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  1. Over-Exposed is available on the Bad Girls of Film Noir DVD set, either one or two.
  2. some good Cary Grant movies on, including North By Northwest for those who have not seen it enough. Starting at 6;15 AM. Mr. Blandings Builds his Dream House is a great one. Spoiler: The house still stands and is used for headquarters in a CA state or national forest.
  3. Actually cable was invented to provide TV services to people who lived too far away from the broadcast towers to get good reception. It always showed whatever commercials the networks were showing. Then , someone decided to invent HBO and similar to show on cable - for a fee. Before he created TCM, Ted Turner created WTBS(?) TV station in Atlanta, GA and had it "distrbuted" on cable systems. Almost all cable networks/channels have advertising. TCM is the only one that does not to my knowledge. HBO, Showtime, Cinemax, etc. are "free," but you have to pay a monthly fee.
  4. The Mob was a good movie and well made. Glad Eddie showed it as I had not seen it before. My wife and I frequently watch episodes of Highway Patrol, which are entertaining. Eddie' s DUI explanation on Crawford explains why Crawford is seldom (if ever) seen on a regular road and why they use so many dirt roads in the series. Next week's Over-Exposed with Cleo Moore is another good one. We have it on the Bad Girls of Film Noir DVD set.
  5. Is there a Noir Alley this week-end? Schedule shows Midnight Lace at 1:15 AM Sunday and Key Largo at 10 AM. Witness for the Prosecution is on at 11 PM Saturday.
  6. In the Christmas spirit, I have decided not to read or post on this site until after Christmas, maybe later. So, if I do not respond to a post, you will know why. I have already used the Mark Forum Read button to remove any messages, posts, replies, etc. Happy holidays and a good night to all!šŸ˜€
  7. Like the wine in A Christmas Story.
  8. Only the non-vaccinated are going to croak."
  9. Good response, but been a long, long, long time since Dems. required toeing the "party line."šŸ˜€
  10. You keep posting but don't quote what you are responding, so it is hard to tell what you are talking about. The line I highlighted above is exactly how McConnell has run the Senate as majority leader. In fact, it is apparent that he and Republicans already plan to delay any Biden nominees for the Supreme Court until Jan. 2025. Of course if a Dem should win in 2024 and there not be a coup and the Republicans maintain control of senate, McConnell will merely delay supreme court nominee hearings until 2029.
  11. Exactly and pass the voting rights bills ASAP - it may already be too late.
  12. Progressives did not give up enough of a very bad bill.
  13. You obviously do not know much, if anything about the Democratic Party. What you said does apply to the Republican Party, at least as long as Trump controls it - and he does. The Democrats are famous for a long history of having people go against the Party and still being successful.
  14. What MovieMadness said: "And if Canada catches Omicron, then they quickly spread it into the U.S." I highlighted your if which would imply that Omicron is not in Canada yet and therefore cannot be in US yet. Learn how to use English.
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