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  1. Everyone here except the Native Americans are either immigrants of descendants of immigrants. Some speculation that even the Native American ancestors immigrated to American continent.
  2. I went through an Army training course in southern MS once and roomed with an Army veterinarian from OK. He said if anyone asked him what he thought of southern MS, he would have to say he couldn't see anything for the trees - compared to OK.
  3. Of course, you can say the same thing for ALL taxes collected by governments in US compared to other industrialized countries. Incidentally, people in the military do have co-pays and deductibles for medical coverage, especially dependents. And Congress tries to raise them every year.
  4. Now that's depressing. I remember in late 50's took a trip through the Panhandle and Amarillo to go to visit an aunt in Sunray TX. As best my memory recalls, very flat and very desolate.
  5. My 71 Dodge Challenger had the floor button for the windshield wiper fluid. Actually it was better because you could squirt a lot of water onto the windshield and then turn on the wipers. You didn't drag the wipers across the dry, dirty windshield before the water started flowing. Also had some control over the amount of water based on hard you pressed the "button."
  6. Texasville (1990) is the sequel, but is a much different movie. Another McMurtry book and with the same director and cast for most part. In color and not like The Last Picture Show. Set 33 years after TLPS
  7. Forgot the year, but prior to the compact Dodge Dart, the Dodge Dart was a full-size, but cheaper Dodge.
  8. My father had a 65 Dart and was so impressed with it that he "helped" my sister purchase a 67 Dart. She drove it for a decade or more and well into six digit mileage - with minimal care. Many cars going back to the 30's had different levels which are confusing. Custom, DeLuxe, etc. for example. The Plymouth Valiant and Dodge Dart were very similar Chrysler Corp. vehicles. Got more similar as they aged and Chrysler looked to cut costs.
  9. Not only scary to the right, but many moderates as well. Politically, the problem is that the majority of people who actually vote can easily perceive "socialiazed" Medicare For All and similar programs as distasteful and therefore will oppose them. If the US were to embrace the Candadian, Swiss, et. al. systems, there would be a huge increase in taxes for somebody. It is very unlikely that this large increase would not filter down to the working and middle class taxpayers as well. They already think they pay too much in taxes. Incidentally, The Affordable Care Act, as limited a
  10. Pelosi is right in this instance, increasing the size of the court is the wrong thing to do. Two wrongs don't make a right. Let the commission figure it out. Personally I would like to see a Constitutional amendment setting term limits and age limits on all federal judges. One thing they could do is pass a law stating that in the event of a vacancy, the Senate must hold hearings within 30 days of the nomination being delivered by the President. Then they have 90 days to have a vote on confirmation. Neither the senate majority leader nor any other person may delay consideration of
  11. To my knowledge, there is only one drive-in theater left in S.C. OK, so how would the TCM Drive-In be any different from what TCM does now? Show a movie with an introduction by a host, a cartoon, a short feature and then an outro by the host? Would the movies be any different?
  12. See my original post at beginning of this thread. Of course not all of that is for medical care, but much of it is.
  13. Needs to be more specific as to what "Drive In" features mean. Does it include a cartoon, shorts, double features, etc.? Does it mean showing movies typically shown at drive-ins? These would be movies lower than B movies. If interested, Tubi (free) has a link to Shout and Full Moon sites and they show a lot of movies that would have been "drive in" type fare. At least in the late 60's and later.
  14. As usual, would not let me read the article. However, this is nothing new in American politics. The North has been losing House seats for decades while the Sunbelt has been picking them up. As for the numbers represented, some states have only one representative who represents the whole state no matter how many people live there. There probably is some variance in the numbers per representative, but it complies with federal law. The issue is gerrymandering, particularly in Republican controlled states. It will be brutal for the Democrats.
  15. From the article [and an excellent point] “Why do we even have Tasers that operate and function and feel and deploy exactly like a firearm?” Carter asked. “Why can’t we have Tasers that look and feel different? That you could never mistake for deploying a firearm so that we can ensure that mistake that has happened before can never happen again?” "This will haunt her for the rest of her life." And well it should. She was a 26 YEAR veteran police officer. She should know the difference between a stun gun and a pistol.
  16. The Democrats in Congress and the White House approved the budgets that paid for the "$100,000 hammer." So, you now no longer have "EXTRA coverage" for health care? Why did you single out the Canadian military as being provided extra coverage since they are funded by the government (taxpayers)? I am sure that is a very small percentage of the Canadian population anyway? Incidentally, you complain about the US Military spending too much money. To some degree, I agree with that. But you need to remember that the US military has a very substantial and costly role in defending the P
  17. But, would the government funded program give you the same coverage as your current private insurance? Would you have the same accessibility to medical treatment? Probably not. One of the problems currently is the deficit in funding Medicare, Medicaid, CHIP and other government funded medical "insurance."
  18. In S.C., the state has required proof of insurance for decades. In fact, if you are stopped you have to provide proof of insurance or you can be fined. All of this was done when the Democrats controlled the governorship and the state legislature. Personally I fully support it as there are still far too many uninsured or underinsured motorists on the roads today.
  19. Not exactly. From the article: "They may lose some of their older, poorer, or sicker rural voters, but if they can thwart a larger number of Black or young voters, they [GOP]will emerge ahead." The GOPers have researched this and they may lose a few older, white voters who vote early or by mail. But, the majority of voters using those methods in 2020 were Democratic voters. GOPers will go to the polls on election day if they have to, whereas Democratic voters are far less likely to do so. No proof that Republican voters would have more difficulty creating an acceptable copy o
  20. My experience with the law enforcement officers I have known is that they join to drive faster than the speed limit, even in personal vehicles, with impunity, to exercise force against others and to legally use weapons of deadly or serious force.
  21. Again, it is about how much higher taxes in "socialized" countries are. This will be a major selling point for Republicans to use in defeating Democratic programs and Democratic candidates at both state and federal levels. The Democrats have suffered major losses among Hispanic voters, particularly males, because of Democratic links to "socialism." That is why FL and TX are predominately still Republican.
  22. Not just the Republicans. While they wish to spend more, the Dems are all in if it affects their states or districts. But the issue is how much higher taxes on middle-class and workers are in other nations that provide "socialized" services.
  23. This was in The Week magazine referring to an article by Henry Olson in The Washington Post. The middle class in other countries pay far higher taxes than in the US. Canada has a national 5% sales tax, provincial sales taxes or up to 10%. Ontario has a top income ta rate of 46.13% on incomes of more than $175,000. In the UK, taxpayers pay 40% tax on incomes of just $52.100 and 45% at $208,600. They also pay a 20% Value-added tax on all goods and services and $3.00 per gal. fuel tax. In Denmark, top tax rate of 55.9% for incomes of $86,500 plus a 25% value-added tax. This is how
  24. I recently had free access to The Girl Hunters with Mickey Spillane as Mike Hammer. Gave up about 1/3 of the way through it.
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