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Posts posted by ElCid

  1. 21 hours ago, hamradio said:

    Should try to acquire a combo unit for backup.  I have 2, a JVC DR-MV150 which has been software upgraded to multi region and a Panasonic DMR-ES46V.

    Shouldn't toss out tapes, may accidentally throw out a valuable memory (baby first steps, graduation, wedding, etc.)



    I have two combo units.  A Toshiba that records to DVD or VHS and from one to the other and a Magnavox play only.  The Magnavox is a rebuilt unit I picked up at Fred's very cheap to use when I exercise.  I play DVD's about cars, trains, old commercials and other such.   When we got the new Smart TV, decided to upgrade to a Blu-Ray, but kept the Toshiba in case I want to record something.  Recorded a lot when I first got it years ago, but not so much anymore.

    I got rid of all my VHS tapes after transferring the ones I wanted to DVD.  Most of them had deteriorated anyway.

    Incidentally, I received 3 or 4 catalogs in the mail this week with lots and lots and lots of DVD's.

  2. 2 hours ago, Bogie56 said:


    I don't see a lot here other than Madmouth foaming as usual.  Yes, Trump tried to damage the census and succeeded to a limited extent, but overall I think it will end up about where people expected.

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  3. On 4/26/2021 at 12:54 PM, Sepiatone said:

    No, but then, I didn't go through months of training in how to handle such situations.  


    Not sure law enforcement goes through "months" of training in how to handle an armed person in an agitated state who is threatening someone else.  It's like in the military, there is a lot of training, but only a short time to do it.  In addition, there are a vast number of people to be trained at any given time.  They may be told in classrooms what is appropriate, but that is probably only a few hours or so.

    It has only been recently that such a thing as law enforcement training in community colleges and senior colleges has been around.  Even then, that is not about how to handle people in all situations.

    It is also one thing to be trained on what to do and then to actually be involved in a situation where an innocent person may die if you do not take immediate action.  Let's wait for the investigation to be finished.

  4. 3 hours ago, jamesjazzguitar said:

    Democrats will be running against him?????     If Biden will not be running for a second term (which is highly likely),   why would any dems be "running against him"?????

    Instead Dems will be running against Harris saying SHE has done little as V.P.  and thus their are better Dem candidates for office




    Half agree with what you are saying.  There is a very good chance that Biden will step down after one term.  If so, Harris is the likely successor and I don't see an lot of Dems attacking her.

    As for "done little as VP,"  most VP's don't have an opportunity to do very much and she will be little different.  However, I do see Biden giving her more to do than most Veeps.  She already is usually present whenever he does something, unlike that guy Pence who was much ignored by Trump and later vilified.  Harris has only been Veep for 100 days, so not much she can do on her own.  She works for Biden.

    Regardless,  Biden's approval ratings for the much that he has done despite a weak Senate is far higher than what Trump had at the same point in time.  Trump was an abject failure as far as approval ratings go.

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  5. 13 minutes ago, speedracer5 said:

    I have CDs, but I don’t buy them any more. I’d consider buying one if it was something not available on streaming. My car doesn’t have a CD player, and it isn’t particularly something I wanted to add. I have Sirius and I stream podcasts and music via Apple Car Play. I like the Bluetooth too because I can text my husband via voice when I need to ask him something. 

    If I buy music, I buy vinyl. 

    I have had Sirius a few times when it was free.  Never subscribed as only found two "stations" I liked and they often had DJ's, so cancelled.

    As for other sources, don't use any of them.  Do occasionally listen to Public Radio  on the radio and a nearby station that plays fairly good music with little interruption. 

    Do have Bluetooth in cars, but strictly to use for brief phone calls if necessary.

    I have a turntable and some old vinyl records, but almost never play them.  Did record some (via computer) to USB or CD's.  Still purchase CD's, but not that often.  No interest in purchasing vinyl, especially at the current costs.

  6. 3 hours ago, TikiSoo said:

    ....as well as easy access to just referencing a particular scene or song, if a musical.

    I love that most 3-4 hour Bollywood movies "the songs" have their own menu, you can choose it & it plays only the sections of the movie with the song & dance numbers.

    Haha I just started buying CDs of my classic LPs because they're so cheap.

    We just bought a new vehicle and it does not have a CD player. It doesn't have ANYTHING. Everything now works through your phone and the car manufacturer "Apps". I don't use a cel phone & cautioned MrTiki against using his with the vehicle. If you read the "policy" to use their application, you have AGREED to ALLOW them to read & compile all your driving data (this is an electric vehicle) and any phone calls made using the car's bluetooth.


    Not sure but most cars have an optional CD player.  If not, you can probably still get one from a local electronics company that specializes in that sort of thing.  See below.

    In 1988 I purchased a Mazda Rx-7 convertible that had a CD player and cassette player.  Up until then I had cassette players in cars.  So I began the switch to CD's, but continued recording to cassettes from my CD's and vinyl.

    In 1996, I purchased a Ford Taurus - no CD player on model I wanted, but dealer had local electronics company install one in the trunk that played through the car's radio.  Held six CD's so played a long time.  When I sold the car in 2003, the dealer was more impressed with the CD player than anything else about the car!

    My wife's 2014 Nissan Rogue has a single CD player, but we now record CD's to a USB through a computer.  My car has a six CD player, a USB connection (never used), but also permits downloading from CD to hard drive.  Have over 1,000 songs downloaded onto the hard drive.  Still use CD player/changer for ones not downloaded.

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  7. 5 hours ago, Sepiatone said:

    Do you mean one of the many OTHER officers who could've tackled and restrained the girl with the knife instead?  


    Have you ever tried to tackle someone with a knife who is obviously in a very excited state?   This is an unfortunate situation, but let's not jump to conclusions yet.

  8. We got rid of a 1990's Entertainment Center and lost storage space for about 1/3 of our CD's.  So purchased a "media cabinet" similar to one we purchased years ago.  Took months to get it due to pandemic.  We actually store both DVD's and CD's in them.  Most DVD's are in the "new" EC, which is actually the bottom half of the old one.  The top of the old one would only hold a 39" modern TV, so it went but had to get a cabinet maker to do it as all one piece.

    Having real DVD's and CD's allows you to see or play what you like when you want to.  Now we do download CD's into the hard drive of one vehicle or onto a USB for the other one.  Have to adapt.

  9. Nothing in particular, but I have recently taken advantage of all the FREE stuff available through my smart TV.   Watching a lot of stuff on Tubi and IMDb, which get me to Shout, Blue Moon, FilmRise and other "providers."  My various "watchlists" have a few years of movies and TV series to watch.

    Also have HBO Max as I subscribe to HBO on Spectrum.  Noticed that it has a "hub" for TCM.  But only about 10% are the Classic TCM type movies.  The others are newer.  Logo says these are movies "curated" by TCM, whatever that means.

  10. 10 hours ago, hamradio said:


    I think my Sony BDP-S6700 / BDP-BX670 can play the format.  It supports most computer files MP4, Quick Time, FLV.  It's a multi region Blu-ray / DVD player and is unusually small in size. Even supports Super Audio CD!

    Can finally watch the  converted Yortube videos no other player can do.


    Got one of those about 4 months ago to pair with new Sony Smart TV.  Only have one Blue-ray discs and its a 1950's B movie we got for free.  Everything else is on DVD.  The few times I have watched Blu-rays, just never saw the difference.

    One thing about the above unit is that it automatically turns on the Sony TV and selects the correct input.  And controls the TV volume which controls the sound bar volume.

    For all the other functions, we use the remote for the TV.

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  11. Interesting article from a S.C. "newspaper" about Nikki Haley.  Despite many serious missteps and being totally unqualified, she is still in there working to become president.   You can't count her out as she proved in being elected governor of S.C. twice.   Tim Scott is running for reelection to US Senate from S.C. in 2022, but since Haley appointed him originally not likely she would run for Senate.   Besides which, she really wants to be president.

    She has stated that she would not run in 2024 if Trump runs again.


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  12. 1 minute ago, txfilmfan said:

    It's not quite in the panhandle - it's a bit south and east of there, but the topography is similar.   It's just a bit south of Wichita Falls TX.  

    Trees are in short supply in that part of the country.

    I went through an Army training course in southern MS once and roomed with an Army veterinarian from OK.  He said if anyone asked him what he thought of southern MS, he would have to say he couldn't see anything for the trees - compared to OK.

  13. 1 hour ago, mr6666 said:


    Of course, you can say the same thing for ALL taxes collected by governments in US compared to other industrialized countries.

    Incidentally, people in the military do have co-pays and deductibles for medical coverage, especially dependents.  And Congress tries to raise them every year.

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  14. 6 hours ago, Sepiatone said:

    My old '60 Ford Falcon had that feature.  But, for a long while I couldn't find the windshield washers until one night, when tapping my left foot hunting for the high beam button, hit another floor button that sent fluid squirting onto my windshield!  :D 


    My 71 Dodge Challenger had the floor button for the windshield wiper fluid.  Actually it was better because you could squirt a lot of water onto the windshield and then turn on the wipers.  You didn't drag the wipers across the dry, dirty windshield before the water started flowing. Also had some control over the amount of water based on hard you pressed the "button."

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  15. 1 hour ago, LornaHansonForbes said:

    as a jaded cineaste, I like to deliberately leave certain immensely popular titles unseen so that i don't get to a stage where I've seen everything and thus have no reason to live.

    so, with that, I come out with what some of you may find shocking: before this morning, I had never seen THE LAST PICTURE SHOW (1971.)

    I have now.

    JESUS CHRIST what a depressing, oppressive, and immensely compelling movie this is.


    I really enjoyed the first half immensely, the second half is not meant to be enjoyed, but I was impressed nonetheless.


    Why did things not work out for TIMOTHY BOTTOMS as an actor? He pull a LEE TRACY at the Beverly Hill Hotel or something? He was really very good in this, but, I have to say WHAT A FILM FOR GREAT PERFORMANCES BY ACTRESSES this is.

    I did not realize that EILEEN BRENNAN was in this film. On this Sunday, I would like to thank God for creating EILEEN BRENNAN, and just wish He had not dropped and broke the mold afterwards. I would watch EILEEN BRENNAN READS ALOUD FROM THE SANTA MONICA PHONEBOOK WITH A CIGARETTE DANGLING FROM HER LIP: THE MOTION PICTURE in a HEARTBEAT.

    And CLORIS LEACHMAN, who does some amazing acting in the final 15 minutes, and thank heavens her scene was included! I can't imagine the film ending any other way. (AND MORE AMBIGUOUSLY THAN i THOUGHT IT WOULD!)

    But I think I was MOST IMPRESSED by ELLEN BURSTYN -and would have been gleefully, whole-heartedly thrilled were this movie ENTIRELY ABOUT HER.

    IT'S A GORGEOUS film, would make a great companion piece to AMERICAN GRAFFITI.

    Not recommended for anyone struggling with depression though.


    Texasville (1990) is the sequel, but is a much different movie.   Another McMurtry book and with the same director and cast for most part.  In color and not like The Last Picture Show.  Set 33 years after TLPS

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  16. 18 hours ago, Janet0312 said:

    My Dart. I drove this car daily. Got many comments on it. I'd be stopped at a light and people would yell over to me how they loved it and how they had one and also how you couldn't kill the engine as long as you fed it oil.

    How I miss it. Had to get a Jeep for the winter travel tho...

    The last time I drove her in the winter was when I almost smashed into a phone pole during a surprise snow squall. Many cars were off the road and I came around a corner. Was I scared for my own safety? Hell, no. All I could vision was a smashed grill. I made it tho. Phwew!

    Dart 1973.JPG

    My father had a 65 Dart and was so impressed with it that he "helped" my sister purchase a 67 Dart.  She drove it for a decade or more and well into six digit mileage - with minimal care.

    17 hours ago, Janet0312 said:

    Never heard of a Valiant De Luxe. Must have been for the semi rich.

    Many cars going back to the 30's had different levels which are confusing.  Custom, DeLuxe, etc. for example.  The Plymouth Valiant and Dodge Dart were very similar Chrysler Corp. vehicles.  Got more similar as they aged and Chrysler looked to cut costs.

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