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  1. As for deteriorating water lines in America, it would probably take the entire Federal budget as well as those of the states for about 10 years to replace the water lines in America. This does not include those for which property owners are responsible.
  2. Sorry, but this is a useless post. She did not say anything of any importance other than that the water pipes burst due to extreme cold. Whose pipes; water system or individual property owners? Did not report on what mayor said, much less anyone connected with the water system.
  3. While I support this legislation, I disagree with naming it after George Floyd. That will not help Senate GOPers (and maybe some Dems), law enforcement, state governments and the public to accept it. Actually I am opposed to naming laws after people.
  4. Why don't you create a thread: Satire from the Borrowitz Report; rather than posting these in with other threads? On more than one occasion I have missed your satire note at the top as I go to end of thread and then scroll up. Thanks.
  5. This last is by far the dumbest thing from the dumb-a$$ Republican Party yet. I would hope that state and Federal courts would rule this as Unconstitutional. As for ID for absentee voting, how will this be provided? Will they accept a copy from a home printer as being valid? Will they require a notarized copy? Do they have to send a copy with the request for the ballot as well a with the ballot itself?
  6. Let's hope it does not happen, but this will the deterrent that might prevent it. As long as Trump and his Republican enablers (99% of the party) are still out there, these groups will believe they have permission to do this sort of thing. Not to mention encouragement to do it. As long as the Republicans in control of the party today are in control, we may reach the state where we have to station military full-time around the capitol and White House just as in any other banana republic.
  7. Hopefully this will make the "conservative" justices squirm a little when they decide not to overturn GOP voter suppression laws.
  8. My thoughts last week as well. Maybe this will ease the way for whoever he nominates.
  9. S.C. ranks 29th in one report and another shows 7.8% have received both shots. Governor has moved teachers and school employees to eligible now category, along with over 65. One aspect of reporting is where does VA fit in. I have friends who got their shots at VA facility. Does that count in the state totals since vaccine supposedly sent to states?
  10. Your donation is commendable. Let's hope it helps. While it is true that many older white people (such as I) vote early or by mail, many Republican voters will go to the polls on election day if they have to. Unfortunately the wide latitude states have in election laws and election administration has permitted far, far too much discrimination and suppression. Just as when Supreme Court determined states could decide on how to run schools, restaurants, lodging, zoning, public transportation and even who could vote at all.
  11. 😕 I don't understand this post. Is "Mr. Potato Head" supposed to reference an actual person? Regardless, by 2022 hopefully the Pandemic will be behind us and in America, far, far too many people vote on issues within the last six months or less. As Trump showed in 2016, and even 2020, and the GOPers have demonstrated for decades, their propaganda machine far exceeds the capabilities of the Democrats.
  12. Could be wrong, but I do not believe any state sends mail-in ballots to people who are not registered voters. The GOP suppression laws go far beyond just how to send out mail-in ballots. They want to limit the number of people who can receive them; make it more difficult to apply for one; make it more difficult to deliver one; prohibit almost all assistance in delivering them; and so on.
  13. With the 250 plus NEW voter suppression laws being introduced and passed in the Red and Purple states, the Democrats in Washington better take off the gloves and push through as much legislation as they can. By single vote majorities in House and Senate if need be. Moderate, non-extreme legislation would be the best to pass. The far left extremism will just cause more problems in 2022. And the Supreme Court will not act to reign in any voter suppression. Even CJ Roberts has sided with letting the states pretty much do as they please. Because voter suppression coupled with further
  14. Mary Trump is wrong here. White Supremacy has been a cornerstone of the Republican Party since Goldwater, with Nixon, Reagan and Trump (among many, many others) capitalizing on it. I have seen pictures of the Trump statue and it is by far the ugliest object yet to be associated with Trump. It insults the US flag by using it as a pair of shorts. The gold is too bright and cheap looking. It is also misshapen with a fat head and grotesque little boy body. Further proof that the majority of Republicans, least ways CPAC members, and Trump have no taste whatsoever. White Trash rei
  15. He really does ruin the show which is why I don't watch much of it during his time period. Will check to see if any real breaking news is being covered and then quickly move on to CNN, HLN and Newsy.
  16. S.C. Republicans have not gone this far, but they are hell-bent on lowering state income tax. Top bracket is 7%, BUT the actual rate after a multitude of exceptions, deductions and so forth is about 3%. They also plan to exempt all income for military retirees, even those who receive up to $165,000 per year in retirement pay. Meanwhile retired teachers, state and local employees, etc. are taxed on most of their incomes. Sales tax is 6%, but most local governments add 1-3%. The rationale is that no taxes will attract professionals and corporations to the states. Of course these people
  17. I caught some clips on MSNBC this morning and got so bad that Moanin' Joe had them stop the clips. Sickening. Unfortunately, it appears that with a few, very rare exceptions all Republicans are now firmly in the Trump camp. He is their god and there is no other god. Guess they can start a new list of lies he tells since leaving the White House.
  18. And the windmills had practically ZERO effect on loss of power during winter storms. Whereas REPBUBLICAN governors and state legislatures had 100% effect on causing power outages.
  19. Yes, maybe, probably. Not sure what Warren has been asking for, but we do need more than we have now.
  20. Warranties are useless if cannot get them honored or have to go to more trouble or expense than it is worth.
  21. Have always found this silly. I have never been to a bar or restaurant where I or anyone I was with has left an unfinished alcohol drink. Nor have I even seen it done. But it happens in movies and on TV shows all the time.
  22. My entire city has poles with wires.
  23. Your last statement is better and more accurate. However, laying off police (or other government employees) due to funding issues is not related to "Defund the Police" or any similar movement as you actually noted in the second sentence of your first paragraph. Same thing is happening in many locations due to budget shortfalls. As for why patrols are reduced in certain areas, police chiefs/commissioners/etc. are politicians and have learned how to play the game. Blame problems on insufficient money or employees and so forth. Some of the small town (populations under 5,000) police
  24. This is total BS! The rise in crime is happening everywhere. Unfortunately, most of the targets or opportunities for crime are in large population centers/cities. Has nothing to do with funding the police, but with geography and demographics.
  25. My wife and I both got ours -Pfizer. No reactions, other than arm sore at vaccination site for a few days. Both in the over 70 group and got through regional hospital. Have a friend who got his - Moderna - through VA. No reactions.
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