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  1. I agree with this as far as restricting women's sports to biologic females.
  2. All the sources, including those in Texas state government and power industry, unequivocally state that the loss of wind and solar power providers had practically ZERO effect on causing Texas power outages. It was due to failures of nuclear, coal and natural gas power providers. Most importantly, it was due to a failure of Republican governors and state legislatures to effectively regulate the power industry in Texas. Aided and abetted by power companies run by Republican supporting executives. It happened in 85 or 86 and then again in 2011 and ALL were told it would happen again.
  3. You don't seem to be able to comprehend. Maybe you should stop trying to read this on a PHONE. Not disagreeing with your opinion, BUT AS I HAVE SAID THREE TIMES OR MORE BEFORE, EDDIE DID NOT EXPLAIN WHY IT IS A NOIR THAT PEOPLE SHOULD WATCH. What is so hard to understand about that????????
  4. About damn time! Get it done ASAP and fire DeJoy. Incidentally in yesterday's testimony, DeJoy told Congress that he will be around a long time -"get used to it."
  5. As I have stated at least twice already - Eddie did NOT state why it is a film noir or why viewers should watch it as a film noir. Others noted the same thing. I watch Noir Alley as much for Eddie's commentary as for the movies he picks as I have already seen most of them. That is where I learn why he thinks it is a significant noir and why it should be viewed.
  6. No, I said Eddie did not give an explanation of why it should be considered a Noir film. Others noted the same thing. I didn't watch it any longer because I found it boring.
  7. Because the OMB director has far more power than than the NSA.
  8. Another useless post that is a tweet and therefore has no substance that can be accessed here.
  9. Don't mean a thing. Trump would lie under oath as readily as he does not under oath.
  10. "Lies, damn lies" to quote a movie character. Trump did everything he could to avoid taking responsibility or actions on the Pandemic until he had no choice. Even then he did not really support any of the efforts to actually combat Covid. He made statements and recommendations that were false and endangering to peoples lives. Many died because of Trump. He placed his incompetent son-in-law in charge of distribution which is why we have so many problems now. Where is the Hell have you been for the last year????? And don't blame the Democrats because they inherited a disaster and
  11. MM always finds these obscure (in most cases) articles and posts them without attribution. Then he adds his comments which are usually untruthful and with sole purpose of building up Trump or attacking Democrats.
  12. May be the smartest move. Why put somebody in the job that will be relentlessly attacked from day one? There are a lot of other qualified people who will not be a distraction from Biden's goals. Also, a lot of other jobs she could do.
  13. Good news, but I doubt the American people will ever know what his returns actually show.
  14. I applaud your efforts, but does no good to try and explain anything to MM. He can't handle the truth, so he does not wish to learn it. I read somewhere (here maybe) that Griddy actually told its people to change providers because they knew the rates were going up astronomically. Personally, I cannot understand how an individual homeowner/business can just change providers in a day or so. Of course I live in one of the other 49 states.
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