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  1. The S.C. state legislature (with support from governor) banned all educational institutions from requiring masks or vaccination proof. The University of South Carolina issued regulations that ALL students have to wear masks, vaccinated or not. Going to be interesting.
  2. What state does NOT require voter ID now? I thought all of them did. There is a difference between requiring voter ID and suppressing the right to vote.
  3. You can't fix stupid so it does no good to argue with them. I was in a store today and a woman was at counter talking to owner. Customer said she was not going to get vaccinated and not going to wear a mask because it is "just like the flu." I stopped listening and took my masked self to another part of the store.
  4. This will be the last showing of a Falcon movie on Saturday mornings. Not a bad little movie.. This was the last RKO Falcon movie and last one for Tom Conway.
  5. Thought we were discussing Night Moves which was the Neo-Noir movie. Never heard of "Twilgight" which I am sure is not a Neo-Noir Friday night presentation.
  6. In fairness though, from the article the sculptor apparently had no idea about the subject of the statue. Therefore, it was both odd looking and not representative of a Confederate soldier, but more like a Union soldier. It was later replaced with a "standard" Confederate soldier memorial.
  7. Maybe next week he will reply and refute what he said.
  8. Only seen Tequila Sunrise and that was quite a while ago. It was OK as I recall. May have to record all three and then watch them later.
  9. Apparently most of the discussion about these Neo-Noirs on Friday nights has shifted over to the Noir Alley thread.
  10. Back to Noir Alley. This is the second time I have seen Cause For Alarm and still not impressed with it. Guess because I have a hard time with the Loretta Young role and/or her portrayal of it. Also do not see it as Noir, but rather another 1950's drama. After all, there is no crime in it, no criminals and so forth. Just Barry Sullivan being paranoid.
  11. Mask mandates are an example. Even in Ruby Red Upstate S.C., 99% of people wore masks wherever I went as long as they were mandated.
  12. Why didn't she do this before now? Why is she still resisting mask and social distancing mandates? Hypocrite. Maybe they are afraid they may actually lose some voters to COVID.
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