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  1. Nothing there I wish to see, but I would rather watch Tab Hunter than Fred Astaire.
  2. Always liked Richard Dreyfus, but not necessarily most of his movies. My wife says I look like him. Maybe.
  3. Compensation had been discussed for a long time, but strong elements in the North were opposed to it and strong elements in the South were opposed to even considering abolition of slavery. My great-great grandfather was a captain in the Confederate cavalry and I was a member of both the Sons of Confederate Veterans and the Military Order of the Stars and Bars - until they became too racist and radical in other beliefs. But, I am totally opposed to the idea of two separate nations as both would have been weak. It also would have set the tables for Texas, western states/territories an
  4. When Chiang Kai-shek forcefully took over Taiwan, he displaced the local officials with his own. They stayed in control with Chiang in charge for years, if not decades. I don't know where you live, but Americans do not want to be the police for the world. Hitler was a totally different story from China. As far as I know China has no ambitions to conquer other countries at this stage. They may wish to "dominate" other countries, but so has the US, UK and other nations.
  5. But that is no reason for the US to get into a war with China we would eventually lose.
  6. Did not wish to imply that Taiwan wants to be a part of China, but before 1948 they were. The issue is whether or not it is up to the United States alone to defend it should China attack. A war with China would be a disaster for US - militarily and economically. Neither Hong Kong nor Taiwan does not wish to be part of China. The people who live there do not wish to be part of China. They can move if the thought of being under China is so anathema to them. I don't want to be part of a state that is controlled by far-right Republicans, but I am. However, I do not see going to war
  7. While the UK may have wanted America back, the US started the War of 1812 over British transgressions against the US. If not for Napoleon and wars in Europe, the British may very well have defeated the US. The Battle of New Orleans came after the peace treaty was signed. As for the Civil War, are you saying that if the Confederacy had not attacked Ft. Sumter, it would NOT have been appropriate for US to go to war with CSA? Highly unlikely US will go to war over genocide - never have before. Biggest threat to US from China might be China's ambitions to control the South China S
  8. Interesting. Not sure of how Canada works, but in the US only Congress can declare war. So, FDR had to go to Congress and ask for a declaration of war.
  9. US declared war on Germany, Italy and other Axis powers even though only Japan attacked the US. Declaration of war is a political/legal process under international law.
  10. NO! Having said that though, it is relative. I vote in Republican Primary because I can. In my area of the state, NO Democrats have represented me in the last 20+ years. So, I have to try and support the best GOPer in the primaries. However, in the general elections I voted for the Dem (unless a total nutjob). There are NO Dem statewide officials and have not been for at least 15 years. About 20 years ago I did support and vote for a couple of state legislature guys, but they had been Democrats and changed parties and were fairly moderate by S.C. standards. Plus I actually knew the
  11. Missing the point. When Trump posts, the media jumps on it to report it. This includes all the fringe social media that is out there. Rachell Madmouth would devote a whole show to what Trump said, as would others. All those liberal podcasters would repeat it and then comment on it. Not to mention all the counter tweets and postings. Why give him the opportunity? He has already shown he does not believe in any regulation of anything he does. Never has; never will.
  12. Read my first sentence carefully "...what has become the Donald J. Trump..." It began with Goldwater and advanced through Reagan to the point where it is now. The party more and more and more embraced far-right, racist, suppressive and similar policies. Bush 1 and 2 and Cheney supported or acquiesced when the Party advanced these positions. The Party has increasingly pushed out those with moderate or even only slightly right of center positions. Look how ignored George and Jeb Bush and Cheney are. It was not a sudden lurch, but a gradual change in the Party - but it was there. Tru
  13. I doubt Trump has any blackmail material on Graham. If any was out there from anybody, it would have been exposed well before now. His continued dominance of S.C. politics has proven that. However, Graham and most others have recognized the political reality. The Republican Party over the past 55+ years has been refashioning itself into what has become the Donald J. Trump Cult Party. He owns the party and the elected officials in it. Their actions over the past 55+ years permitted Trump to demolish any opposition in 2016 and since. Trump is their Frankenstein's Monster and it has ta
  14. Maybe time to change title to Movies watched more than most others.
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