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  1. Never understood why you even bother to post on this forum. If you don't care enough to vote, why even care at all? One reason I vote is because of the local elections - city & county councils and offices, school boards, etc. These have a direct impact on the taxes you pay and the services you receive. The votes can be very, very close on most of these offices. I actually lost a city council election because people who would have voted for me thought I had it in the bag, so they did not vote. Many told me this. Enough to have changed the vote.
  2. The protests in Pennsylvania may be enough to push the vote over to Trump on Tuesday.
  3. Robert Cahaly who called Trump's election in 2016 believes he can do it again. Basically, there are many, many people who will vote for Trump, but are ashamed of it. So, they don't tell pollsters or neighbors or anyone else. Particularly true in the battleground states. Cahaly says Trump is polling ahead in MI and PA. "The Trafalgar Group, which was the only nonpartisan outlet in 2016 to find Trump leading in Michigan and Pennsylvania on Election Day, shows Trump with small leads in both states, which would be keys to another Trump win in the Electoral College. Nearly every other polls
  4. That's how he and most GOPers won before.
  5. Varies from state to state, but NC permits filing for the ballot on Nov 2 and has to be received by Nov 12. Can be done electronically. No post office cancellation is required on the envelope. Also applies to American civilians, dependents and so forth overseas.
  6. Perdue now refuses to have the next debate with Ossoff. chicken.
  7. Watched it last night. Apparently, for now anyway, HBO just rolls it into regular HBO On Demand, as well as showing on the regular HBO channel. Interesting show - so far.
  8. I didn't realize that I have access to HBO Max on Spectrum (Charter) as it is in with HBO at no extra charge. I Googled to find out where The Undoing is and found references to where no extra charge if already have HBO. Unfortunately many of the TV "networks" are adding new sub-networks and then forcing you to subscribe to an additional service.
  9. Look in the mirror and then you at your picture of Trump.
  10. Latest 10/29 average of Polls by Real Clear Politics shows Biden ahead in FL, PA, MI, WI, NC and tied in AZ. OH not mentioned. Guess MM is using the Trump/Kushner polling service. https://www.realclearpolitics.com/elections/trump-vs-biden-top-battleground-states/
  11. Thurs, Oct 29, 5:15 PM. From Hell it Came. Amusing, to say the least.
  12. The Tea Party could be considered a different, but more extreme, version of where the Republican Party was already headed. They appealed to the same deplorables as well as the "fiscal conservatives." Without the deplorables, they often would not have won. As Swithin said, there are no moderate Republicans in most of the country today. They cannot get past the primaries. Look at the GOP leadership in the US House and Senate. I can't think of any who would be considered moderate, not even the ones from CA. The Republican Party is a minority party and will continue to be one for qu
  13. Graham is up by 10-15 points in most polls. He will win. $100 million spent on Harrison that probably could have been better spent in other states.
  14. I was "in" the Republican Party in 1964 when Goldwater stole the racists, haters, bigots and so forth from the "Old" Democratic Party. Strom Thurmond of S.C. was a leader in the movement. It evolved with Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan who firmly established the basis for the "new" Republican Party. The corporations, super wealthy, business elite and so forth recognized how easily those people (deplorables) could be manipulated to do what is actually harmful to themselves (deplorables).
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