinking about a particular problem(?) some of us have when watching movies. How do we separate the ACTOR from the performance? What I mean is, the actor's personal life? There is an actor that I have always loved. His movies are among my favorites of all time. Recently I have read that he was quite a racist among other things . How do I not let this affect my viewings of his films? Some people cannot watch Joan Crawford any more. Some people will never watch a Jane Fonda movie. Some people have now written off Mel Gibson. You get t
  13. "The Great Gatsby" is my favorite American novel of all time. I first read it almost 35 years ago and I can still recite passages by heart. So much if it's beauty and impact come from it's language, so it really makes it difficult to translate to the screen. Even when the movie makers use a lot of voice-over narration, using exact text from the novel, it somehow loses a great deal of its potency. I , too, never cared for the 1974 version, also thinking that both Redford and Farrow were miscast. Redford seemed too old and bored. The worst piece of miscasting for me, though, was Bruce Dern as
  14. Silence may be golden, but.....Damn, just when I think I've heard it all.....I read the message boards..
  15. There is something enduringly "American" about the western genre. The vastness of the untamed land, the pioneer spirit of the men and women who dared to start a new life in the unknown. It may sound corny to some people , but at it's core, the western appeals to our shared American identity. I think the greatest westerns spoke to this. I'm thinking of STAGECOACH, RED RIVER, SANTA FE TRAIL, for example. And, then, some westerns have gone beyond the genre and have explored humanity in ways it might not be possible in different settings. Here I'm thinking of movies like THE OX-BOW INCIDENT, MY
  16. Never could stand Bing Crosby. From his warbling all the way through his 'acting' career. Has there ever in the history of movies been a more absolutely sex-less star? Guy gives me the creeps.
  17. I find it interesting the reaction that MY FAVORITE YEAR has gotten on these boards lately. I love this movie and I think it is definitely one of Peter O'Toole's best performances. To each his own, for sure , I guess. I also loved O'Toole in THE STUNT MAN,LION IN WINTER and BECKETT Maybe because I've never seen LAWRENCE OF ARABIA for many, many years, and then, not on a big screen, my feelings for it are less enthusiastic than many.
  18. Gallipoli.......It was one of the very few times I could tolerate Mel Gibson for a whole movie.
  19. The scene with Montgomery Clift and John Ireland is hilarious . Viewed even with the slightest gay subtext , it's a classic 'gay' scene. Also, I remember how hysterically funny it was watching all those "macho' guys ignoring Jane Russell in Gentlemen Prefer Blondes. Even when I was a lot younger, I thought, How could anybody possibly miss this? nice thread
  20. Darn, now if only we could find some lost film from circa 30 A.D., we wouldn't have to sit through BEN HUR anymore...(and it would probably have an even better chariot race)
  21. wow....All I am saying.........is that I...that is I, ME!...I do not think Charlie Chaplin is funny. and I am NOT young, nor do I find the things you describe funny. End of comment. thank you.
  22. Did anyone else ever notice how wonderfully some performers age while others just either 'fall apart' or refuse to 'grow up'? For instance, Cary Grant was an energetic, handsome, sexy young man in the 30s and as he aged, he grew into a distinguished, handsome , articulate middle aged man. He changed just enough to be real, yet kept much of his earlier demeanor and style. James Stewart, on the other hand, went from a handsome, funny, sexy guy to , basically, an old lady. Don't misunderstand me, James Stewart is my favorite actor of all time, but he just didn't seem to age very well. I'd say
  23. I agree about Guess Who's Coming To Dinner. It's got made-for-TV written all over it. I still say that if Tracy hadn't died shortly after filming it, the movie would not have gotten the attention or reputation it did. And what the heck is up with the Katharine Houghton?? I know she's Hepburn's niece, but , damn, she is one lousy actress. And I never believed the whole love story for a second.
  24. Basically I've always wondered what the H*LL happened to women's hairstyles in the 50s?? I agree that the short haired look just was not a good move for most actresses. Have you seen the pics of Crawford, Davis, Stanwyck, et.al. in their fifties movies? It's as if the style itself aged them all way beyond their years.
  25. Breakfast At Tiffanys Sabrina Roman Holiday Funny Face The Nun's Story
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