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  1. Tiki- I tried that, but once I blow it up, it's too blurry to even clean up. Still a good thought though. Maybe I'll try and work something out that way. hlywdkjk- Not the ones I was looking for, but still very cool. Thanks
  2. I've always liked the genr logos TCM uses on their schedule page, but I was wondering a couple of things. Does anyone know where I can find larger versions of the images? I just got some dvd shelves and was thinking of printing them out to attach once I organize my discs on the new shelves. they would also be cool for a desktop background on my computer. Also, would anyone else be interested in seeing them on tshirts? I'm really surprised this isn't something TCM has already added to thir shop. I know I would personally get several. Lastly, are their logos for SciFi or Fanta
  3. He's an excellent choice for SOTM and I'm glad people will have the chance to see him. I'm surprised by the lack of Forum, and not just because it was his last role. He was great in it whenever he was on screen. And the story behind his prat fall is a great one.
  4. It figures that they did a tribute to Studio Ghibli the year I was without cable But I agree that something like this would be nice. The bigest problem is that some of the seminal works of anime would be hard to show in the prime time slots. Of course, even if you wanted to do general anime, you could have a ghibli film or something along the lines of Kimba in the 8 or 10 spot, then movies like Ghost in the Shell or Akira could be on midnight or later. I'd also love to if they added subtitles to Momotaro: Umi no Shinpei, which was japan's first animated feature. While it was a propaga
  5. Doing tem will be hard enough, so I'm not even going to both with real ordering... But here we go. Pinocchio Fantasia Sleeping beauty Jungle Book Beauty and the Beast Aladdin Cinderella The Many Adventures The Sword in the Stone Dumbo Geez that was even harder than I thought... Honorable mention, every other disney animated feature (except Home on the Range, truly their lowest point).
  6. It's true that you can find them, but most people won't I really miss the days od syndication when you could find some amazing shows on TV. I didn't even know a lot of the cartoonswere old unless someone told me. Things like that, Peter Pan starring Mary Martin, and other classics that will likely be lost on future generations as they simply won't have the chance to see them. It's odd that I act that an old curmugeon, wishing for a bygone age, since I'm only 28, but so much about the way we take in media has changed just in my life that it really makes me miss these things. I'm sti
  7. I so adore Eddie Cantor. He's one of the main reasons I am a classic movie fan today and he doesn't get nearly the credit he deserves. Heck, only a couple of his movies exist on DVD which is a shame. Ali Baba goes to town was a lot of fun and I'm glad I got to watch it tonight.
  8. I think he's been very fair about these movies. He's not saying they're bad films or that we should hate ourselves for still enjoying them. he's exploring the way a race was portrayed in hollywood, and he's not wrong about the way Arabs were villified. does he over analyze sometimes? Sure, but that's kind of the point of this series. if you don't like what he's saying, you could just push mute until the movie starts.
  9. I've loved the movies tonight. I'm very anoyed by the lack of shorts, even though they're introducing them. I wonder what happened that dropped them, some mistake in programming I guess. Either way, I've really enjoyed this years Race in Hollywood series, as I always do. I wonder what the focus will be next year.
  10. Thanks to everybody for helping me out here... I thought of Peace on Earth, but it just doesn't look the same. I'm going to look around some more and try and find out. thanks again everyone.
  11. I definitely agree. Sadly, Cartoon Alley happened during a period when I didn't have cable, so I didn't get to see any of it. I do love classic animation and would love to see a comeback now that I can.
  12. Oddly enough, I was thinking about this a little while ago and one of the reasonson I finally joined this board (no idea why I hadn't already as I'm on TCM.com every day) was to see if there was a post about it and share my story along with reading others. When I was thinking about it I first thought of Wizard of Oz, Doctor Doolitle and the classic Disney films. I decided not to count any of those though as they didn't really get me into classic film, they were just films I loved as a child the same as any other film. The first time I remember seeing something as actually being some
  13. No one else has posted this, so I don't know if other will agree with me... But i loved Walk Don't Run. Cary Grant was great in it and it was nice to see him leave acting because he wanted to.
  14. Hello, and thanks in advance for replying. There was a segment after TCM Underground tonight of a woman getting the TCM logo tattooed on her arm. In it they talked about war movies and there were various war movie clips shown. The clips in question were of animated scenes of combat. The art was beautiful and I'm sure I've seen it before but I can't for the life of me remember what it was from. Thanks again.
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