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  1. You posted the same article twice, just changed the intro.
  2. Interesting, but obviously biased.
  3. Two actors I really like and much more so when paired together. I have seen The Fortune Cookie, but not one of my favorites. Ironically I do not really like The Odd Couple, but The Odd Couple Two is among my top ten favorite movies. Add in Grumpy Old Men and Grumpier Old Men for more favorites.
  4. Ha, ha. Another McConnell lie. As for electable, Marjorie Taylor Greene got elected, so she is electable. Trump was considered unelectable until he won.
  5. Started to watch it, but his intro (at 1:00 PM) did not mention voter suppression, but a long list of other topics and people. So I did something else.
  6. I find it dispiriting that the "liberals" on this site who are against any discrimination toward LGBTQ are quick to attack Lindsey Graham with ZERO evidence that he is or ever has been gay.. As for his votes in the Senate, he represents the people of S.C. and will vote accordingly. That's his job. I personally don't agree with it, but that is how the system was set up. Incidentally I do not vote for Graham in the general elections and only in the primaries because ALL his opponents are so very Radical Extremist Right-Wing GOPers. So, let's bring him down on this issue and let a much
  7. He was born in Georgia. Not sure what "looks like a Southerner" is supposed to mean.
  8. I read the article and it actually says very little about Lindsey Graham and nothing definitive. Muckraking. I cannot attest to Graham's sexual preferences, but as long as he has been in S.C. politics NOBODY has been able to place the homosexual label on him. My thinking is that if there was "dirt, " it would have been out there. And there are a lot of anti-Graham people in S.C., even lots in the Republican Party. https://www.washingtonpost.com/outlook/2020/06/10/ladygraham-went-viral-not-just-because-lindsey-grahams-politics/ Another reference stating that use of LadyG for L
  9. Don't know about maple trees, but do know there are fertilizers especially for pecan trees. So I would imagine maple "farmers" would also fertilize their tree orchards. Not to mention various pesticides, insecticides, fungicides, etc.
  10. Suggest you change the title. I thought it was about Lady Gaga and almost ignored it. If it is about Lindsey Graham, then say so. Thanks.
  11. I would say this is fairly accurate and also applies to many GOPers at the state and local level.
  12. I don't trust anything McConnell says or his motivations for saying it. Perhaps he just wants the Dems and others to try to bring charges against Trump to gin up the GOPer base for the 2022 elections.
  13. Too little, too late. Where was she two years ago. Trump was the same person and a known quantity even then.
  14. I found a clip from CNN discussing her position with Richard Haass. The male commentator said her position is inexplicable and I agree with that. She is merely playing politics and trying to distance herself from the downside of supporting Trump and trying to find that sweet spot where she can claim support from "conservatives" and corporations (money) while not losing support from many who will vote in presidential primaries. If there is another article, I can't find it.
  15. Wasn't talking about their power being diminished, but in the context of how many people will view them. They are "lesser people morally" for what they did, not necessarily less powerful.
  16. Not to be argumentative, but I think you are confusing two of my posts in different threads. My post here was not about voter suppression, but repealing all the things Trump and his enablers did on the Federal level.
  17. I meant Again as post-Trump. US was great before Trump, so needs to be so again.
  18. The Week magazine had an interesting article on "Elections: Should it be easier or harder to vote, "Feb. 19, 2021. Couldn't find a link. It covers the multitude of actions the Republicans are undertaking to make sure older, white males control as much of the country as possible. They have introduced (so far) 106 separate bills in 28 states that would restrict access to voting. Examples: curtailing early and absentee voting; more stringent ID requirements; reducing numbers of polling places and drop-boxes; eliminating automatic and same day voter registration; make it easier for Re
  19. I agree with Trump Junior. Force the "RINO's" out of the Republican Party leaving it a shell of itself. Thereby enabling the Democratic Party to gain control of more states and the US Congress.
  20. The Lincoln Project served its purpose, but now that purpose has ended - Trump is out.
  21. How many people remember George Lincoln Rockwell? Showing your age here.
  22. Everybody knew where this would end up. Biggest surprise was that SEVEN Republicans agreed that Trump is guilty. Impeachment and the trial needed to be done regardless of the outcome. Regardless of outcome, it diminishes the Trumpists in Congress and nationally and Trump very much so. Only president to be impeached twice and in only a four year term and a majority of US Senate voted to convict him. Now we can move on and get the Biden/Democratic agenda passed and repudiate and repeal as many of the Trump/McConnell/McCarthy laws and policies as possible as quickly as possible.
  23. Getting confused on your position on Haley. Apparently you believe it is OK for her to speak out of both sides of her mouth or to suck up to Trump and his base as long as it is politically motivated in her best interest for getting elected president in 2024? As for the rest of the cowards, most GOPers will probably remain quiet on Trump for next couple of years, unless they are desperate for his help in 2022.
  24. Haley has to run in the First in the South Republican primary in South Carolina. Lots of Trumpist vote in the S.C. GOPer primary. Depending on who else runs, it would be embarrassing for her to lose in the state that elected her governor twice. Of course that is about three years away so Trump factor may diminish - maybe.
  25. Very long article, but very informative as well. Shows the failures of leadership from the top. This includes Trump, the DOJ, Secret Service and others.
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