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  1. I get emails from Scott periodically. Used to be just the usual low key type political stuff. Lately, attacks on Biden and Biden administration are front and center.
  2. It is way, way, way different. For one thing, the Confederacy was a "nation" with its army and navy within its own borders. The Union waged war against the rebellious states, not individuals in ALL states. Not the same at all. You are getting US Civil War confused with civil wars in other countries. The military would obey orders (probably), but it would be war against American citizens individually more than as armed insurrectionists. Would Biden order US military to attack the Trump political organizations, The Republican National Committee, Republican members of Congress, Republic
  3. Actually that came up during the discussion about this new recommendation by Trump. You have more confidence in Trump's intelligence than I do. I don't think he is thinking very deeply about it at all. He is just throwing wild comments out there to see what sticks. Another facet is that at this time, what quality of advisors does he have? Probably no where near what he had when he was president or running as the Republican nominee. You may be right. As usual it is all about Trump. Would be interesting to see what would happen if the GOPers lost big in 2022 and McCo
  4. I don't think it is just happening now, but rather an accumulation. Sort of like a dripping faucet into a sink that is plugged. Eventually it fills and runs over if not fixed. The "simple" rationale is: Blame it on COVID. And probably a lot of other factors. Good question about product demand. I guess perhaps what was wanted three to six months ago was already in the pipeline or close to the selling points. It is Biden's problem now because he will be blamed for it, but my original post was that he didn't create the problem. Simple answer is COVID and the world economy we live
  5. Have found one that clearly states more WORLDWIDE deaths than last year based on Johns Hopkins report. https://www.cbsnews.com/news/covid-19-more-deaths-2021-than-2020/ Regardless, this shows the need for more vaccinations, more requirements for vaccinations, more mandatory masking, more social distancing and more restrictions on large gatherings. May even need to return to closing down some businesses temporarily.
  6. You have a link for this because I can't find it on the Johns Hopkins website or by googling?
  7. The reins or the horses? Apparently there have been problems in the past with people grabbing the bridles of the horses.
  8. Trump is telling Republican leaning voters to NOT vote in 2022 if "fraud still going on." Caught this on CNN. Of course, the Republicans will say there is fraud going on even when they win. Look at Texas. There will be "fraud" until Trump is in the White House and there are 66% GOP majorities in both Houses and the GOPers control 2/3's of state governments.
  9. I understand the long reins are also used to keep people away from the horses, especially the bridles. Of course, if the people had gone back across the river when told to do so or when the border agents and horses came toward them, there would be no need to use the reins as they did.
  10. So, it is not the Biden administration's problem, but that of the people who run the port and operate it? Thank you. I have been trying to get across that Biden's policies and administration did NOT create this problem. They are now and have been working on solutions. Which are very difficult when you have to deal with state and local governments, labor unions, private companies, ad infinitum. The OP is blaming Biden and that is what I am trying to correct. Of course, it goes beyond the ports and include trucking companies, lack of containers, lack of truck drivers, lack of t
  11. Heard DeSantis on NPR this morning. He has a sort of wimpy voice. At least on what I heard. First, Trump needs to be investigated just as anyone suspected of criminal activity should be. If evidence is found of criminal wrongdoing, he should be prosecuted and tried. Just as any other person should be. As for Nixon and Watergate, I was an adult then and remember it very, very well. It did NOT make this country a "living hell." It did prove to Americans and to the world that no one is above the law in America. Living in the South and visiting other parts of it, I did not n
  12. Not sure what you are trying to say here. Ft. Sumter (no p) is in Charleston, S.C. harbor and was "first shot of the Civil War" for those who may not know. Don't understand your "Did US Military have a problem in 1860. I'm sure they followed orders, and those that didn't joined the South." What would "Lincoln Say & Do" about what? The slow moving coup in general?
  13. Read your post and your comments. You are blaming Biden and now Buttigieg for PRIVATE ENTERPRISE problems that go back to the Trump administration. Neither Biden nor Buttigieg is responsible for what happened in the past. They are trying now to fix it despite it being a monumental world-wide PRIVATE ENTERPRISE problem. The point is that MM's blaming Biden for what HAS happened is totally incorrect. In addition, his comment contradicted by the quote in his own post. Regardless, YES, Biden is now trying to do something and more power to him. But he is not responsible for w
  14. Haley is in a contradictory position. She opposed Trump over the Insurrection and said it was time for him to move on. She opposed Trump over the bailout of Boeing during the Pandemic and went so far as to resign from their board. Boeing has a major plant in S.C. that was built while she was governor. She now says she fully supports Trump and will not run if he does. She got a lot of blowback from Republicans for not fully supporting Trump.
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