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  1. Not that many spread across 25 states. Big question is will they still vote for Republican candidates in general elections? Probably.
  2. I don't understand your question. How could suppressing the votes of non-whites and Democrats in S.C. "suppress more GOP voters than Dem ones" in S.C?
  3. They expanded it due to Covid Pandemic. And yes, they are working on ways to remove some of the changes and create more restrictions on mail-in voting. The irony is that the GOPers did better this time than in the past several elections. They now have enough of a majority in the House and Senate that they can effectively abolish abortion state-wide as well as pass other Radical Right Wing Extremist measures.
  4. S.C. has early in-person voting with limitations. However, there are so many reasons and you just check off whichever one applies to you that it is nonsensical. This year they (with reluctance by GOPers) expanded it to everybody. Also, permitted multiple locations rather than just the one county voter registrar's office. Already trying to reinstate limitations, as well as other methods of suppression. One of the new requirements being proposed for mail-in voting is for notarization. I live in a small town, but big enough to warrant two voting sites. But, there is only ONE notary in
  5. Thanks for reinforcing what I have been saying for months. Most red state legislatures are already pushing multiple methods to suppress the Democratic vote in future elections.
  6. Noticed the Studebaker cleaning outfit. Have also noticed Studebaker radios, record players, etc. in catalogs. Guess it is another method new companies use to use an old name familiar to older people. I don't think Studebaker ever made electronic components other than maybe what actually went into their cars. Even then probably got it from a supplier.
  7. An alternative is for Biden to give the board an opportunity to fire DeJoy. If they don't, then fire them for cause.
  8. Actually there are no snow days anymore. The kids still have to do the work because they can do it from home now.
  9. Nipper also lived through Vietnam War watching it on TV instead of being there.
  10. Not what the TX AG sued over. He wanted PA to change their rules to comply with what TX AG wanted. Under the current system, the TX suit had no standing (or merit), but a Federal election law, similar to the Voting Rights Act of 1965 could change that. So there is precedent for Federal standards. Federal elections are up to the states UP to the point where the Feds pass a law regulating them. That they can do.
  11. It is not a one size fits all type situation, as I tried to explain. The BIG issue is when a national government should be superior to individual state laws, as states are superior to local laws whenever they choose to be. For voting rights, that is a national issue because the people elected make the national laws. Even the people elected in the states determine who will be elected to US House and have significant effect on who gets elected to Senate and Presidency. It would be Constitutional for the Federal Government to enact laws over what the states can and cannot do. They do
  12. I wondered why he left Designing Women. Now I know. I still have my LP of his Mark Twain performance.
  13. I did find the Aspect (#) button on my Spectrum remote and tried it. Stretch, Normal, Expanded, etc. Didn't like any of them except Normal. Made very little meaningful difference in the size of the TCM On Demand movie I referred to earlier.
  14. Absolutely, let's return to sharecroppers, Jim Crow Laws, segregated schools and medical facilities and all those other good things from the past. While the US is a union of states, it is still one nation and no one should be discriminated against because he lives in TX or SC or AL. That is why it is sometimes necessary for the Federal government to intercede. Just as the Federal government has one standard for many programs regardless of which state you may live. In this case, access to voting is a fundamental right of American citizenship. In addition, who gets to participate at th
  15. The Las Vegas Story is one of my favorites. The whole cast did a good job as did the screenwriter and director. When I re-watch it, I tend to fast forward through the fight scene at the end - too long. As for The Killer that Stalked New York, for those who may not know, the killer is a disease.
  16. Just to be clear, my comment re: Melania's accent was not anti-immigration, but rather how long she has lived here, the resources she had available and still has a hard accent. Compare it to most actors from other countries who come to America and can speak English/American perfectly. As for Mar-A-Lago, that is still up for debate. From what I have read, he did not sign anything regarding his personal residency there, but verbally agreed that he would not use it for a residence and limit himself to 25(?) days per year as just another member. On the other hand he did sign an agreeme
  17. This is part of TCM's block of terrible movies on tonight.
  18. Maybe we need a new thread: Trump's Defense Team. So we can have a list of who was on it and who is still on it. Seems to change every few hours. At one point, supposedly nobody was left on it.😄
  19. Texas is also fundamentally changing their laws to further suppress voting. Time for a national standard. Just as we need a national standard for how districts are drawn. Of course, the Trumpists and other Radical, Extremist, Far-Right Republicans are counting on any challenges to new laws going before the Trump Federal Court System, ultimately to be decided by the Trump Justices on the Supreme Court. While they may have not tried to overturn the election, voting issues will be something the GOPer Justices can easily choose not to rule upon. Thereby letting the states do as they p
  20. This is the dumbest thing you have said to date - and there have been hundreds. Does not make any since at all.
  21. When the cable guys set up my new cable box, etc., they set it to default to the HD channel no matter which number we pressed. Works, except on the Weather Channel. We have to input the HD channel to get it in HD. Not sure about TCM, but will try using the HD channel number (771) instead of 59 which we have used for years. Modern movies and new TCM programming comes in as HD (full screen) on 59, so that may not be the issue. Also the movie I referenced above came from On Demand so no way to specify a channel.
  22. The Republican dominated legislatures in GA, AZ and PA are already drafting draconian laws to severely restrict absentee and early voting.
  23. Unfortunately they will probably still vote for Republicans in elections in 2022 and 2024.
  24. I liked Police Woman, but always was amused that the guys ended up bailing Angie out in most episodes.
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