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  1. thanks for all the laughs, guys. This thread has been hilarious.
  2. I can't believe somebody mentioned "Hot Spell". I remember catching parts of it years ago and being drawn into it. It's the movie that really introduced me to the young Shirley MacLaine. It's easy to see why she became a star.
  3. Do I want to watch this movie alone, late at night? If I seriously have to think twice before watching it, then, YEAH, it's a good horror flick.
  4. Two things recently got me thinking about this topic. I noticed there's a reality show to find the newest 'star' of the new SAW movie and Tony Curtis's passing. Who do you think are the greatest scream queens in Hollywood history? I immediately think of Janet Leigh for PSYCHO , and, then, of course, her daughter Jaimie Lee Curtis for HALLOWEEN. My personal all-time favorite is the great Elsa Lanchester in BRIDE OF FRANKENSTEIN. Any thoughts?
  5. I think certainly 'chemistry' between the stars and a great plot. There has to be a reason to get interested and stay invested in the story of a couple's affair or relationship. CASABLANCA is a good, classic example. The two actors really let you feel how much they loved and needed each other. And, then, played out against the background of the war, it resonated even that much more.
  6. Chris Daughtry, Primitive Radio Gods, Syntax
  7. interesting thread......for me it's gotta be 2001 A Space Odyssey.....I can NOT for the life of me sit through it...
  8. "Star" or not....Gloria Stuart was a beautiful actress who certainly BECAME a star at 87 with her wonderful, understated performance as Rose in TITANIC.. how sweet and fitting that she should have such great success at that age....gives hope to all us 'youngsters'
  9. Over-rated: Anything and Everything by Robert Altman Anything and Everything based on a Neil Simon play Almost anything by Woody Allen
  10. one of my all time favorite movies. Don't forget the great Lainie Kazan playing the kid's mother. The scenes in the Brooklyn apartment with all the relatives is hysterical. And the way EVERYTHING goes wrong at the end and comes out PERFECTLY is a sight to see. The scenes with all the comedy writers always reminded me of The Dick Van Dyke show with Rob , Sally and Buddy. There is even a very brief ' homage' to the show. In one scene, right before the Joe Bologna character enters the room the writers pull darts out of his photo on the wall. Buddy Sorrell did the exact same thing on a DVD episo
  11. I would love to experience some of the big, cinemascope pictures the way they were intended, on the big screen. Movies like "Lawrence Of Arabia" and "Bridge On the River Kwai" come to mind. I saw them as a kid on TV, but obviously felt like I was missing out on something.
  12. what a joke. Juliette Binoche is beautiful, talented and young. Depardieu is....not.
  13. Good question. I guess my favorite would have to be STREETCAR NAMED DESIRE. That movie has always gotten to me on some deep level. It's all very stylized (as Williams' dialogue usually is), but man, it packs a punch. The film version of CAT ON A HOT TIN ROOF is a bit much for me to take; not only because of the watered down gay aspects, but some of the acting just seems to me a bit over the top. I'm usually an Elizabeth Taylor fan, but I just don't think this is one of her best efforts. I do think GLASS MENAGERIE is a very good movie. I especially liked the performances of Gertrude Lawrence,
  14. I don't care what the REASON is somebody wants to ban or censor something, it is still WRONG. And, yes, CV, it does happen, sometimes in very subtle ways, but that doesn't make it right and it doesn't mean I like it or accept it. As for the comment about something leading to the "betterment of society"......wow, phrases like that scare me....Who decides what is 'better' for society? You?? There is plenty of offensive stuff out there..movies, tv, music.. I agree it is offensive and some of it disgusting, but I would NEVER be in favor of banning or censoring it.. That just goes against the ver
  17. I can't believe we're actually having this discussion in America in the 21st century. Banning? Burning? REALLY??? Something offends you so we should destroy it? A THOUGHT or an IDEA is offensive to someone so it should be eliminated?? Ok, once again, where are we?? Germany in the 1930's?? The Soviet Union in the not-too-distant past? China or Iran or Iraq TODAY?? Young American men and women are dying , even as we write these threads, to stop tyrannical, totalitarian, self-righteous religious fanatics from spreading their terror to other parts of the world and , still, people want to i
  18. I apologize for not limiting to one, but these are the movies that mean the most to me: THE GODFATHER II BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN SUNSET BOULEVARD HIS GIRL FRIDAY all very different movies, but each one is special to me on some deep level...they are the "special" movies of my life....so far....
  19. would have to go with Rock Hudson or Paul Newman...and what about Montgomery Clift???
  20. great thread...made me think that , coming off of GUNGA DIN the year before, with THE PHILADELPHIA STORY and , especially HIS GIRL FRIDAY, 1940 WAS the year of Cary Grant. He solidified his place in movie history in that year alone. Boy, he was great.
  21. Lots of good responses here. Hollywood makes movies for one reason : to make MONEY. They package movies like everything else in our consumer society is packaged. To reach the biggest target audience.. Do you really think people would have packed the theatres to see a real bio of Cole Porter? One that explored his homosexuality and relationships? Yeah, that would have gone over big time. Somebody once said, Give the people what they want. Well, most people want entertainment not truth. And most people didn't (and don't) want their tender sensibilities bothered. The fact is, most movie goers
  22. I think 1967 was a great year for movies. The was an excitement and freshness to many of the movies that year and they made people sit up and take notice. Nobody is ever going to agree on topics like this, but ,heck, half the fun of loving movies is being able to discuss, agree, disagree, and yes, even argue, about the movies we love (or hate). The whole 1939 thing gets a little old after a while; I feel like I'm being blasphemous if I even SUGGEST there might be a better , or even equal , year. Oh well...gotta love it.
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