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  1. It has not strayed that much. The original post is complaining about "politics" getting into TCM programming. Much of that relates to "revisions' or instructions of how we should consider many movies about the South and the Civil War and Westerns on TCM. That leads very easily into how Lincoln is perceived today vs. how he really was in 1858.
  2. You do bring up an interesting question. If Trump goes to trial (doubtful), will his minions show up to protest, rally and invade the courthouse?
  3. You should read the original book by Glendon Swarthout. Very different from the movie. As for an 8 PM curfew, it will be a joke and I doubt law enforcement in FL will make much of an attempt to enforce it. Will they close down all the bars, restaurants, convenience stores, etc.? Lock 'em up!
  4. I saw The Third Man at least once in the past, but not for a while. It really does not appeal to me. As for the zither music, not my kind and I like a variety of music types. It would be OK for part of the movie, but all of it? I think not. It is not "the greatest movie ever made." I'm not sure why it is held in such high esteem. It's OK as a crime/spy type movie, but there are hundreds of others just as good, if not better.
  5. I agree with your closing statement, but part of the problem is that each party and even those outside the parties is what "serving the citizens..." really means. The current Republicans believe they are serving the citizens as do the Progressives. Even in the darkest, most evil times of the political parties, they believed they were serving the citizens. There were times when that "service" was better than it is now, but it has always been prone to corruption and self-interest and forcing a specific belief or standard on everyone else. As for educated in my post, I should have some we
  6. As someone who was raised in a small S.C. town, graduated from a S.C. liberal arts college and served in the Army in early 70's as well and is a life long Democrat, I disagree in one area. This is not new - it has been going on in America probably since the country was founded. Definitely since the beginning of the 20th century. In the past the Democratic Party, particularly in the South, was where you found the repugnant ideas and beliefs of the current Republican Party. In the 1960's, the Democrats became more centrist or liberal and open to more races and beliefs. The Republican Part
  7. Robert Ryan is not a Noir Alley feature.
  8. Are we discussing a Noir Alley feature?
  9. Thank you. Just watched a video on the procedure. Better to watch it after rather than before.
  10. Had an OP procedure which is supposed to make me OK - in a few days. Now, mentally you may find some disagreement with that assessment - at least on this forum.
  11. I thought it was something new, so I took time to watch it.
  12. Longer than that because I read it last week. I think Lincoln Project is reposting old stories. 23 hours ago I was just getting home from the hospital and have not been on a computer, etc. for about 48 hours until now. I don't see Youtube except on here.
  13. Sorry, I don't have time to do that.
  14. "Maybe it is time to impeach Kavanagh. They also have him dead to rights lying to Congress and he is not worthy of a lifetime position." Not really. Too long ago, too much he said/she said/her friends said. Would be a waste of time to try and impeach him and try him for this.
  15. Based on history, the US Supreme Court has most recently determined that voting and redistricting are up to the states. With the Republican Far Right Extremist controlling the SC, I don't see that changing. If Congress does pass the new voting rights law and Biden signs it, it may help some. But even then, you have at least 5 justices pre-disposed to letting the states determine how they handle voting. Limits on times to vote, mail-in voting, absentee voting, early voting, number of polling places, picture ID, etc. are not in and of themselves discriminatory. So, they would not f
  16. Wasn't this same story posted last week. I know I have heard it on here some time ago.
  17. So much to do, so little time. And a tax hike will kill his proposals. While I am not opposed to a tax hike on corporations and wealthy, it is a battle he does not need to fight now. Get the other programs passed and then tackle tax increases. NO Republicans will vote for them and very unlikely enough Democrats will either. It will also make the 2022 elections even more problematic for Dems. than they already are. What is the source of this story?
  18. OK, you are recommending tributes to these actors? Or are there tributes scheduled?
  19. The middle was kind of boring, but seemed to pick up after that. Probably right about Cassvetettes and Edwards. Never have much cared for Edwards though. The neighborhood where they filmed the family home reminded me of the one in Bachelor in Paradise, the Bob Hope comedy. Not the same one, but some similarities.
  20. Watched The Night Holds Terror and thought it a fairly good movie. Eddie Muller's intro and outros were good as well and very informative.
  21. Gov McMaster of S.C. is now encouraging people to come to S.C. for spring break and other vacations. Up to business owners to say if masks and social distancing are recommended.
  22. As you will note, a couple of posters have assaulted your position from their own political perspectives. Perhaps because your post is confusing in that you do not go into more detail as to what you don't want to see on TCM. Can you give some examples of what you think should not be shown on TCM and why?
  23. The cause of the Civil War was reuniting the nation into one country - period. While the North, Lincoln, et. al. did not like slavery, ultimately they would accept it if it meant preserving the Union. It did not become a war against slavery until 1863, and not even then in reality. The North profited greatly from slavery, but in an indirect manner. Slavery in the plantation system would not have been profitable if Eli Whitney, a Northerner, had not invented the cotton gin.
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