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  1. Cat Ballou. I enjoyed him in the movie, but never really saw it as an Oscar performance. But then, I often wonder about Oscar winners.
  2. Actually not sure Lee Marvin was a "huge star" either. He was bigger than Dickenson, but not huge. I like Dickenson, but she was not outstanding in this movie or even most that she was in.
  3. I tend not to watch anything with Reagan, but did watch this since it was on Noir Alley.
  4. You made an issue out of this. Don't forget Obama was in for two terms and played most games on closer DC area courses. You can search for Days Obama played golf compared to Trump and find numerous valid, reliable, honest reports of Trump spending up to 3 times as many as Obama in same period of time. Also, Trump took more vacations and for greater lengths of time than Obama or any president in recent history. Trump hated to be president; didn't want the job before he got it and didn't want to do it after he got it. So he vacated and played golf.
  5. My remotes do not have size or format buttons. For the few times it becomes an issue, I prefer not to go into the settings and start changing things. I use the Charter/Spectrum remote for controlling the TV and Cable box. Never use the Insignia TV remote. Will be replacing the Insignia TV with a 55" soon.
  6. Thanks, but way above my level. Just seems to me that if they have the bars on all four sides, why not make the actual view larger? This seems to occur more with TCM than other networks.
  7. My God, you really are digging deep to try and find anything remotely favorable about Trump. Of course, its not true, but you and the truth aren't very well acquainted anyway.
  8. My impression of the 1964 version of The Killers is mostly that it looked like what it was, a made for TV movie. Lee Marvin was good, but then he pretty much does the same character in most of his movies and TV shows. I did enjoy Clu Gulager's performance, but it was a minor role. I like Angie Dickenson, but this was not one of her better roles. She wasn't bad, she just didn't have that something extra she would bring to roles later on. Read somewhere that John Cassavetes was not first choice and actually did not know how to drive very well. This is type role where Paul Newman, James
  9. I have a 39" HD TV and all my DVD's and 90% of TV shows are full screen. However, some shrink with bars on sides or top and bottom or all four. Last night I watched Journal of A Crime (1934) on TCM On Demand on Spectrum cable. The screen shrank from 39" to 21" with bars on all four sides. What's the reason for this?
  10. Nothing compared to the number of tons Trump's planes and support aircraft and vehicles emitted in ferrying him back and forth just to play golf.
  11. The rationale behind the House or Senate being able to expel members is to remove members who are unfit. It doesn't matter if a majority of the people who voted in the GOP primary in a GA district picked her. It matters whether or not she is fit to be in the United States Congress and to act on issues affecting the entire nation. Yeah, I know a lot of other Dems and GOPers don't belong there either, but her past history, which is part of who she is now, is so egregious as to warrant removal. Of course it won't happen because the rest of the Trumpist GOPers would not vote to remove he
  12. Been trying to find a "media storage cabinet" and ones I like ultimately find out are out of production or manufacturer has shut down. Probably related to Covid-19 and its effects on the workers available and supply chains. What's disturbing is that some of the companies showing them on their websites still say they are available. When I call, sorry no idea when we can order them to be shipped to you.
  13. "Donald Trump will go down in history as a Mass Murderer", Bogie56 Actually he won't.
  14. Not sure, but think they are getting closer to it. Four days ago, McConnell dropped his demand that the filibuster (60 vote) rule be continued. So now they can pass the rules resolution and the Dems can take charge.
  15. This was her main GOP primary opponent. She got 57% of the vote in the primary runoff against him. Why elect a brain surgeon (really) when you can elect a nut case? https://ballotpedia.org/John_Cowan
  16. I seriously doubt that Trump will spend one day inside a prison.
  17. What is your definition of a RINO? I know that many hardcore Republicans believe it means someone who is willing to compromise, is moderate on some issues and is not locked into the most extreme far-right tenets of GOPerism. Personally, I now believe that most Republicans are RINO's in that they have repudiated the Republicanism of Lincoln, Eisenhower, Reagan and the Bushes.
  18. Cheney is very conservative and the Dem Party has few, if any, conservatives and none as conservative as she is. Not sure what you mean by "vote to sway the balance of the Senate." She is in the House. As a career politician daughter of a career politician and at least second generation Republican, I don't see her being attracted to the Democratic Party at all. She just recognized that Trump had gone too far and that he had indeed violated his oath of office and incited an insurrection with the intent of having a coup and keeping himself in office.
  19. Trump is still the most influential person in the Republican Party and that probably will not change for next few years. God help America.
  20. US economy shrank 3.5% last year in worst year since WW II. GDP contracted at a 5% annual rate. Thousands of businesses have closed and nearly 10 Million are out of work. Consumer spending slowed sharply. Once again the stock market is based on people betting on future performance, not the present. The economy is based on what is actually happening to industries, businesses, and PEOPLE. While it would not be good, the economy is so much worse because of Trump's mismanagement of the COVID-19 crisis and response. His failures across the board in national economic policy and internatio
  21. Fox News is losing viewers to the more conservative networks and other platforms.
  22. Too bad he can't move the embassy back. Probably not a worthwhile idea at this time.
  23. We have the PM DVD set and frequently watch an episode. Paul had the more interesting cars, but then he was sportier than Perry. The production company probably had a deal with Ford for use of the cars. In Route 66, Todd had a new Corvette each season and never explained how they could afford a new one every year of what they made doing odd jobs across the country. Of course, Chevrolet provided it as publicity for their cars and they sponsored half of each episode. Todd and his partner were not permitted to drive the Vette except during filming and rehearsals. I think Chevy also
  24. I have never been impressed by Corvettes. Always thought of it as redneck car. It actually was not very successful compared to the Thunderbird and I think GM kept it and poured money into improving it primarily because the T-Bird was there. The T-Bird was not sold as a sports car, but rather as a "personal" car. Hugely successful compared to Corvette and even much more so when changed to a four passenger in 1958.
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