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  1. The best thing to come out of the 60's was the 70's.
  2. Cool topic. I remember reading years ago about an infamous 'debate' between the late critic Pauline Kael and her fellow critics circle about this very topic. It seems Kael always INSISTED on using the word movie over the word film. I guess she thought "film' was too pretentious. I have to say I kinda agree. To me a movie's a movie. Film sounds like something I should be studying in some boring college class. Movies are what I LOVE. But, again, a matter of taste.
  3. Thanks for mentioning VICE VERSA. I am one of the few people who still thinks that it was a better movie than BIG. I think BIG was pretty over-rated overall. I am a huge Hanks fan, but I think Judge Reinhold actually was a far more believable and LIKABLE kid. Glad to see I'm not alone in this.
  4. Like just about everything regarding movies, I guess it's really just a matter of taste. I love the co-hosts and programmers who are really exuberant about their love of movies (or a particular movie). Sometimes they open my eyes to something I'd never even thought about before. I get tired of hearing the same old "party-line" when it comes to classics. I want fresh insight, not text book reviews even I can recite by heart. I really have enjoyed Baldwin. You can just tell how much he loves movies. Haskell is another one I like. I'm not expecting encyclopedic perfection on the facts, just show
  5. Glad someone mentioned LOCAL HERO...I thought I was the only person who even saw it, let alone remembered it. Something so moving about that movie, it has stayed with me for over two decades. Really is a beautiful film.
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