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  1. Kemp was Sec. of State before he became gov. in 2017. So, if he challenged the procedures in place, he would in effect be challenging ones that he was involved in establishing. Although I am sure Covid-19 caused some other changes. Also he would be attacking the Republican Sec. of State who took his place.
  2. I think others have covered highlights of Bonita Granville's career. Surprised you "don't even know who Bonita Granville was." As I noted earlier, her Nancy Drew movies are ones that my wife and I frequently watch. Fairly short and very entertaining. Too bad she did not make more. She also had a major role in Hitler's Children (1943) which sometimes shows up on TCM. I wonder how much her height (5'0") held her back.
  3. I watched all the episodes of The Undoing so far. Wasn't too sure after the first one if it was worth watching, but the second and later ones are better. Have my thoughts on who did the killing, but probably wrong. Haven't seen the finale yet. Only wonder I have is what is with Kidman and the long coats and dresses. Sure, it's New York and its sort of cold, but seems to wear them an awful lot. It does tend to drag somewhat and probably would have made a better two or three episode series.
  4. I believe the two theaters in my home town had curtains, but by the late 50's and early 60's, they no longer moved. Lights went down and projector came on.
  5. But she will probably be elected anyway. Don't forget the two main Republican candidates in her race got about 46% of the vote to Warnock's less than 33% If Trump had not backed Doug Collins, Loeffler might have gotten over 50% and won. Of course there was a smattering of other Dem and GOPer candidates in the race to muddy the results.
  6. I listened and didn't hear exactly what Schiff is proposing - just a lot of back and forth between them. There is a difference between what is in the Constitution and what is in Federal law. Schiff appears to be confusing laws vs. the Constitution. The Constitution trumps (couldn't resist) laws. As for as I know the theory that "a person cannot judge himself" is no where in the Constitution, but I assume is in Federal law or court cases somewhere. There be the rub. Schiff, et. al. are trying to rewrite the Constitution. That requires an amendment. Then there is the whole ex pos
  7. ANY Supreme Court would rule the bill unconstitutional if it even passed and got signed. Schiff is off on another one of his publicity seeking foolish ideas.
  8. But he still needs to pick the best possible person for the job. While Clyburn did give Biden a boost and helped him win the S.C. primary, a lot of other people helped Biden win the nomination and the election. Clyburn has done little to advance S.C. racially. The Dems lost more seats to GOPers than ever before. Clyburn is also pushing for Jaime Harrison to be the next chair of the DNC. Harrison spent over $100 million and received lots of free media coverage and still did no better against Lindsay Graham than any of the other opponents Graham has left in the dust.
  9. I wish she had made more Nancy Drew movies. The four are some of our go to movies when we can't find something else to watch.
  10. I watched Marnie again yesterday. This movie always appeals to me more than some Hitchcock ones. Although, I never liked Tippi Hedren's hairstyles. They seemed to always show too much forehead.
  11. Never watched cartoons on TV even as a kid.
  12. Possibly, but I doubt they need any encouragement. Of course, other Republican candidates fared much better than Trump. Read where Nev. Republican legislators are already attacking mail-in voting, as are Republicans in other states. It will be much more restricted in 2022 than it was in 2020.
  13. I had a friend in high school who ran the projector in local movie house. Sometimes I would visit with him while he was working so can up close to how projecting was done in the 60's. Ironically he was in the Air Force and trained to repair radars and so forth on planes. When he got to Vietnam, they saw that he had run a movie projector, so he was assigned to do that at Tan Son Nhut Air Base outside of Saigon.
  14. Interesting how much actually did happen, but in a different way. Speaking of the online purchasing, monitoring cameras, communicating over computers with videos, etc.
  15. This past week, the couple 3 doors down had two parties for kids and parents. Couple next door had several relatives travel in from FL and IN for Thanksgiving.
  16. Watched one yesterday where John Dehner had a role, although not one of the "stars." Clarence Kolb from My Little Margie was in it as well. It was one about the new 1952 Oldsmobiles featuring Johnny (Bill Hayes) and Lucille (Greta Gray). They actually showed up in a lot of Olds print ads from that era as well.
  17. Thanks. I thought about that, but they seem too purchaser oriented and sometimes too long for showing to people already in the business. Most don't really show things that would help dealers to sell them to customers. There are some that are obviously aimed at the dealers and so forth. Anyway, they make entertaining viewing while riding my exercise bike.
  18. There will be a Trump Recession, just as there was a Reagan Recession and a Bush Recession after they left office. Huge tax cuts for the wealthy and corporations usually lead to recessions because the money never filters down to the working class or middle class. However, Trump bears more responsibility for the upcoming one than any other president in history. His actions and those of the people he appointed laid the groundwork for it. Trump focused solely on the Stock Market which is not an indication of how the economy is working - far from it in many cases. Also, Trump rode in on t
  19. I don't see this happening. McConnell probably already has a list of nominees he will try to derail. Any others will undergo lengthy scrutiny and exhaustive hearings. McConnell is relishing his role as Dictator of the Senate. Biden may take a page from the Trump book and just appoint a whole bunch of acting secretaries, directors and so forth.
  20. To what are you replying? Could you quote it? Thanks.
  21. All of these quotes from The Bible are from the King James Version I assume or an updated version of it. Prepared at the direction of an English king who wanted to insure his reign and the way of life he thought best. No politics there.☺️
  22. Over the years, I have collected several DVD's with what appear to be ads for automobiles and passenger trains. Some are 5-10 minutes, but others are up to 40 minutes long. Most are for the 1940's and 50's. Jim Handy company made some of them. Were these made for showing in movie theaters? They are too long for TV ads unless they were provided as fillers back in early days of TV. What other uses for them. Thanks.
  23. Congratulations, my BA is in American History with a minor in political science. Actually majored in PS for two years until I figured out it was too much BS and very little science. In graduate schools I took political science courses as electives.
  24. True. IF US went strictly by democracy rules, probably half of the African-Americans in state legislatures and US House would be out of office. Their districts were intentionally drawn so that an African-American would be elected. Under a true democracy, districts would be determined based strictly on population in a geographically cohesive area.
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