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  1. Can't find what my original post was referencing, but I think it had to do with a specific policy of Obama's and that the GOPers would have opposed it if it come from a white man.
  2. S.C. sales tax is 6% for the state, but higher in some areas. Some counties have an extra 1% for special school projects. Others have one for roads. Most school money comes from the state though. If the property is vacant for lengthy period, the owner can apply for a lower valuation. Some businesses and manufacturing plants have gone to length of tearing down buildings and leaving a vacant lot. Then it can be assessed as unimproved property.
  3. It is not an impeachment trial; Trump has already been impeached for the second time. When Nancy Pelosi sends the Article of Impeachment from the House to the Senate, then the Senate will have a trial to determine whether or not to Convict.
  4. To be technically correct, Trump has already been impeached for the second time. The trial in the Senate is to determine whether or not to convict. However, it will not happen until Nancy Pelosi sends the Article of Impeachment from the House to the Senate.
  5. Not sure where you live, but in the South, most sales taxes go to state government. Some go to schools or special projects, such as highways in tourist areas. But the bulk of municipal operating revenue comes from property taxes. Of course, they have also learned to have accommodations taxes on room rentals and hospitality taxes on prepared (restaurant) food sales.
  6. One of the problems with Keystone is that it's purpose is to transport Canadian oil to the US Gulf coast going through supposedly protected Native-American lands. Also, it comes dangerously close to American towns, recreation areas and other places. Pipelines are more subject to earthquake damage and this is a factor for Keystone. Canada could have built it to their west coast, but they are too cheap. While pipelines technically may be more secure than railroads, that is not always the case. I live near one of the major pipelines going from Southwest US to New England area. Several y
  7. One thing many people do not realize is that most towns receive the bulk of their revenue from property taxes on the property occupied by businesses. If there is no business there, the valuations have to lowered.
  8. In case you haven't heard, Donald has left the building and the Capitol.
  9. She is actually British-Jamaican-Indian-American. Her father was born in British Jamaica and moved to US where he married her mother, who was from India. "Black" Jamaicans are sometimes called Afro-Caribbean. Regardless, she is an American.
  10. I've been a Democrat since 1972 and frequently get contacted by Republicans.
  11. But the people in her district in GA love her. She does not even know what False Flag really means. Wikipedia: "A false flag operation is an act committed with the intent of disguising the actual source of responsibility and pinning blame on a second party."
  12. The vaccine is not mandatory, but who knows about the vaccination.
  13. George Wallace tried to do something similar with the American Independent Party, which lasted a few years.
  14. Hopefully all other Trump appointees will quickly follow him.
  15. Never say never. The price of freedom is eternal vigilance. He was never supposed to win the GOP nomination, but he did. He was never supposed to win the presidency, but he did. He came very close to winning reelection. He will be a factor in the Republican Party, if he chooses to be. Hopefully not a major one, but who knows. He got the deplorables to the polls during the primaries when the other candidates could not get their people there. Remember Jeb Bush?
  16. Guilty of the same thing myself as I know MovieMadman, Nipper, JakieBoy, etc. cannot be educated about the truth or the real world. Trying my best to ignore their ridiculous, unfounded posts, but sometimes just can't resist. Each state decides when it will count absentee and mail-in ballots and that is why the actual counting may take many days. They also determine how many people will do the counting which affects how long it takes. Not to mention each state determines all the rules about absentee and mail-in-voting. The Republicans fear an honest and fair vote open to all Americ
  17. Race had nothing to do with it as far as Congress was concerned. They just did not like his policy, when he finally brought it out.
  18. I think their basic cowardice also played a part. They realized that this time, Trump would not back them up and law enforcement was ready and waiting for them. Perhaps it is finally beginning to sink in that Trump and many in the Republican Party were just using them.
  19. Probably because they did not use the name of the character as in most other movies where the black actor was billed by name.
  20. "CNN - The most trusted name in news."
  21. I scanned the names, but did not read the details about each. Some (not many) seemed to be the standard the penalty was too great or they redeemed themselves. What I found noteworthy were the names not on the list.
  22. Amen, brother. I am totally fed up with the panels on news programs. On the other hand, I will now be able to devote more time to watching TCM! The daytime news programs are not great, but not near as bad as the nighttime ones as far as ranting and raving and talking endlessly about the same thing. Now get back to actual national and world news.
  23. https://www.nbcnews.com/politics/donald-trump/full-list-trump-s-last-minute-pardons-commuted-sentences-n1254806
  24. Trudeau is upset over the possible revocation of the permits. I'm sure the majority of Canadian government is upset as well. Of course, it is more than just the fossil fuel damage to environment. It is also the threats to the United States so Canada and Big Oil can make money.
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