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Posts posted by ElCid

  1. 5 minutes ago, Sepiatone said:

    If you recall, it was Obama's parents who gave the GOP an "out".

    In order to avoid looking like the racists many of them are they honed in on Obama's "Hussein"  middle name and kept trying to insist he was Muslim,  a sure-fire scare tactic they figured would work in their favor.   And at the time, not far removed from 9/11,  Muslims were not exactly well thought of in this country.   Hell, I know people who STILL think and insist that Obama's a member of the Taliban!  :rolleyes:   And of course, they all wear silly red MAGA caps.  ;)


    Can't find what my original post was referencing, but I think it had to do with a specific policy of Obama's and that the GOPers would have opposed it if it come from a white man.

  2. 1 minute ago, txfilmfan said:

    It's split here in TX among cities, the state, and other taxing entities.  Similar in OK.  Thus, the sales tax varies from one place to another.  The statewide sales tax in TX is 6.25%.   Where I live, the city gets the other 2%.

    Also, here, property taxes are paid by the property owner and not the tenant.  Of course, the tenant indirectly pays it, through their rent.  But if a storefront is empty, the property owner is still on the hook for the taxes.  Most stores here are leased from a building owner.

    S.C. sales tax is 6% for the state, but higher in some areas.  Some counties have an extra 1% for special school projects.  Others have one  for roads. Most school money comes from the state though.

    If the property is vacant for lengthy period, the owner can apply for a lower valuation.  Some businesses and manufacturing plants have gone to length of tearing down buildings and leaving a vacant lot.  Then it can be assessed as unimproved property.

  3. It is not an impeachment trial; Trump has already been impeached for the second time.  When Nancy Pelosi sends the Article of Impeachment from the House to the Senate, then the Senate will have a trial to determine whether or not to Convict.

  4. 5 minutes ago, txfilmfan said:

    We have hefty sales taxes here too (8.25%), and if people don't buy stuff, there's no tax collected.  Online retailers are hit and miss regarding the collection of sales taxes.  Some are better at it than others.

    Not sure where you live, but in the South, most sales taxes go to state government.  Some go to schools or special projects, such as highways in tourist areas.  But the bulk of municipal operating revenue comes from property taxes.  Of course, they have also learned to have accommodations taxes on room rentals and hospitality taxes on prepared (restaurant) food sales.

  5. One of the problems with Keystone is that it's purpose is to transport Canadian oil to the US Gulf coast going through supposedly protected Native-American lands.  Also, it comes dangerously close to American towns, recreation areas and other places.  Pipelines are more subject to earthquake damage and this is a factor for Keystone.  Canada could have built it to their west coast, but they are too cheap.

    While pipelines technically may be more secure than railroads, that is not always the case.  I live near one of the major pipelines going from Southwest US to New England area.  Several years ago it broke and they are still having to try and clean up the mess.  The oil leaks out unseen and seeps into the water tables underneath.  These water tables feed into nearby streams and rivers that are the sources of drinking water for millions of people.

    Trains are bad for transporting oil, but at least you can see when one wreaks and begin immediate containment.  With pipelines, the warning systems are often much delayed.

    It is not about the environment of fossil fuels, but where the pipeline is running through America.

  6. 9 hours ago, Princess of Tap said:

    I thought they were boarded up because they had gone out of business.

    In my neck of the woods everything's closing.

    Sears closed last year and I think JC Penney's is next.

    I don't even remember when Kmart closed, but I think it was 4-5 years ago.

    Everything is online now even the grocery stores.

    Covid-19 was the KO punch for the big department stores and an awful lot of those little specialty clothing shops that they had in the malls.

    The Times They Are A-Changin.😎


    One thing many people do not realize is that most towns receive the bulk of their revenue from property taxes on the property occupied by businesses.  If there is no business there, the valuations have to lowered.

  7. 2 hours ago, Swithin said:

    For a very long time, Blacks were subject to the "one drop" rule, as a rather extreme method of racism.  But today, when some of those people (who have a lot more of "Black blood" than one drop) identify as Black (or African American) as a point of pride, a sort of inverted racism doesn't want them to do that. They did it to Obama; now they're trying to do it to Kamala Harris. I think it's another form of racism.

    To some extent, it's related to the expectation that people from a group should act like the expected stereotypes assigned to that group. For example, in 19th century Germany, where there was anti-Semitism, people felt threatened not as much by Jewish people who wore long gabardine coats and sported side curls, but by those more assimilated Jews, who dressed and looked more like the wider community.

    This all speaks to a rather primitive tribalism and means of trying to control people.


    She is actually British-Jamaican-Indian-American.  Her father was born in British Jamaica and moved to US where he married her mother, who was from India.  "Black" Jamaicans are sometimes called Afro-Caribbean.

    Regardless, she is an American.

  8. 1 hour ago, Bogie56 said:
    I'm just a Hillary Clinton voter, sitting here confirming that at no point in the last 4 years did anyone from the Trump camp, supporters or politicians alike, do anything to reach out to me in an effort to understand me, unite, or move forward.

    I've been a Democrat since 1972 and frequently get contacted by Republicans.

  9. 1 hour ago, Bogie56 said:

    'Parkland was a false flag shooting': Families of Florida school massacre victims demand GOP congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene resign for promoting conspiracy theory it never happened 

    Parkland families demand Marjorie Taylor Greene resign over conspiracy theory the shooting

    The Georgia Congresswoman deeply upset Parkland survivor and victims' relatives with posts from May 2018, in which she said the murder of 17 students and staff (right) had been faked in order to usher in gun control. She attempted to deflect the criticism, saying she supported more armed guards at schools, but failed to address the controversy over her Facebook posts. Calls are mounting for her to resign over the incendiary and baseless claim, with Fred Guttenberg (inset) - whose 14-year-old daughter Jaime was among those killed - demanding on Thursday she step down.

    But the people in her district in GA love her.

    She does not even know what False Flag really means.  Wikipedia: "A false flag operation is an act committed with the intent of disguising the actual source of responsibility and pinning blame on a second party."

  10. 13 hours ago, hamradio said:

    Trump discussing forming new political outfit called the Patriot Party, report says


    Say he'll have the same problem the Independent Party has....not possible in this 2 party dominate system.


    Leo Terrell just now said he will join it.



    George Wallace tried to do something similar with the American Independent Party, which lasted a few years.

  11. 7 hours ago, laffite said:

    We can celebrate both, especially since it appears that Biden will be more effective in combating disease than the Disgraced-Ex-President-Reject.

    Speaking of the Ex-President-Reject, how nice to know that the only thing he did today that was worth knowing was to ignominiously  get out of Dodge. After that, nothing. How refreshing is that! We shall surely hear about him during the Senate Trial (if we have one) and we shall surely be informed if he is convicted and jailed. But we don't be hearing all the blather. Let's hope he never gets his Twitter account back, since he is also the Insurrectionist-Select for the Berserker Nation crowd. As for a future in politics, the ReTrumplicans are not likely to take him back. He can do damage as a third-party candidate but he will at least never again win the Presidency. Ever, and for that we can be truly grateful.


    Never say never.  The price of freedom is eternal vigilance.  He was never supposed to win the GOP nomination, but he did.  He was never supposed to win the presidency, but he did.  He came very close to winning reelection.  He will be a factor in the Republican Party, if he chooses to be.  Hopefully not a major one, but who knows.  He got the deplorables to the polls during the primaries when the other candidates could not get their people there.  Remember Jeb Bush?

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  12. 7 hours ago, Dargo said:

    GOD, do I ever know the following is a total waste of my keystrokes here, BUT...

    DT: "I've heard there were 5,000 dead people who voted in your state."

    Georgia's Sec. of State: "No, Mr. President, your data is wrong. There were two."

    And need I remind you here you freakin' rightwing nutcase who believes any attempt to increase the number of legitimate and legal voters to participate in our electoral process is a bad thing and because you REALLY know in your heart of hearts but are too cowardly to admit it that THIS is the REAL reason that less of your fellow Republicans would be elected to office the higher the turnout, THAT GEORGIA'S SEC. OF STATE IS A FREAKIN' REPUBLICAN WHO SAID HE VOTED FOR THE JACK*** AND COMPLUSIVE LIAR THAT HE WAS TALKING TO ON THE DAMN PHONE ?!

    (...but yes, I suppose I DO need to remind you here, but then again and as I said at the top, I KNOW this was a total waste of my keystrokes here, wasn't it!)

    Guilty of the same thing myself as I know MovieMadman, Nipper, JakieBoy, etc. cannot be educated about the truth or the real world.  Trying my best to ignore their ridiculous, unfounded posts, but sometimes just can't resist.

    Each state decides when it will count absentee and mail-in ballots and that is why the actual counting may take many days.  They also determine how many people will do the counting which affects how long it takes.  Not to mention each state determines all the rules about absentee and mail-in-voting.

    The Republicans fear an honest and fair vote open to all American citizens more than anything else in the world.   Always have an always will.  Their wish is for only old white men to vote.

    It would be fairly easy to set up an accountable system which permits registration and early and mail-in voting, but the GOPers do not really want that.  So, they pass legislation that overwhelmingly favors older, white people and white people in general.  Just as they do not want state or federal districts based on fair and equitable factors.  They want to overwhelmingly favor districts drawn such that GOPer voters will control vast majority of them.

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  13. 33 minutes ago, Swithin said:

    That didn't surprise me. As vile as these people are, many of them have jobs and lives and don't want the publicity that will now always come from their shenanigans.  Hopefully they will retreat back into the shadows, where they will always be part of the Republican "silent majority." Hillary Clinton got into trouble by calling these people Trump's "basket of deplorables." But that's what they are.


    I think their basic cowardice also played a part.  They realized that this time, Trump would not back them up and law enforcement was ready and waiting for them.  Perhaps it is finally beginning to sink in that Trump and many in the Republican Party were just using them.

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  14. 32 minutes ago, TomJH said:

    Yes, I was surprised by the billing. I'm not certain that I've seen any other black actress billed that way in a film, though I assume Witness to Murder is not alone.

    I can't recall any film in which a black actor is billed as "Negro."

    Probably because they did not use the name of the character as in most other movies where the black actor was billed by name.

  15. 1 minute ago, Dargo said:

    Ya know Vautrin, I've tried watching that channel myself!

    (...BUT,  I found that the dumb blonde chicks reporting their version of the "news" on THAT channel aren't NEARLY as hot lookin' as those who on Fox News)


    7 minutes ago, Vautrin said:

    Check out Newsmax. It's where distinguished nutjobs go to get their full wingnut on. 

    "CNN - The most trusted name in news."

  16. 5 hours ago, jamesjazzguitar said:

    So true.      In addition CNN decided to get into a contest of who could be more over-the-top with Fox.    

    It is understandable since Trump clearly baited CNN over and over again,  but after a while I expected CNN to stop taking the bait.  Instead they just swallowed larger chunks.

    Hopefully with Trump out of office,  CNN can get back to practicing journalism most of the time (especially in Prime time).

    E.g. will they have a panel most nights discussing every move Biden makes?   I hope not.

    Try Newsy, it seems to be tamer than the rest and potentially more neutral.



    Amen, brother.  I am totally fed up with the panels on news programs.  On the other hand, I will now be able to devote more time to watching TCM!

    The daytime news programs are not great, but not near as bad as the nighttime ones as far as ranting and raving and talking endlessly about the same thing.  Now get back to actual national and world news.

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  17. 3 hours ago, Bogie56 said:

    This is like saying all of America scrambles to save some pipeline in Texas.  Would people in New York or other densely populated centres really want to go that far?

    Alberta is Canada's version of Texas.  Of course, they wish for the oils deals to go through but as for the rest of Canada ...  ?

    The energy company in Canada associated with Keystone is already making other plans.

    Trudeau is upset over the possible revocation of the permits.  I'm sure the majority of Canadian government is upset as well.  Of course, it is more than just the fossil fuel damage to environment.  It is also the threats to the United States so Canada and Big Oil can make money. 

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